Monthly Archives: October 2015

My Self Expression Leadership Program Project

I’m enrolled in the Landmark Curriculum for Living courses. They were recommended by my friend, Ryan Allis. The third program in the series is the Self Expression Leadership Program. Your objective is to create a project that’ll impact the community.  The project is suppose to be a self expression about what matters to you in your life.

I decided to take on a project that’d help anyone, anywhere, anytime get access to a mentor (human and or artificial intelligence) that’ll help them pursue their dreams. My goal is to have at least 50+ young adults being mentored on the platform before April 2015. I’m super excited for this project. I’ve always enjoyed helping people pursue their dreams. I use to do it when I was involved in MLM and with our 15+ meetup202 events around the world, where we taught people how to make a living through internet marketing.

Increasing your vocabulary of words to describe your emotional states

How are you feeling? How many emotional states do you know? Which words do you use to communicate how you feel?

Increasing your vocabulary of words to describe your emotional state can improve your emotional intelligence & well being. When you’re able to more clearly understand the exact emotion you’re feeling, by describing it with the right words, you’re then able to respond to it accordingly.

For example, if you start feeling angry, you’ll know, generally that you might want to calm down. However, if you dive into the deeper reason and find a word for exactly why you’re angry, i.e., you’re mad & jealous about something, you’ll have even more clarity of how you’re feeling and then how exactly you might be able to resolve that specific feeling. If you’re angry because you’re jealous, you have a much better understanding on how to treat the jealously than to just try to stop being angry generally.

Experts in any field have their own advanced vocabulary, that they know better than anyone else to describe exactly what’s going on. I may have pain in my neck, but a doctor might be able to describe exactly what type of pain I’m feeling, where and what’s going on in my neck. Having that clarity gives them access to be able to help me better than I may be able to.

Next time you’re feeling something, anything, try using this feeling wheel. Increase your emotional intelligence by pin pointing the exact words to describe how you’re actually feeling.