Meetup202 AdTech Speakers – Jonathan Volk, Ralph Ruckman, Dennis Yu, Larby Amirouche and Paul Bourque

Here are some speaker presentations during our meetup202 event last ad:tech. I think I probably had a little bit to much to drink before getting on stage, as you will notice. But we all still had a great time, if you missed it, check out our up and coming meetups here.

Jonathan Volk

Ralph Ruckman

Dennis Yu & Paul Bourque

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  • Hey Norm, we are still working on it, however 2009 it will be done. It wasn’t exactly how I envised it, it turns out it’ll be alot better than we originally thought. Thanks for the comments, yah we should catchup sometime if your going to be at the next events! send me an email, you know how to get ahold of me.