– Becoming a purpose driven leader – Day 1

I just got back from my 7 month trip in latin america, i will write about it more.  We’ll later go to asia for another 5-6+ months soon.  But before we go we stopped back in san francisco and I was lucky enough to arrive the day before the Hive leadership training, which started today and I’m going to share with you now. 

I recently applied to, and was accepted into the first leadership class.  Hive is a leadership organization that trains and connects extraordinary leaders between the ages of 21 and 39.    It was started by my friend, Ryan Allis and Adam Pumm, whom I just recently met. Both amazing people.

In addition to the amazing organization’s volunteer group, there are some outstanding individuals in our class from 16 countries, ranging from a 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, to a co-founder of a multi-million dollar business focused on social impact, to a Rwandan genocide survivor who is now a touring public speaker and many more. 

I joined Hive because I wanted to lead a more purpose-driven life.  I want to be more than just an entrepreneur who creates businesses. I want to become a missionary entrepreneur who will create a sustainable & long-living organization that’ll positively change the world, and teach other entrepreneurs how to do the same.

Today was the first event, a dinner at the “starship,” basically the headquarters of both, Ryan’s startup and the Hive organization.   We were able to network and meet many of the 30+ individuals that were accepted into the group.   I’ve never networked with so many social entrepreneurship & non-for-profit leaders.  It’s been incredibly interesting to meet & learn from these people who have a huge passion for helping the world.  It’s much different than our normal networking events at various difference entrepreneurship or internet conferences where people are always just talking about money and building “successful” companies.

While it’s great to learn from the rest of the group, on how others are making a difference in the world.  I see a need, and I’m excited to share my knowledge with them, on how to make the financial aspects of their organization grow so they can fulfill their purposes in life.   The intersection between wanting to help, and being able to help people while knowing how to drive a financial vehicle that’ll fulfill that mission, is really, where I believe, all of the magic lies in.  I’m excited to bridge that gap with some of the people here.

For me, it’s learning how to have a better purpose that helps others.  For them, it’s how to become better at driving the entrepreneurial vehicle that’ll allow them the financial independence and capital to see their mission succeed.

At the dinner, we split up into groups of 6.  We shared out stories, what we wanted to get out of our life and the event and learned a lot about each other.  In our group was;

Lauren Burke, an outstanding leader who helps developing immigrant youth, human trafficking rights and much more.   She wants to change the world by having every human to be recognized of equal worth, despite birthplace and nationality.

Jessica Steffens, a 2 time USA Olympian with a silver and gold medal in water polo who wants to change the world by inspiring active, healthy lifestyles that both appreciate and improve the world.

Peter Bonanno, who works in social enterprises and is helping bring enlightenment to schools.  He wants to change the world by giving everyone a greater well-being, sanity, peace and happiness.

and Nadia Anggraini, an Indonesian native who works in an organization who funds social enterprises and wants to change the world by using business to alleviate poverty in Indonesia & Southeast Asia.

Last by not least, Yasi Baiani, our fearless group leader who is a volunteer at Hive. She’s from Iran originally, and wants to help people in the middle east reach their full potential like she was able to do.

I have yet to really meet everyone else in our class, but I’m looking forward to the rest of the weekend.  The dinner was just to kick things off.  The next 3 days will be all day training, I’m excited to see what the hive team puts together next.

PS:  If you’re interested in checking out Hive, they’ll have their next Global Leaders Program during March 21-24, and CEO program from Feb 21-24.  You can learn more about it by going to their website,