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How much does it cost to get your Private Pilot Certificate – First Experience – Cessna – D-Jet and More!

Today I had my first real time flying an airplane. Everything was great except for I was extremely air sick during the first flight and my stomach almost didn’t make it during the first flight. I wasn’t aware of all the turbulence in the sky, and doing some maneuvers made me airsick to the point I wanted to throw up almost. *I know gross* but this is how I felt and I got really sick to my stomach! I freaked out my instructor lol. But I barely survived and I have schedueled my 2nd flight on this Saturday. I will probably be flying every other day for the next 3 months from now, until I receive my private pilot certificate.

For anyone who was interested in doing it as well, I’ve taken the cost from the Tradewinds Aviation website and pasted it below for anyone who is interested. Tradewinds is operated out of San Jose and this is the place where I’m getitting my private pilot certificate. I think the prices pasted below are a little out dated, it looks like it will be around $9,000 to $11,500 dollars over the course of 3 to 4 months to get my license from Tradewinds. After I receive it, I will be able to fly where-ever I want, practically when-ever I want and visit friends and family around the country. I can’t wait, talk about freedom.

I also had to purchase an airplane pilot headset: they varied from about $350 to $1000 in price, $1000 being the absolute best, top of the line you could get. I went ahead and got the absolute best, top of the line. Of course! For $1,000 I picked up the BOSE Aviation Headset X, with active noise canceling and declared best from everyone at the facility.

From here on out, it looks like it will cost me an average of approximately $3,500 month for the next 3-4 months overtime to get my private pilot certificate. Affiliate marketing will be paying for the whole thing. It will be worth it in the end. It’s like going back to school all over again, I got homework, books to read, cds to listen to, and I have to schedule appointments with my instructor. But everything is flexible and I can take it as slow, or as fast as I want to.

Before 2010 would like to own a personal jet plane, my favorite right now is the D-Jet, personal jet planes aka “very light jet (VLJ)” is what they are called, go for about 1.5-3 million dollars. Surprisingly, there are only 2 very light jets you can purchase at this moment, it’s not like a car where there are thousands of them. There are only 2 different kinds you can purchase right now! The D-Jet will be the 3rd personal jet plane in production when it comes out this year. But all in good time though, I won’t have $1,500,000 anytime soon this year. But it will come, within 2010 it would not be unreasonable to assume I should be able to afford a personal jet plane. Thats a long time to build up some major passive income streams. Here is a picture of the D-Jet. To afford a plane like that I assume you’d probably need about a $100,000/month net passive income stream to afford that type of plane. You could probably go in it with several people, maybe 3-5 people, and split the cost, making it a potential $400,000 investment per each person. *now its starting to sound affordable, right?*

Well maybe not, but spend some years focusing on entrepreneurship, and the sky is the limit. Or maybe space is the new limit?

But anyways, if anyone is interested I posted the price layout from the website below. The place I’m going to be is probably alitle bit more expensive than most, so cost will vary, however, I don’t think it’ll cost you much more than it is costing me down here in the Silicon Valley area already because mines already on the high side I believe.

55 Hours – Cessna 172P $98/Hour $5390
40 Hours – Flight Instruction $48/Hour $1920
20 Hours – Ground Instruction   $960
Cessna CD-ROM Interactive Flight   $299
Training Kit    
Additional Supplies   $100
Medical Exam Fee   $80
Written Test Fee   $80
Practical Test Fee   $300
2 Hours – Cessna 172P (Practical Test) $98/ Hour $196
  TOTAL COST $9325

So your looking at least a $5,000 to $11,000 investment however, if your interested in flying around personally in your own plane someday, I think it is a worth while investment. Even though I almost puked on my first run, I’ll train my body to get used to it and try again! I shall overcome flight sickness! Here is the aircraft I’m flying, its a 2007 Cessna 172SP G1000. It retails for around $280,000. The G1000 is the new navigational system and dual LCD display which is in most of the newer planes, and was recommended I train on. If your in the bay, look to the sky and you might see me sometime. Ok maybe not, but I’ll be there!