Meetup202 AdTech Speakers – Jonathan Volk, Ralph Ruckman, Dennis Yu, Larby Amirouche and Paul Bourque

Here are some speaker presentations during our meetup202 event last ad:tech. I think I probably had a little bit to much to drink before getting on stage, as you will notice. But we all still had a great time, if you missed it, check out our up and coming meetups here. Jonathan Volk Ralph Ruckman […]

Meetup202 Ad:Tech SF 2009 – Event Video

Check out our video from our largest Meetup202 event which held over 400+ people during Ad:Tech SF this year. We want to thank our sponsors, Hydra Network, ClickBooth, WebTraffic2Go and CPA Fuel for helping us put it together. Enjoy the clip! PS: Be on look out for the next video. We will show the presentations […]

A look inside our Meetup202 Culture ( Video )

We had a pretty ridiculous Meetup202 SF event this saturday. There were over 65+ attendees and the place was overbooked. There we SEM professionals, high volume emailes, affiliate networks, facebook, advertisers, and of course affiliates. And if Meetup202 Bay Area wasn’t big enough, at the same time we had our event, the one and only […]

Meetup202 Seattle – New Meetup Group

We just launched a new Seattle Affiliate Marketing Meetup group. If you live in the area feel free to meet with us and other affiliate marketers in the Seattle, Washington area.  These are casual meet ups. The goal is to gather a group of like minded individuals together to collaborate, network, and essentially have a […]

Meetup202 – Bay Area Affiliate Marketing Meet-up was Awesome!

Yesterday we had our first Meetup202 event in downtown San Francisco.  It was a huge success, there were almost 20 people there.  Some were first time affiliate marketers, PPC users, to more experienced affiliate marketers that did it full time and some SEO gurus.  Giovanna from SEOBook was also there, was great to network with everyone there.  We look […]

Meetup202: Calling All Bay Area PPC Marketers

Do you live in San Francisco, or around the Bay Area? Join our group We are putting together a Bay Area meetup group for Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketers, although if you do SEO, or email marketing your welcome to join us too. We will be putting together the first event next month, April, […]

My Self Expression Leadership Program Project

I’m enrolled in the Landmark Curriculum for Living courses. They were recommended by my friend, Ryan Allis. The third program in the series is the Self Expression Leadership Program. Your objective is to create a project that’ll impact the community.  The project is suppose to be a self expression about what matters to you in […]

Ryan Pamplin Video Interview On Affiliate Marketing & Operations

Ryan Pamplin is a good friend of ours that we first met at Affiliate Summit East 2008 in Boston. Ryan is the founder of Ryactive, a performance marketing company and is the co-organizer for the Meetup202 New York event. Ryan talks about general affiliate marketing, how to scale, how to setup partnership deals and affiliate […]

If I Had To Do It All Over Again

In every one of our interviews I asked the other person, “If you had to do it all over again what would you do differently?”  It was interesting to see the responses from people and for the most part they said they’d do it all over the same exact way.  But if I look back […]