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Elite MasterMind Forum – If Your Serious About Reading and Personal Development

For anyone who is serious about reading and studying success, we have just put together the EliteMasterMindForum. This was a long-overdue idea that I wanted to implement over a year ago, and posted about doing it last week here.    This is an open invitation for anyone who is interested in reading, this is not another business, but more just a way to read great books and discuss them with other people.  Anyone is welcome to join, although most people will join and quit because reading one book a week is extremely difficult, yet extremely rewarding. 

There is a tremendous wealth of knowledge that great people in the past have discovered, and shared with us by writing the ideas into books. The Elite MasterMind Forum’s purpose is explore the books, and re-discover the great ideas of the past to learn them ourselves so we can implement them in our lives and make quantum leaps in our self-development and business life.

Each week we read a life-changing book that can help us in any aspect of our lives we are wishing to improve at the time, topics such as: business success, health, financial success, relationships, sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, communication, networking and anything else we feel necessary. In our forum we discuss the ideas from the book; debate ideas and talk about how some ideas we could apply to our life.

This forum is about discovering the great ideas that leaders from the past have learned; this forum is for like-minded-success-oriented people who are looking to become better, stronger and wiser. The Elite MasterMind Forum is dedicated to studying success, and implementing successful ideas in our lives.

I would rather earn 1% off the efforts of 100 people than 100% off the efforts of myself

“I would rather earn 1% off the efforts of 100 people than 100% off the efforts of myself.”

Jean Paul Getty (December 15, 1892 – June 6, 1976) was an American industrialist and founder of the Getty Oil Company. He was one of the first people in the world with a fortune of over $1 billion U.S. dollars.

This guy sounds pretty smart, wouldn’t you agree? There is some true wisdom in his quote, let us see how we could apply it to affiliate marketing shall we? It is easy to find information on how to increase your personal earnings from the hundreds of affiliate blogs, but let me share with you some different information, on how to build up an additional income not dependent on just yourself. I’m going to quickly share some tips on how to start the process of building your referral affiliate income.

But just how much money is in referrals? Well last month, my friend and affiliate mentor who introduced me to affiliate marketing in October 07, now earns over $750/month passive net income from me each and every month because he referred me to cpaempire.

Now $750/month isn’t going to make him rich. Yet. But hey, $750 a month is pretty good for not having to do any work at all. If he had ten referrals like myself going at my current rate, he’d have over $7,500/month in passive referral income. I’m not sure how many referrals he does have, but I do know that he has referred more people than just myself. Just imagine if you referred an UberAffiliate or someone like Ian Fernando, a Dexter Domingo or a Jonathan Volk?

So build your personal income primarily through your own efforts, but then on the side also start to also earn 5% of others’ efforts too. Just like in the quote. Now I’m going to show you how I built a small referral base of over 35+ affiliates who now generate myself an extra passive income stream of $200+ a month from other peoples’ efforts. Here is a snapshot of my CPAEmpire referral account as of today.

CPAEmpire Affiliate Referrals

Affiliate Code Referral Bonuses Status so far this month (April 9th, 2008)
CD15986 $0.00 Active
CD16113 $58.60 Active
CD17255 $0.00 Active
CD17350 $0.00 Active
CD17385 $1.93 Active
CD17519 $20.40 Active
CD17526 $0.00 Active
CD17547 $8.85 Active
CD17586 $0.00 Active
CD17598 $0.61 Active
CD17612 $0.00 Active
CD17631 $0.21 Active
CD17634 $0.00 Active
CD17678 $1.73 Active
CD17912 $0.00 Active
CD17956 $1.02 Active
CD18101 $0.00 Active
CD18134 $0.00 Active
CD18158 $1.61 Active
CD18211 $0.00 Active
CD18281 $0.00 Active
CD18361 $0.00 Active
CD18852 $0.00 Active
CD19099 $0.00 Active
CD19187 $0.00 Active
CD19492 $0.63 Active
CD20182 $0.00 Active
CD20466 $0.00 Active
CD21120 $1.09 Active
CD21391 $4.74 Active
CD21517 $0.00 Active
CD21623 $0.00 Active
CD22278 $0.00 Active
CD23842 $0.68 Active
CD24021 $0.18 Active

Empire Affiliate Referral Commission Earned

Earned Date Commission
4-2008 —–$102.29
3/2008 —–$286.94
2/2008 —–$232.02
1/2008 —–$174.76
12/2007 —-$238.10
11/2007 —-$271.51
10/2007 —-$70.05
9/2007 —–$6.58

Total Earnings $1,279.96

Pretty cool right? Again, its not going to make me rich anytime soon. However, it is a nice passive residual income stream that continually grows overtime. So how did I do it, I didn’t really do anything out of the extraordinary.

All I basically did was educate people. On my blog I basically made an open invitation to anyone who wanted to learn about affiliate marketing to contact me via AIM: T202Wes, which you could still do now. Then I would schedule conferences of about 5-10 people over AIM at the same time and teach people over the AIM chatrooms affiliate marketing with PPC. At some points we had over 15 people join the chatroom.

I’d let people login to my CPAEmpire account, and my Yahoo Search Marketing accounts. We had a lot of fun and everyone learned a lot. I basically walked them through everything right over the AIM chatrooms, and then people got started the next day. Showed them PPC, the basics, helping them understand EPC and CPC, showing them how affiliate offers worked, and how to setup a Yahoo PPC campaign from my own account. I no longer do theses personal consultations as much, I just refer them to my video now.

We even had semi-large email group going for awhile, we later shut it down as it became overpopulated and for some other reasons. But we basically educated people who wanted to make money online, with an open invitation from my personal blog, helped others network, make money and then they were given an opportunity and I’m rewarded was, and still am, being rewarded in return for helping out others.

I truly live by this quote from Zig Ziglar, “If you help enough people get what they want in life, you’ll have everything you want in your life.” And what better way to do that is empower new people to the affiliate marketing scene, show them affiliate marketing, help them make a significant income stream, and also be paid to do it? Enrich others’ lives, and be paid to do it, it doesn’t get much better than that.

“The most rewarding experience in life is having your name appear in another person’s testimonial.” – Jim Rohn

It is the most rewarding experience, when someone says thank you, for showing them information that has made a impact on their lives. Sharing is a great gift to give to others. But sharing isn’t just beneficial to others, if you share a good idea with ten people, they get to hear it once, but you get to hear it ten times. It’s good for you too because you heard it again. It’s called, enlightened self-interest.

So share more. The more sharing you do and the more you give away, the more that will be shared upon you in return. Sharing is called, Enlightened Self Interest, remember that. I’m now going to share with you some of the quick tips on how to build up your referral base.

  • We are looking for people who are practically brand new to affiliate marketing.
    • We are not trying to recruit super affiliates here, because all of the super affiliates already work with their networks. What we are looking for is helping brand new people to affiliate marketing, finding them by simply posting on your blog (or other creative methods) that you will educate others on how to make money online, and showing someone brand new affiliate marketing. You want to be able to show them the ropes, and have them get started with the network of your choice, which should be a 5% referral based network. We are looking to build new people up, the next super affiliates. So we need to find people who just want to make money online, and show them how to do it through affiliate marketing and earn referrals from it.
  • You need to refer only to networks that have a lifetime referral program only
    • We are only looking for passive income. A lot of networks will turn off their referrals after 6 months or a year, we don’t want that. Referring someone to a network that only pays you for 6 months is a waste of your time. You want lifetime referral networks. You should also focus on those that give the highest referral of 5%, like CPAEmpire and Hydra Network both give out lifetime 5% referrals.
  • Focus only on building one strong network with referrals
    • You should start all of your new referral affiliates on one next, and build that one network up instead of spreading out to thin. I always refer new associates to CPAEmpire, where I have build a long-referral list, and I receive the highest rate 5% lifetime from all of my referrals. Instead of a couple referrals here, and a couple referrals there, focus on building up one network.
  • Build up your referrals network and knowledge
    • We want to make sure we give our referrals the highest chance of succeeding, this can be done by continually messaging them helping them out, and keeping them informed of things they need to be aware of. I’d always help our team network with each other, so each person had a better chance to succeed. Introduce them to other people who are at a similar level so they can network within themselves. And then also give them access to tools. I’ve given lots of people access to my paid keyword tools like WordTracker, and I have even given several people $100+ Yahoo accounts with funds to help them get going completely free.
  • Make sure you have all of the IM clients
    • AIM, MSN or GTalk make sure you accessible via everyones’ different IM clients.
  • Collect emails when referring them to the network, make sure the referral synced to your account
    • Alot of times when referring people the referral will actually not sync up correctly to your account. There are many times when we’ve referred people and then they do not show up on our account as a referral. Your affiliate manager can sync up your referrals, just make sure you collect everyones email and name, and then tell your affiliate manager to sync up any referrals that accidentally fell through the system. Watch and make sure everything syncs up to your referral account. This is key.
  • Create a small forum, or private email group for your new team
    • You want to create a synergistic environment that allows your referrals to network with others and share tips. Having an environment oriented towards growth will help your affiliates earn more money faster without you as much because they can rely on others. Setup a Yahoo email group or install a private phpBB forum on your server.
  • Once you get a large amount of referrals see if you can increase your commission percentage rate from referrals.
    • Remember in affiliate marketing, everything is negotiable you refer enough people and do a lot of volume you can negotiable payouts. I have not got to this level yet, however, I know it can be done, I just don’t have the volume yet myself to do this to request a higher affiliate referral commission level yet.
  • Once you become to busy online showing people, create some videos that show them while your gone
    • Although showing someone a video like I created here, works. It isn’t as hands on and personal as talking one on one with the individual. It was a blast to personally walk people through the process, although after a while it takes to much time, and I had to automate the process. Once you get to that point you might consider creating your own video showing people, and then getting involved in your group instead of doing it in person each time.

So there are some tips, remember the key is the goal were looking to show new people affiliate marketing and build them up to the super affiliate level. We are not looking for people who have been in affiliate marketing for one year, we are looking for new people, to get started with your network and help them grow. This is how my friend now earns over $750 a month just from me, by helping me, and this is how I earn helping other peoples increase their income. Your welcome to message me if you still need help to, anytime, I’d be glad to help out. In return, I ask people to help others. But I challenge you instead, to start your own group and help others.

This post was all about building a referral base, it is really quite simple, help people get started.

  • “If you help enough people get what they want in life, you’ll have everything you want in your life,” Zig Ziglar.
  • “I would rather earn 1% off the efforts of 100 people than 100% off the efforts of myself, “J Paul Getty.

Do you feel like there is more tips that we should add to the list? Please comment, I’d love to add more ideas to the bulletin list above. What should else could we add?

Progress, Goals Modification, Affiliate Marketing, Checks in the Mail, Silicon Valley, Moving, New Life, Massive Activity To Produce Massive Results

SuccessIts 1am right now, I’m getting ready to head down to San Francisco tomorrow morning to look for a place to live. I’ve been wanting to go down there for over a year now and it is even bad of me to not have done it earlier, but I’m extremely focused right now and going to do what I have to do, and that is build a large C Corporation Web 2.0 Internet Company that has a highly scalable, systematic, duplictable internet product that will sign up people for a monthly subscription basis, build a huge client base employee people and build a company that does over one million dollars in gross sales. Since I made this blog over a year ago, I have never changed my above description because it is my mission. So I’m going down tomorrow in my new Honda S2000 to look for a studio or 1bedroom apartment in the heart of San Francisco.

black honda s2000

San Francisco is like the coolest location ever, just looking at an aerial view, it is surrounded on 3 sides by water, San Francisco has the most expensive real estate in the united states last time I checked, more expensive than new york, When u look at it from aerial, you’ll see wow thats a cool spot.

San Fransico Aerial


San Francisco Island

All I need is a roof over my head, laptop, wifi, food, car, business suit, and a list of all of the networking events in San Francisco for internet entrepreneurs to develop this company. All I’m going to do all day is program and goto networking events, read business books on building businesses, and associate with other internet entrepreneurs down there who have the lifestyle I want already and have them mentor me, in return I’m also going to help other people do it in the process.

In order to accomplish what I need to do, I need to focus and figure out my objectives, my goals are now going to be somewhat shifted now for a change of focus, the goals I had were mainly own three (3) pieces of real estate before the end of the year, and make $10,000/month by the end of the year. I can still do both of them and was working towards them both, I’m acutally still going to do $10,000/month by the end of the year, with affiliate marketing, as I had thought, I’m getting up to the extremely quickly and well on my way to reaching it before November ends.

What I’m going to drop out was my goal to own three pieces of real estate property, instead of doing that, which it’s ultimate goal is just to generate more investments, more personal net worth. Instead, I’m just going to build a lot more net worth in a more faster paced net worth building activity, entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is harder than real estate, it takes alot more skills and it generally pays a whole lot more than real estate investors. Real estate investors do extremely well, but the entrepreneurs that have the skill to generate a systematic big buisness that works whether or not their working on it without them is the person who in my mind creates the wealth.

So instead of owning three properties in which I could make some change, I’d rather make a fortune doing what I’m most passionate about. So I’m dropping the real estate goals and going to build my company instead. In able to get what we really want, we need to focus, and to focus like the picture below, we need to be zoomed into the thing we want to focus on. And we can only focus on the thing we want, when we remove everything else, your eyes can not focus on two things at once, the mind isn’t much different. So I’m doing some cutting out in order to do what I need to do, heres the plan.


I’ve started to realize one of the most important traits of a good entrepreneur is the silly skill of focus, which every entrepreneur by nature [who seeks opportunity] can loose focus in a second, and that second can turn into forever until we realize what we had lost. When I returned to school as a sophmore, I decided to drop out and focus on building my company, I dropped all my classes, and made plans to move to San Fran this was in Feb, I was getting better at focus and it was the only thing I wanted to do was just focus, one time, on something that I really wanted to do. I failed, I picked up another project that has become increasingly profitable, our rental sites with Prolegic Enterprises.

My good business who I loved doing business with, this guy is one of the most motivated people I’ve ever worked, and always is active in building the business with, Marques, is sharp, and he came to me with the idea to build this database of rental sites. I liked the idea, but I lost my focus I ended up working on it now over 8 months, I originally planned to work on it one month and just get a small percentage, it turned into a long-time project and has just been hurting me ever since because I haven’t been able to do what my blog says I’m going to do.

Stay Focused

So I came to my partners and I’m relieving my position in the company handing over all of the equity I built over 8 months to the guys, we have another programmer that is resuming my place, he is very good and works at Intel. Long-Story short I’m freeing myself from things that remove my focus, the business I will still probably help out Prolegic Enterprises, because once your in something for some long time just like when you leave a job you need to give leave of notice and phase out, it will be some time before I’m completely phased out because I programmed the site, and because of that there will always be questions for some time asking me how I programmed it, and I would still want to see the company to succeed and lead ideas. But it will not be my focus point. To get different results, we have to do different things.

With my property in Portland, I’m moving it over to a property management company, I just looked at the property management company signs for buildings in my general area, one place is asking $130/month, and 1/2 of the first months move in on a new tenant to manage the building. DEAL! So many people say just manage it yourself, its easy [yeah, its easy it doesn’t pay much], plus as someone who wants to have freedom we need to put in the systems in place to create income without being there, self-managers are self-employed people who don’t understand that my time managing my house for rent is not as worth as it for me to build a highly scalable internet company in silicon valley.

I’m going to also tell all of my other real estate investment partners I was working with that I’m not going to be doing the deal with them any more, and I hope they still do a deal, but I gota do, what I gota do, and I need to do it. What does that leave me with, total freedom, like this bird below soaring through the air doing what he feels like because there is no hold on him, he can go wherever he likes because he has nothing holding him down to pursue what he wants.

Freedom Bird

So Here Is What I’m Going To Do..

Ok my last months income was around $3,000, which about $1000 of that was about net income. That isn’t enough to live on, this month as of today 21st, I’m alraedy at $5,000 gross income because i’ve done over this month alone $3000 in affiliate marketing, which aproximately half of that is to live on. Affiliate Marketing has been going pretty well and I’m confident at this rate that it will generate enough money for me to sustain off of.

Is Affiliate Marketing another distraction, yes matter of fact it is, but in a way it is a sort of unavoidable distraction as of now. My main goal with affiliate marketing is to generate $20,000/month passively, I’m doing affiliate marketing to make a living, I’m building a giant C Corporation to make a fortune. The problem with a job is it gets in the way of getting rich.

Wes Mahler Commissions

Affiliate Marketing when I was working on it was growing by almost 200% a week, I have since just deactivated all of my campaigns which I promote via PPC marketing because I just generated a tracking program.

Anyways last week with affiliate marketing I was doing over $280/day for a whole week, I have since disabled all of my marketing and redoing them to re-route through my tracking202 service. Tracking202 was originally designed just for my own personal use, but because my friends and I (over 10 people) that work with me are doing affiliate marketing I have made it so individuals can use the program to, and its completely free tool. My goal is not to make a bunch of money with this tracking tool, that isn’t my focus, but for now its available to the public in BETA. It is currently on a shared hosting right now but I’m moving it to my high-end dedicated service I purchased and will be hosting it on their beginning this week. With a highly intensive tracking program that redirects peoples paid traffic to their affiliate landing pages, [as an internet entrepreneur it is very important to make sure your product is working 100% at all time, otherwise you loose your clients, so it must be on a dedicated hosting, good thing I bought one last month and it’ll be ready on Monday].

We are currently building an internet affiliate marketing mastermind group, as the below post, if your interested in Affiliate Marketing please contact me by posting a comment, or you may contact me directly via AIM at : Chinkeyez 09. For now we will be working with new people, although I had no idea there is alot of interest in it, and I can only show so many people, lately several people a week have wanted to see how affiliate marketing has worked and I’ve had a 1-2 hours ession with all of them and not only that I invite them into our group to associate with other affiliate markterers, provide free access to tools, training, mentorship or whatever to get into the buisness.

If your interested in affiliate marketing please contact as soon as possible, because in a month I probably won’t have the time to show anyone new how any of this stuff works, and the team all starting at $0/day, but [now some are at $20/day] already within a week, are growing together. Groups need to associate with like minded people going in the same direction, some groups are futher ahead, some are waiting to be developed. The high schoolers of tommorow will have their own entrepreneur groups, you are welcome to join ours as it is in our formation of over 10+ people who we work with and do the business.

Every week there is a boat going to become rich, and there is people aboard that boat. All the time there are boats going to the land of richness. I’m welcoming you aboard our boat to richness, you just need to help us paddle. and we’ll get their together.


So anyways, things are exciting this post is pretty long, I’ll end it here. I gota wake up and drive all day tommorow, I have my stereo system hooked up with my ipod that has audio books on all different personal development topics, and I’ll be in drivetime university for 8 hours tommorow on the way down to San Francisco, maybe with the top down. Till next time.

Servant Leadership

PS: to anyone who has left me a comment about learning affiliate marketing last time, I have got your comments, and I have emailed all of you guys, please just take the initative and grab me next time I log on to aim, lets use AIM, because the team uses AIM: Chinkeyez 09 is my screen name, we will be hosting another how to do affiliate marketing 101 via PPC marketing on AIM in our chatroom conference this tuesday. Join us, I’ll email everyone too if I don’t hear from you on tuesday, all week I will be looking for my place to live in San Fran so i’m shooting for tuesday night PST.

If I help 10 people make $10,000/month, you know I’ll know how to make $10,000/month. You get everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want – zig zigler. How can I help?

If you found a good idea here, pass it along to someone else. Who knows how far good ideas go. If a good idea touched you share it with another. Sometimes people try to do things for me in return, all I truly want is the abilitly if I can help someone, is them to help someone else. Because when I was in process of becoming a “mature” personally developed [what I consider] being, someone helped me along the way, share with me some ideas, really got me thinking, you know that booked help me out, pass the gift of learning to others. And learning is self-interest, if you share an idea with 10 people, they hear the idea once, but you hear it 10 times, it is more beneficial to share.

Lets make some money :P, I’ll cya in Frisco!

San Franciso Bridge

It’s easy to tell how much you make, lets just look at your friends.

Law of AttractionLaw of Association – “You become like the combined average of the five people who you associate the most with.”

Am I making such an unrealistic suggestion that I can roughly tell how much you earn by looking at your friends? I would argue that by looking at one’s associates it is easy to tell what type of person he/she is, and yes what potential type of income they might have. Is it absolutely true, not necessarily but I’d argue it is a good gauge.

  • If all of your friends work a min wage job, isn’t it a pretty good guesstimate that you work a min wage job.
  • If most of your friends play basketball, isn’t probable that you play basketball too?
  • When all your buddies used to smoke whatever, you’ll probably be smoking right along with them.
  • If all of your friends get straight A’s, I wouldn’t be surprised if your doing fairly well in school
  • If most of your buddies dropped out of school, it’s likely you might too.

You may strongly object this idea that we are like the people we associate with, if you are one to say, “I’m not like my friends.” And maybe thats true, but most of the time, it is easy to tell what a person is like by simple seeing the people around them. And whether you like it or not, your friends are always influencing your decisions for good or bad. We are all affected by our environment, some more then others.

One of the most profound ways to help you achieve your wildest dream, is to associate with, those who have done it before. Get around those who have been where you want to go, who have done what you want to do, who have what you want to get. You can dramatically excell your learning curve by 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, even 30 years potentially by getting around an expert who has already done what you want to do.

What is a friend? The dictionary defines a friend as, “a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.” So you could be 20 and have a friend who’s 60 years old with a child, who does complete opposite work and has complete different hobbies than you. Your not really like your 60 year old friend, I know that.

Law of Association is “You become like the combined average of the five people who you associate with the most.”

I would argue, that you have some similar interests, mindsets as the friends you hang out with the most. And it is the close inner circle who I would argue you are like, or else why would you associate with people so much if you didn’t share the same sort of interests as each other. Maybe your different, but I don’t very often, I will sometimes, but not really engage myself a ton in associating with people who are only interested in going to school, and then getting a safe secure job. Or people who aren’t that motivated in life, are satisfied by working a min wage job.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

You wouldn’t see Bill Gates hanging out with an employee of McDonalds acting as a fry flipper, absolutely not. Bill Gates will associate himself with Steve Jobs, the founders of Google, High-Up executives, people in the tech industry, successful. Just as the McDonalds employee will hang out with other employees that work with him. Junius Morgan, the founder of JS. Morgan and Company, which would later become JP Morgan, one of the largest and most successful financial company in the world, raised a son named Pierpoint Morgan, would would later run the JP Morgan, and company buisness. Junius Morgan knew the power of association with his son, so he made sure his son while growing up was around the peers who were most successful. Now whether you like the idea of a father basically telling his child who most to associate with is right or wrong is not the point, the point is he understood something, he understood the power that association has.

McDoanlds EmployeesIf you were a parent and raised kids, you wouldn’t want them hanging around all the other kids who were doing drugs all day, and dropping out of school. Why, because you’d fear your child who do the same thing. And hey, I’m not dissing on McDonalds, they are a equal opportunity employer. But I would argue that if you know someone working at McDonalds, they probably don’t associate themselves with a lot of people who are reading books on finances, learning how to invest, learning how to become financially indepdent, maybe some of them, but most aren’t.

So I got a chance to meet my buddy Steve Truong‘s friends, we associate a lot now, he is a real estate investor and an internet entrepreneur. Thats why we talk, I don’t think we’d be talking if we didn’t have similar interests, actually, I know we wouldn’t. I thought most of them were just casual friends, well they were, but almost all of them were doing things, particularly real estate. Out of the 7 or so people, 5 of them were real estate investors. One real estate broker agent, one mortgage broker, two house flippers, Steve an investor, a young 17 year old Donald getting into it, and myself, a real estate investor. Once you understand the law of association, you notice things. I said wow, he really does got some people he associates who do the buisness, no wonder he is doing well with real estate, all of his friends are doing it. All of his friends are making money, I know he makes money.

If you get a chance, you can really just sit down, and see if your friends are helping you achieve your goals, or are holding you back. Are your friends going the same direction as you, if there not, get around some who are going where you want to go. If you want to become rich, associate with rich people. If you want to become a professional athletes, associate with professional athletes. If you want to become a straight A student, associate with straight A students, watch them, study them, see what they do, how they do it, when they do it, adopt their very psychology. Want to become a successful real estate investor, get around them. Thats why I goto a real estate investment club, to help someone up, you have to be on higher ground, are the people around you on higher ground who can help you up to where u want to be?

Here are some examples of associations, can you see how each one would affect you, which ones would you like to associate with?

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki

Homeless People

Google Guys (below)

Google Guys

Friends smoke together

YouTube (Chad Hurley and Steve Chen)

YouTube Founders

Workout Partners

Overweight couple (together)

Who are you associating with?


Here’s one of the secerts to success. the idea of mommentum, mommentum builds, you want mommentum. You can only gain mommentum with activity, and achieve large mommmentum with massive activity.

If you want to start your summer off with a bang, the FIRST THING TO DO after your done with your last class, IMMEDIATELY GET TO WORK ON WHATEVER IT IS YOU WANT TO DO FOR SUMMER.

Get it started immediately, I mean right after class, don’t take a nap, start it, and take a nap later. Start the mommentum, or else u may find yourself in, uh, I’ll do it later. no start NOW, TODAY, ACTION, = RESULTS.

You want results, well what are you waiting for, get started IMMEDIATELY.

Everyone tells me about their ideas, and yet only 5 of my friends actually do anything. Are u one of the 5?

People Calling Me

This has been a good week.  I went over to another city to raise some capital for a real estate investment possibility, it came out with an interesting result.  My old buddy from high school, EL called me, he said “wes I need to make some money, I thought I call you because you know how to make money.” lol, great, even though I’am not making alot of money right now, I’m on the way to and things are moving.

I will be making $10,000/month on January 1st, 2008, passive.

I had some interesting experiences and people contacting me looking for help on their ventures.  I greatly appreciate this reason and look forward to helping everyone I can in reasonable time.  Tommorow I will be talking with a local internet company Peak Internet, because they showed interest in our BeaverRent company which is launching on May 1st.

BrassMedia and Bryan Sims’ WHY

Things are moving, just recently went to several speakers.  One including BrassMedia with Bryan Sims, a very dynamic speaker, young entrepeneur making things happen.  What I appreciated most from his story was his “why” his motivating factor, as Jim Rohn always says, “If your WHY is big enough the HOW doesn’t matter.”  His why, is that if he did not succeed, in building his buisness, that his parents would go into bankruptcy.

Another reason why is WHY is even strong is because there is reason outside of ourselves.  During the world wars, one of our ships sank in the ocean, the men were freezing cold, they were out there for so long.  Some of them survived, many of them passed away.  Although those who survived where helping eachother, and encouraging others to stay alive.  Sometimes hope was lost, for themselves, they would die, and figure they would just give up, it was just thinking of what they were doing in the water, useless.  But others had a different mind, some of the sailors would encourage those who were quesitoning of surviving to think outside of theirselves, who is it that is depending on you at home, who is it that you haven’t met yet that is depending on your survival, what about that person who may not even been born yet.

This motivating factor OUTSIDE of themselves, made it commited, and made their WHY stronger, because people are relying on them.  Bryan Sims’ family was relying on him to succeed or else they would go into bankruptcy.  That WHY is strong, a motivating factor, and I contirbute in my mind to his expolosive growth in the industry.

As another guy said at SpeakerLunch, Chris, he is on a salary, he is comfortable there is at the moment, NO CONSEQUENCE FOR NOT SUCCEEDING, so it is more difficult for him to have expolosive growth, there is no WHY, there is no MOTIVATING FACTOR, or maybe not as much as Bryan Sims’ WHY.

So I encourgage you to figure out WHY you are doing what you are doing, if you do not have a WHY, you can begin on what you would like to achieve in life, what places you want to travel, who do you want to see, who do you want to meet, what is that dream toy you want, and then why do you want that car, why do you want to travel to that spot, why is it that you want to get that color of car, why do you want to meet that person, and keep asking yourself, why you want to do to this, and then why again driving deeper and deeper.

This WHY is a futurist WHY for what you want to achieve, and then you can use it to motivate yourself, that if you don’t succeed, what you want is at risk, your WHY, create a WHY.  Because if the WHY IS LARGE ENOUGH, THE HOW WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF.

The Most Rewarding Experience

I believe that the most rewarding experience in life is having your name appear in another person’s testimonial. After my mentor Mr. Sean Mikael a very successfull multi-level marketer who was my upline for several months got me started. Although I was already reading some books, he sent me some CDs that dramatically impacted my life. CDs that gave me philosophies, guidance, and wisdom about becoming more successful, in all areas of life.

MentoringI truly must say that I’am gratiful for him, and that he will almost remain a figure in my life. He got me started.

As I mentioned in another article about intelligent-self interest, sharing. I have begun the task of helping people achieve their dreams. There is a painter at our house by the name of Jason B, I have known him for several years now and only till recently I’ve had enough knowledge to positively affect other peoples lives. Awhile back ago I gave him a CD on success philosophies by Jim Rohn. He enjoyed the CD as he told me a week or so later.

After that I was excited as well, not only can the audience be transformed, but so can the speaker. So I gave him some more material to help him. Personal Development material, among them were how to become financially indepedent, and the art of exceptional living by Jim Rohn. Now, less than a week later he has begun reading books building a library. He is reading a bilbography on Hitler, and Ghandi. One to see how high you can go, and one to see how low and disiciplicible a human being can become. He has picked up some more books on programming your mind for success, one on parenting, one on philosophies and his wife has given him some CDs on becoming by Anthony Robbins.

Today, I know understand fully why I take the time to help others. Because it is the most rewarding experience in the world. Today he say, you got me started, thanks because of the CDs you have given me it is changing my life for the better, I appreciate that, thank you.

And wow, being in someone’s personal testimonial, Jim Rohn was right, that is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. He is a contractor, and there is a book by the E-Myth company about why most small contracting companies don’t worry. I have more CDs, but he has taken the step to purchase them himself, and now he has ten books and over 8 CDs for personal development. He told me, “I Started My Library.” Wow.

He started telling me all the wonderful techniques that he had learned from Tony Robbins, we had a fun time because I could whole-heartedly relate to him.  And we both seemed to talk like the speaker Jim Rohn. This has all happened in less than a couple weeks, and I believe he will continue the craft after listening to Jim Rohn.  I believe Jim Rohn, on the art of exceptional living is the foundation for all successful living in my personal opinion.

Starting a Library will change your life. I’am now learning how to mentor other people, it is something I believe I want to do, I’ve considered becoming a personal development professional like Anthony Robbins although I have not decided yet. Regardless, I would like to give him more information, but alas, to much overload is not a good thing either. So what I’m going to do, although he has already purchased books, I was going to buy him another book on the contractors, and then with a note attached, a gift, that says only open this after you have read the book, with a gift ceritifcat to a bookstore near his house to continue his craft.

I’m off to San Francisco for the weekend to visit my grandparents, who I’am so terribly gratiful for.

Today will be incredibly… productive..

It is 6am right now, yesterday I was so tired after applying my no prcastination technique that I found myself keep doing chores throughout the day without hestitating to do them. Needless to say I was able to accomplish quite a bit of chores that I needed to do anyways. Having a Bank of America personal account, Wells Fargo buisness account, and Wells Fargo personal account does not make life easy when you want to purchase checks, sign up for overdraft, sign up for new credit cards and lines of credit for each individual account. You would think it’d just be 2 calling locations, but no, it is three because Wells Fargo personal is a different department than the buisness.

Anyways, I just do no understand why Wells Fargo has so many fees, I applied for overdraft poretction. I thought that with overdraft protection they would not charge you, at least Bank of America Doesn’t, when you overdraft your account. Although Wells Fargo decides to charge even when you have an overdraft with overdraft protection, wow. Does not sound like much of overdraft protection to me when I still get a fee for overdrafting. Anyways, I was also to get my 93 RX-7 close to being able to sell with removing, and replacing the stereo back to OEM, I’m going to be installing it today and putting my Integra back together this week. I can not wait to sell the car and get my thousands back to place it into my bank accounts and stop preventing all the Wells Fargo Fees.

Because I have several accounts with Wells Fargo, and they are not at the minimum balance to receive no fees, I have to pay $20/month because I do not have over 4.5k spread out throughout my accounts, that $20/month is $240/yr just paying away to fees.

But regardless I’m headin in a new direction, I do not have to go back to the same situtation I was before with overdrafts weekly. But today I’m excited because I’m able to work on my new web 2.0 communit all day today and believe I will get a majority of the work done today for it. The last couple of days I have been doing research on how to make the site secure, I never knew how easy it was to hack into peoples’ accounts on the internet on some of theses less secure sites. I’m also doing about an hour of personal development a day, and increased it from 30 minutes a day, as Jim Rohn says, one hour a day will help you to become rich, although 30 minutes a day, half rich isn’t bad either.

My friend in Ohio, Adriel, the high school student I’m helping out has just started reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki and to say the very least he has enjoyed the reading so far. He has read about 70 pages in 3 days, a great momentum to work on himself, I had him teach me what he learned because I know that if he teaches others, he will retain the information the best over all other methods. He also read my book, and recommended that I finish it, so I have been working daily on that, I have now sent him down several CDs of personal development to listen to. I will be so interesting to see where this friendship lands up.

It is one thing to read a book, but it is another thing to get the most out of it. This graph shows you why I don’t just congradulate him on reading the book but have him teach me the principals he has learned. So I can hear them again, and so he can too.

We Learn / Remember:

  • 10% of what we READ
  • 20% of what we HEAR
  • 30% of what we SEE
  • 70% of what we DISCUSS with others
  • 80% of what we EXPERIENCE personally
  • 90% of what we TEACH someone else

Now the above table is different on most different sources, but they all agree that we begin to retain more information when we are actively engaging ourselves. Where as reading is usually on the bottom of the list, it is not that active, while teaching is on the top. Consider why teaching is on the top? Now you know the how, but if you know why, you’ll make it better.

The Journey of 1 Page A Day, Begins Again, For Good

Several months ago I decided to write a book on the law of association, “How you become the combined average of the five people you associate the most with.” For several months my books was moving steadily along, it had accumlated over 50 pages of brain storming material, a table of contents, layout, outline, and was getting closer to being ready. Then for some reason my negative thoughts were clouding my mind and I lost interest in writing the book. So for about the last two months I have stopped writing my book, and it has been sitting as a useful resource loaded with typos that I ended up letting my friend up in Ohio read.

As I mentioned in my previous blog I’m helping out a fellow aspiring entrepreneur start his first internet venture, we are talking online and I hope to help him achieve his future goals. We talk alot about buisness, reading books, and general fun stuff, its great to know that he relates so well to me. I’m encourgaging him to work on himself, so I’m sending him some CDs in the mail tommorow and went ahead and sent him my unfinished book. Why Not?

Well after he read the book he mentioned he enjoyed reading it, thought it was good and suggested I complete the book. I agreed with him and want to finish the book, and after studying how the mind works I’m able to write the book with more enthusasim. See what was happening is my daily page a day started to get on my nerves, I’d wait till way late at night to do it, and hammer out one page a day.

With one page a day, after a year that is 365 pages of a good book written. That was my goal, but I was loosing my daily discipline. So after learning the Silivia Mind Control method, it mentioned the following. “If you want to regain enthusiam about something you are doing, review the benefits.” Know why you are doing it. We do not wash our dishes, to wash our dishes, we wash our dishes so we have a clean kitchen with dishes ready to be used. I was looking at the negative aspect of writing everyday, while instead, I should have, and now I do, look at the positive side, the end result of being able to write a book.

Book WritingSo heres my why, the why makes it all worthwhile. I’am writing a book so I can give back to the community which has helped me out throughout my life. It is a chance for me to share some quality information that has positively affected me, and I’m able to share it with others. It gives me a credible source to referr to when selling myself when people want to invest in me and my buisnesses. Although I do not necessarily like titles, it would be nice to know that at age 19 I have successfully writen a book and call myself an author. I’m able to inspire, instruct, and help others succeed with the knowledge in the book. And maybe, it will provide me with some residuals from the book selling (even though I might just make it for free), and bring more attention to my works.

See how much more compelling the why is, other than, I want to just write a book. This is why, I’ve regained focus and will continue to publish the book and will probably just place it on my site for free so someone can read it. Then possibly make the next book a best seller, maybe, if I really want it.

What is so funny about the whole situtation is my writing is very basic, in high school I read about 2-3 books, and did not enjoy writing. Now all of the sudden I’m writing a book and barely pass my writing classes, but the grades won’t stop me, its just ironic. I would have never thought I’d do this. You will be reading it if you stay in touch with me.