Words are powerful, they have the ability to change you

My friends & family went to Oprah’s Live Your Best Life Weekend Tour last year. It was amazing! I’d highly recommend it to everyone in the future if they ever restart their tour. Many of the talks were on words and the law of attraction. We literally create our own reality with the words we use in our language. My favorite moment during the event was when Oprah shared her story when she visited Maya Angelou’s house for an event. 

There were many people Maya’s house.  In the living room, there were two people making jokes about gay people.  Maya Angelou overheard them, walked over them and asked them to leave.  Oprah understood that it wasn’t appropriate for them to make these types of jokes at anyones’ house, but she was surprised that Maya Angelou didn’t just correct it and let them stay. Oprah asked Maya why she kicked them out, her response was…

“Words are powerful, and I don’t want those words sticking to the cloth on my couch because every time I walk in that room, I’ll feel those words and words have the ability to change you.”

Be mindful about your language, the words you use, both a loud and internally, because they do, literally change you and your energy every time you use them.  

What words are you using?

How are they changing you?

What reality through language are you creating for your life?

After hearing that, and so many other good stories. I felt empowered to ensure that our home was only filled with words that made us feel positive, happy, joyful & empowered to pursue our dreams everyday. A house with no words or images on our walls now feels like it’d be empty.  I want it to feel alive and empowered, everyday I wake up.  Here are some of the vision boards & language you’ll find in our house. This is just my office, we have these all over our house.

IMG_7736 IMG_7733 IMG_7732 IMG_7731 IMG_7730 IMG_7729