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Why You Should Share More & The Blog Is Back!

Sharing makes you bigger. If you hear a good idea, share it. If you share a life changing idea with ten people, they get to hear it once, but you get to hear it ten times. So it’s in your best interest to share it with others! We call this, “enlightened self-interest.”

Enlightened self-interest is a philosophy in ethics which states that persons who act to further the interests of others (or the interests of the group or groups to which they belong), ultimately serve their own self-interest.

I plan on doing a lot of sharing this year.  I want to share ideas through this blog, to help both you and me.  I want to  help you learn from my experiences.  And I need a place to write and reflect on everything that has happend to me.  This blog will be my sharing platform, and I hope to give you every ounce of quality reading material I can possibly create for you.

So I just threw together a quick amazon EC2 server and RDS server, updated my wesmahler_wordpress and we are back online!  It’s been over three years since I last wrote on this blog.  A lot has happend since then.  The blog still needs to be updated and will be shortly.  But as far as what to expect,  I have a lot of experiences to share with everyone and it’ll be a fun read.  This blog will include articles about entrepreneurship, personal development, philosophies, books, great ideas, relationships, both business and personal, legal matters, technology trends, flying, traveling and working abroad, great food and how to get the most out of life.  Oh and we’ll show you how to go from zero to one million dollars a year in sales too, this blog’s headline is out of date and we can now share with you how to do it :).

Please subscribe to my RSS feed if you haven’t done so already.  More post will follow shortly!