What I Was Doing Before 6-9 months before Tracking202

Before I got into affiliate marketing I was helping my friend, Marques Alexander build what used to be called “BeaverRent,” which was a local college rental site for Oregon State Univeresity.  It’d later expand to other universities including but not limited to University of Oregon, Washington State, and Texas Tech.  Although the article states it was both Marques and my idea, it isn’t true, as I actually at the time didn’t want to do anything of it and move to SF to build a “user feedback generation website technology”.  That was my goal anyways.   It was completly Marques’ idea and I was just going to help him build the website for a small % of the company and then leave.  However, it ended up taking much longer tan I ever expected and I spent around 6-9 months on the project.  Had I do it all over again, bless Marques and his new team, but I should have moved down to Silicon Valley earlier and I would have been 1 year ahead of where I’am now.    

After a while I said I have to leave and pursue what we needed to do.  So I told Marques and Chris I had to leave, and left down to SF which I would spend almost 5 months living in a studio bootstrapping and trying to get Tracking202 coded.  I wanted to post this however to show what my old business partner and doing, and how their project is progressing.  I just saw this pop up in my google alerts and I thought I share it with you.   Yourcampusrent.com expands to reach 633 universities – News.  The original site I built can be found here: developer.beaverrent.com/ it has since changed and completely re-done by Chris Montes and Marques Alexander.