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Being Uncomfortable: My 14 Month Travel & Work Trip Around The World


I believe a life well lived, is a life full of great experiences.  Trying new things, lots of things. Experiencing everything that life has to offer you.   Try new things that excite you, scare you, challenge you and make you uncomfortable from time to time.  It’s those experiences that you’ll never forget and cherish when you’re older.   We don’t look back at our lives and think about all of the things we did that were “comfortable” and “easy to do”, we look back at the things that really challenged us, made us grow, made us think, made us ponder, made us better and how we eventually overcame those obstacles and went on to do something amazing with our lives.

I personally love the feeling of being uncomfortable.  I love the feeling of having your heart flutter a bit because you’re thinking of doing something that scares you.  You know what I’m talking about, that nervousness you get when you’re about to do something you’re scared to do.  Many people will back down form whatever they were going to do when they feel that way because it’s uncomfortable & scary, they’d rather not do it because they want to feel comfortable & safe.   Whenever you feel that way, I challenge you to go after it and do what was scares you anyways.

Whenever I start feeling uncomfortable before I do something that scares me, I just do it and dance with my fears.  Once you dance with your fears and do whatever it is that was scaring you, you’ll realize it wasn’t that bad and you’ll feel outstanding afterwards, because you faced your fears and overcame then.   The old saying goes, “live an uncomfortable life now, so later on in life you’ll live comfortably”.  It’s true.  If you constantly dance with your fears by going after things even when you’re feeling uncomfortable, you’ll start to actually enjoy that state and really cherish the growth you’ll gain from constantly pushing yourself.

For me that’s what this trip is all about.  My beautiful and loving girlfriend, Gissel and I have begun our 14-month trip around the world.  We like to say world, but it’s really half the world.  As much as our trip sounds fun, which it is, it’s also incredibly uncomfortable because there are many uncertainties surrounding it, specifically around how I will get my work done.  It’s a little nerve-racking, but that has made the trip even more enjoyable & exciting than just taking a vacation for 2 months and not working at all.  Half of the fun will be realizing a dream that it is possible to make more money while traveling than staying at home and having more fun doing it.   That’s a fun thought, isn’t it?  To be even more successful, traveling all the time than you would be staying at home.  While challenging, it is possible to be more successful while traveling (or taking a vacation as some would say), it’s a different belief and it can be true if you believe it.  So going after that challenge, that’s fun, going after that goal is rewarding in itself without the things I’d see everyday traveling.

About our trip!  Our journey starts in Mexico, afterwards we’ll continue to Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, then to Thailand, China & Japan.  We’re basically doing Latin America for the first half, and Asia for the last.   Each country we’ll be visiting for about 1-3 months, we don’t want to just travel quickly to the countries, we really want to live in different places and see what it’s like to be there.  A 2 week vacation is just too short, having a month plus in each country gives us a lot more depth than we’d ever have going to and from places quickly.

I’ve been in San Francisco for almost 5 years now.  It’s been an amazing city; I’ll come back to it when we’re done traveling.  Silicon Valley is just amazing and I love what bay area is doing here.  I could pass on the expensive living of course, but I love everything else about it.  Although as much as I love the city, I’ve been here too long, it’s time to try something new.   Of course other people have lived here longer, but I’ve lived here long enough to figure it out and make it work.  That’s the problem.  My biggest growth curve was dropping out of college when I was 19, getting in my car and moving down to downtown San Francisco by myself with no friends and starting a company.  That was scary, but incredibly fun and exciting.  It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my life and I’m incredibly happy that I did it.  It’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Now a days, although there is still of course always more to learn there, I’ve been doing the tech thing for awhile now and it’s really gotten a bit boring.  It’s getting a bit routine.   Routines are scary for me.  I’m not growing like I did when I first moved here and put myself in an impossible situation that I had to succeed.  Living here has gotten to comfortable because I know I can do it.  Once you know you can do something, there’s no more growth from doing it.  What’s important is doing something more that you never thought you could actually do, challenging yourself.   We need to try things that we think might not actually be possible and then make it possible.  Once you start doing things you know you can do and do it, you will never grow any more, you can’t get any better because you already know how to do it.  Push yourself, become more, try to do things you don’t think you could do, once you try it  you’ll surprise yourself.

So for me, traveling around the world for 14 months feels like dropping out of college when I was 19 and moving to SF to start my first web company, Tracking202.    This trip is about challenging myself and seeing if it’s possible to provide even more value to the world through entrepreneurship than I could if I was staying at home.   I love it.    This trip is seeing if I can do something I’m super passionate about and figuring out a sustainable income from it instead of just creating businesses for the sake of “making money”.  It’s the challenge of seeing if we can have an even more productive team working remotely than if we had a team of people showing up to an office everyday.  It’s about seeing if I can have an even better  & improving relationship with my girlfriend while building a better company at the same time.  It’s an exciting time, it’s a growth time and I highly recommend to anyone out there reading this to try something like it if you haven’t done it before.

I have to say thanks to my buddy Josh Wexelbaum who shared his story traveling while being an Internet marketer for 2 years with me.  It was his story and having other friends travel all the time while I was sitting at the office that eventually pushed me to do this trip.  That and my girlfriend wanted to teach English in Spain for a year but we decided to do something a bit more challenging and exciting.   If you will be traveling to any of those countries and would like to come visit us please send us an email.  If you’re stuck in the office working all the time, challenge yourself and see if you can do it remotely for a month.   Traveling doesn’t have to be a vacation; it can be a lifestyle and a productive one if you change your beliefs about what’s possible and start working on it to make it true.  So challenge yourself and explore the world if that interests you!

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