• Wow. Tight setup… looks like you need some more area to put it all though!

    A maid or hot secretary to pick up might do you some good, too.

  • Kyle Irwin

    Jesus Christ man, is all that overhead really necessary?

  • Leo Minakov

    lots of monitors bro, cool office though…
    I have one 21 inch and not sure if I need another one, is two screens really that good?

  • Whoa… those are the EXACT same Ikea desks I have in my office too! The wife and I have one each, set up back to back. We bought them at Ikea here like 5 years ago and they’re sturdy, solid desks.

  • [email protected], in some ways no, but thats how we are able to keep growing.

    thanks for the comments guys, yes, the more screens have always been better. although I’ve noticed a decline in performance after 4+ of them, 3 is a benefit, 4 kind is, 5+ isn’t really needed. it really depends on your application, we have to monitor server health all day, so it requires having static monitors sitting watching load all data, which eats up a monitor by itself

  • awesome. I like the flat panel hanging. are you guys in a row house? looks cool

  • Wow, it looks crazy in there!

    Reminds me of college when we had our “office space/computer lab” and shared a house with 8 people. Fun stuff!

  • @shawns, I guess you could say that, its san francisco, so all of the houses are like that here.

    @jimmy lol

  • Gotta love Ikea- the best for functional furniture. Glad you’re enjoying your new space, sorry about the lack of makeup. You can borrow our makeup artist if you want. I’m sure she’d love to fly to San Fran!

  • Matt

    Return them Wes, get cheap desks and expensive chairs. Rule #1 of any startup. Now if you already have good chairs then you’re ok. = )

    But chairs! Chairs are more important than desks.