• Jack

    Good post Wes. I hope your hard work pays off

  • Wes, Great video post. The idea that you will always be working hard is one of the central themes of the book “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris, which I cannot recommend highly enough.

    He suggests taking what he describes as ‘mini-retirements’ for 3-6 months every few years where you literally just take off and don’t worry about your business. Of course to do this effectively you need to setup policies, processes, procedures and systems and empower people in your organization to make decisions without your involvement. Most of the book describes how to set this up in your life and truly achieve a ‘4 hour work week’.

  • John

    Congratulations on perpetuating the myth that money and hard work buys happiness.

    Read ‘Walden’ by Henry David Thoreau.

    You don’t need much money to build a successful and fulfilling lifestyle.

  • zombie

    YOU KNOW? stop saying you know every 2 secs, and your video was good the first 3 mins then it got super boring. next time write a script before ranting. *yawn*

  • I tell people that now when they ask why I work so hard, but in my heart I know that I’ll never quit working in the future. I’m just addicted to work, money, everything involved. Creativity gives me some of the best joy in the world – and no matter how much money I make I wont stop.

  • I find that hard work does pay off, but it also often opens new doors and business opportunities, which requires MORE work!

    It’s a catch 22 really. But if you enjoy the freedom of this business it clears your mind to be more creative in your business ventures. Good topic Wes.

  • Good point and well taken. Keep the Vlogs coming.

  • mike navarini

    good insights, wes.

  • Thanks for the comments guys, and thanks zombie, your right i’ll get better on the next video

    ryan thats awesome man, keep at it, your doing awesome!

    @stuart and @john, looks like you guys figured it out, thanks, yes it took me 4 years to finally realize it.

  • It was kind of funny because just today, I was just thinking about the road I’ve taken through entrepreneurship. It’s been almost 5 years since I started my first business and in the very beginning, I had the same thought: work hard now and enjoy life later.

    One thing I did notice when I was working part-time on my marketing business was that it was non-stop everyday. Monday-Friday 8 hours of corporate work then 4-6 hours on my biz. I stopped going to the gym and gained about 15 pounds during that time. So I guess it cost me some health to work so much during that time.

    Anyway, good post Wes, keep the video blogs coming.

  • James White

    Life is about the journey, not the destination…

  • Great points Wes, I have to agree with Ryan though. I love this industry and I’ll never stop working!

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