– Understanding Our World – Day 2

It was another amazing day.  Today, was the first, of our 3 day training for Hive.  The first day was really just a fun networking event, but now we’ve started the core of the training.   The training took place at the office in San Francisco.

This is a list of all of today’s curriculum:

Day 1: Understanding Our World

  • Species-level Philosophy (John Rawls & The Original Position)
  • Global Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Human Progress Measurement
  • How to Create a Sustainable & Abundant World
  • Systems Thinking
  • The Future of Science & Technology (Clean Energy, Nanotech, Genomics, Neuroscience, MedTech, NUI, Mobile, Big Data)
  • Understanding Exponential Technologies (Taught by Singularity University)
  • Using Business for Scalable & Sustainable Change
  • Philanthropy & Impact Investing
  • Peer Group Discussion

The key points I personally took away were:

  • Species-level Philosophy – How to feel empathic for & think in terms of what’s good for not just yourself, your family,  community,  nation, gender, humanity, but all species, everyone, everything in the world and even outside of our world.
  • Future of Science & Technology and our everything is exponentially growing – One of the things I didn’t realize, or at least think of this way.  Is that I’m familiar with 3d printing. But I never realized 3d printing is now a method of people of sending, digitally, physical products to other people. For instance, you could buy a “clock” from someone online, and then print it out in your home.   It almost feels like transportation of physical goods, but it’s just re-printing structures and I never thought of it in that way.
  • Using Business for Scalable & Sustainable ChangeI’ve already started talking about this concept of creating businesses that serve huge purposes that affect positive change in this world.  But it was great to re-affirm it and see more examples of how it’s being done.
  • Integrity discussions & presentations – While I’m unable to share my exact experiences on this blog because it’s so personal, it was great to dive deep into learning & discussions about an individuals integrity and how little everything can affect everything.  While I already know, and most people know that integrity is important, it’s acutally a huge challenge and opportunity to really have full integrity.  It’s more than just being a good person, it’s also about being committed and following through, doing everything you said you’d do, whether they were for to yourself or expectations you’ve set with other people.

All of the food was being catered by one of our class members, Rebecca Jean Alonzi who runs a catering company.  All of the food was amazing.  Lunch was served at the office.  For dinner, after arriving on a crazy bus with loud dance music.  We all went to an art gallery, networked and ate dinner together.

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