A look inside our Meetup202 Culture ( Video )

We had a pretty ridiculous Meetup202 SF event this saturday. There were over 65+ attendees and the place was overbooked. There we SEM professionals, high volume emailes, affiliate networks, facebook, advertisers, and of course affiliates. And if Meetup202 Bay Area wasn’t big enough, at the same time we had our event, the one and only Jasper and the Meetup202 LA group were having their event with, and held over 30 people!

Aaron Glinski the master-mind behind all of our new video series shot this one, and added in some effects. Although this video doesn’t do it absolute justice because at the time we shot it many people had already left. Most of the group after the meetup got something to eat, and then we went to a lounge and talked till almost 3AM in the morning. Prosper202 isn’t just a product, Prosper202 is a community of like-minded people getting together and helping eachother succeed. This is what Meetups are all about, and in this video you’ll get a glimpse inside of our culture.

And if you’ll be heading over to the Ad:Tech SF event coming this April, make sure to register on our group to check out the Meetup202 event we’ll be hosting while everyone is in SF.

About Meetup202

MeetUp202 is a place for affiliate marketers to meet with other like-minded marketers locally. Get together with super affiliates in your area, grow your personal network of contacts and share tips and tricks with fellow marketers. Each MeetUp202 event is different, headed by different organizers, they are generally causal networking events at placing that sell food and provide WiFi access.

If you are interested in starting a meetup, please contact us.

If you’re interested in organizing a MeetUp202 in your local area and wish to help us spread the 202 name while networking and meeting with other affiliates, contact [email protected] for more details on how to start your own MeetUp202 locally.