Picture Of The Team, On This Day, June 23rd 2009

Capturing history is one of the treasures to pass along to your friends and family once your gone.

So here is a photo of our team as of June 23rd, 2009.  The ever growing 202 family. Entrepreneurship

is a lot more fun, when you have great people working with you. 

Top: Steven Truong, Jennifer Louie, Roland Navarro, Aaron Glinski, Nana Gilbert-Baffoe

Bottom: Wes Mahler, Man Ma, Feldo Nartapura

  • jeff

    What video game is this? Looks like you sold alot

  • Feldo looks like an exchange student. lol

    cool stuff man. congrats

  • You guys are looking sharp. Except for the feet. You give away so many free services you have no shoes or furniture. I feel like it’s all my fault for using Prosper instead of your awesome paid Tracking202.
    Thanks for all of your contributions to the affiliate community.