The Team On This Day July 29th, 2009

Here is a snap-shot of our team on this day. We’ve recently brought on a lot of help.

Wes Mahler
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Twitter: @wesmahler
Username: T202Wes

September 2007

Steven Truong
Chief Operating Officer (COO), President
Twitter: @steventruong
Username: T202Steven

September 2007

Jennifer Louie
Web & Graphic Designer
Twitter: @jenniferlouie
Username: T202Jennifer
Since August 2008

Aaron Glinski
IT Support Rep, Video Production Manager
Twitter: @paperdonut
Username: T202Aaron
Since January 2009

Man Ma
Software Engineer
Twitter: @t202man
Username: T202Man
Since February 2009

Roland Navarro
VP of Business Development
Twitter: @reachroland
Username: T202Roland
Since April 2009

Nana Gilbert-Baffoe
VP of Sales
Twitter: @nanagilbertb
Username: T202Nana
Since April 2009

Justin Barr
Publisher Manager
Twitter: @justinbarr
Username: T202Justin
Since July 2009

Feldo Nartapura
Publisher Manager
Twitter: @wheresfeldo
Username: T202Feldo
Since July 2009

Wes Moehlenbruck
Advertising Manager
Twitter: @masterlesamurai
Username: T202Brooks
Since July 2009

Alexander Tsatkin
Publisher Manager
Twitter: @tsatkin
Username: T202Alex
Since July 2009

Rachelle Navarro
Operations Manager
Twitter: N/A
Username: T202Rachelle
Since July 2009
  • Wes Grats on the Proper202/Tracking202 sale.

    Looking good mate.



  • What happened to updates?