Denver Affiliate Conference Keynote On Transparency, Collaboration, Trust and Innovation

MediaTrust CEO, Peter Bordes, gave the keynote presentation at this year’s Affiliate Convention in Denver. He talked a lot about the need for transparency, collaboration, trust and innovation. He was joined by Steve Hartman of eBay, Wes Mahler of Tracking202, Steve Schaffer of Vertive and Rebecca Madigan of the Performance Marketing Alliance.

Here it is in it’s entirety.

  • Sam

    Nice job Wes and thanks for posting this. When you guys get more and more valuable data in the affiliates hands, everyone is going to win.

  • This is incredible video about affiliatmarketing . .
    Talking with the innovations are amazing things to talked on..

  • Clayton

    I like it how Wes was the only speaker who knew what he was talking about on a greater level than “building an innovative website with an innovative domain name”. I almost fell asleep 2 seconds after the the guy next to Wes started talking.