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Last Updated: 2015/10/11

Hello! My name is Wes Mahler. I’m passionate about helping people feel empowered and pursuing their dreams. I believe in the potential of every human being. I want to unleash the power that every human being has in-themselves to realize their full potential.

My dream used to be moving to Silicon Valley, creating and selling a tech company.  I did that in 2009 when I was 22, and sold my company, Tracking202, but I was left unfilled. I ended up losing everything I earned in a lawsuit with the company who acquired ours shortly afterwards. I started a few more companies afterwards, with just the purpose of making money. Ended up losing that too, in more legal disputes with low integrity companies we were working with at the time.

After losing everything now twice, I was stressed out. At the age of 25 and working 80 hours, I felt like my life wasn’t working. I felt like a failure because I never reached the financial level of success I thought I would be at that time.  I felt super burnt out working on startups, in an office all of the time and felt like I needed a real change, I had never been out of the country in my life. I decided to live the 4 hour work week life style, inspired by Timothy Ferriss‘ book and my friend, Josh Wexalbuam. Shortly after, I started making passive income from selling informational products I created & actually had free time to travel. I finally took my first vacation & trip out of the country, on a Caribbean Cruise ship.  It felt great to finally be free financially & physically free for once.

I had always wanted to attend a seminar from my favorite hero of all time, Jim Rohn. He unfortunately passed away before I realized that goal, however, his student, Tony Robbins, one of the most successful  human potential leaders in the world was still going strong. I decided the next best thing was to enroll in one of his courses. My friends and I enrolled in Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within program.  Through that program I decided I wanted to create a company that’d live past me and make a difference in the world, I thought about everything I cared about at the time and started follow.net. After starting it, I decided to open up a new possibility for myself. Creating a startup and traveling around the world at the same time. I was intrigued and my girlfriend wanted to travel too, so we went for it. For the next year, my girlfriend and I traveled around the world. It was a fantastic experience and being able to have free time and explore what I wanted to do with the one I loved was something I’ll never forget.

As great as it was though, after a year of it I felt like I needed a new challenge. A challenge like when I first moved to San Francisco, dropped everything and pursued my dream and had no way or idea of how I’d make it work. I decided I wanted to work on more projects that I was passionate about, that’d help me come alive and would take advantage of all of the resources I had available to me in Silicon Valley, to where I moved.  I decided I wanted to become a a real missionary entrepreneur, a term I would discover after watching Jeff Bezo‘s speech during an AWS:ReInvent conference online.

My hero & role model at the time, Ryan Allis, started an organization called Hive. Their purpose was to train purpose driven leaders under the age of 40 to make a profound and lasting impact in the world. I immediately signed up and got accepted into their first ever, Hive Global Leaders program. It was an outstanding program, I got to be around the people I wanted to become, purpose driven leaders who were making social impacts in their community, doing what they love, and many of them too, making a great living from doing so. I was inspired, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I decided that I wanted to do something related to personal development because I always got so much out of it when I read all of my books as a kid. I wanted to give that gift to others.

After attending the Hive program and several others, I started realizing what I cared most about was not helping companies acquire more customers online which I did at Follow. While I thought it was the company I wanted to build for 100+ years, it was not. I started it with that intention but ultimately, I decided I care way more about helping people realize their full potential and fulling in life what matters most to them.

I recently attended the Singularity University Executive Program & explored ways of using exponential technology to impact the lives of a billion plus people. I decided to combine my passion for helping people reach their full potential with, data science & artificial intelligence.  As of writing this today, I’m enrolling in the Self Expression Leadership Program from Landmark Worldwide. We have to make a project for the community, something that is a self expression of what we care about.

I decided to create a new organization; our purpose will be to empower anyone, anywhere, anytime with the ability to have access to a mentor (human or AI) that’ll help them pursue their dreams.

That is a little bit about me and what I’m up to now.

PS: I’ve decided to leave my old bios for anyone to read. I actually thought about taking down some of my old blog posts because they don’t really represent who I am anymore. However, I thought it’d be more powerful to leave them up to share with anyone who cares, my journey and that we’re all on the path together of figuring out what matters most to us in our lives and then acting on it. It’s taken a while to get here and it’s still a practice of acting on & living out fully, what I care most about and making it a reality. My story really has been about changing from an entrepreneur who wanted to help other entrepreneurs make money, to becoming someone who wants to make a difference in the world and enrolling others to now do the same, because I feel it’s the best way for them to also achieve their wildest dreams & ambitions. I hope you will join me on this journey of making the world whole & complete. Thank you. 




Last Updated: 2008/01/02

Hi there, my name is Wes Mahler, I’m an internet entrepreneur and real estate investor.

More specifically I build highly scalable systematic internet businesses through entrepreneurship and then take the excess corporation’s profits and leverage them by putting down payments on long term real estate investments which are managed professionally. In short I aggressively make money on the internet and invest into very low maintenance passive real estate investments.

I’m a product of the many books I’ve read that have given me some philosophies about business that I use on a daily basis. I strongly believe that personal development, learning and associating with role models is important. I highly advocate reading personal development books and listening to audio CDs. Most of the greatest ideas I’ve received is through the audio books I’ve downloaded. There is a wealth of information, study what you want to get good at.

I’m currently in the process of building my own company to one million dollars a year in sales; my role model is Ryan Allis a successful internet entrepreneur who wrote a book at the age of 17 years old on how to build a company to one million dollars a year in sales. I’m taking his ideas from the many ideas I’ve gathered and am using them to help aid me in my goal to do one million dollars a year in sales.

I work about 60-70 hours a week, pretty much all of my free time. I have dropped out of Oregon State University two times, once I had failed, this time I shall succeed. I have moved from Portland, OR to San Francisco, CA to build an internet company in the most active internet area in the world, Silicon Valley. I own my own rental property in Oregon but have since shifted my focus towards entrepreneurship. I’m going to build this company to one million dollars a year in sales, once it becomes profitable we will hire employees that will help maintain it, 3-4 years down the line we will raise a strategic round of investment to boost our company to the next level. I have not decided whether or not to take the company public in the later years at this time.

If you would like to meet me please send me an email and we’ll talk, provide value to me, and I will provide value to you. I feel the best way to achieve success is simply through helping other people achieve success for themselves. One of my philosophies of life is from Zig Zigler, “If you help enough people get what they want in life, you’ll have everything you want in your life.”

I have come to believe one of the most needed traits of a good entrepreneur is the ability to master the simple concept of focus. Although focus may seem simple it is actually a hard skill to master, the entrepreneur by nature is an opportunistic person who sees many areas where they can generate a profit. This means the entrepreneur is always looking at new opportunities and focus is easily lost. This idea of chasing after things becomes a negative because you will see many inexperienced entrepreneurs try to do to many things at once.

The best way I can describe focus is to think of a magnifying glass, in that when you try to focus on something through lenses you can only focus on one thing, the other objects are always blurred. You can not focus on two things at the same time. If you have 1 project that is fine, if you have 2 I would bet that you aren’t as focused as you could be. Even with two projects you have already split your effort in half, focus on one that will provide the most reward. Focus so simple but so hard, get good at it, focus is key, one of the concepts you’ll need to master if you too want to build a company to one million dollars a year in sales.

I look forward to meeting you, my name is Wes, and this is my blog.

Wes Mahler at the Crunchies 2007 Award Ceremonies