Kris Trujillo and Andrew Payne Video Interview on CashTactics

This is the third video of our up and coming Affiliate Summit West 2009 interview series featured on the new TV202. This interview is with Andrew Payne and Kris Trujillo from CashTactics. Andrew focuses mostly on paid search with the big 3 ppc networks and spends alot of time with the content network. Kris specializes in search engine optimization and tries to rank offers organically once they find the converting keywords.

CashTactics is an internet marketing blog, once formerly ran by Ruck of Convert2Media. They have created several case studies that have been widely popular, you can find all their posts on their blog at

Unfortunately we had an issue with the sound quality during Julian’s interview and we had to scrap the video. We will try to catch up with Julian at one of the later up and coming events.

Stay tuned for theses up and coming interviews:

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If you haven’t already, you can catch our recently posted video series here:

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