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Neil Turner Interview on Facebook Marketing

This is the second video of our up and coming Affiliate Summit West 2009 interview series featured on the new TV202. This interview is with Neil Turner from NeilsWeb. Neil is an internet marketer who focuses his time on Facebook marketing almost exclusively. Naturally we made the topic of this interview about marketing on Facebook.

If you want to learn more about Facebook marketing, feel free to visit NeilsWeb for more info, or you can follow Neil on his Twitter page. You can find all of Neil’s facebook posts here. We have also included some of the most popular items below.

Stay tuned for theses up and coming interviews:

If you haven’t already, you can catch our recently posted video series here:

New Year’s Accountability

It was interesting to see all of the bloggers write their New Years Resolutions when the 1st of the came around. But I thought to myself — how many of theses people declaring their new goals actually accomplished their last years goals?  Or how many actually remember what they sought out to do last year and kept themselves accountable?

New years is not only about making new goals for the year; but it is also the end of last year, and the supposed deadline that you were to accomplish last year’s resolutions.  Many bloggers forgot to write about what they planned on doing last year and if they succeed or failed.  I mean what good is a new year’s resolution if we fail to be accountable and check whether or not we accomplish the goal a year later?  

The most frightening thing I’ve seen is that some peoples’ New Year’s resolutions have the same thing as last year.  Which of course means they didn’t do it last year, and simply forgot to post about it? 

We can’t go around being lazy with our commitments.  Because if we fail to commit to things, telling ourselves we are going to do this or that–we lie to ourselves. And lying to ourself over time weakens our mind, body and soul.  Remember that goals are a double-edged sword, if they are repeatedly failed over and over again–it really shows how much that person understands about goal settings.  And they build a habit of failing goals repeatedly.  And sooner or later they fail enough goals to become weak at setting any more goals, and every goal from there on out seems so elusive.   Remember that, “Everything let down in your performance affects the rest of everything you do.”  

And hitting the goals for what it accomplishes isn’t what is important.  What is important is the person you become during the process.  Are you becoming a person who lets yourself down repeatedly and fails to accomplish goals?  Or are you becoming a person that is becoming consistent at making commitments and keeping them?    

So if you did make new year’s resolutions this year.  You also need to look backwards, and check your last year’s resolutions as well–because if you didn’t what’s the point of setting any goals if you never look to see if you accomplished them.

Here was my last year’s resolution: was I accountable? This is a snippet from Jan 08 of last year.

There is going to be a lot to come, I’ve made my next goal at the top of my blog, you will see us Alexa ranking 20,000 by the end of the year, and we will hit it, I promise you, I’m going to put on my intense goal setting and make it happen, honestly we should probably be 10,000 by the end of the year, but 20,000 is already a done deal, I’ve decided to make it happen. [source]

Tracking202 Alexa RankingSo we did that, and we ended at Alexa 12,000ish.  Now Alexa isn’t really important at all, in-fact Alexa is pretty worthless as it isn’t worth really anything.  But what is important, is that is that slowly but surely we are building a track-record of setting goals and achieving them.  That we don’t mess around, and we mean business when we say and declare a goal we make it happen.  That is more valuable than the Alexa ranking any day of the week.  

Just setting goals does nothing– accomplishing goals is what is important. Not just setting, but accomplishing them.   Setting goals won’t change your life.  Accomplishing goals, and becoming a skilled and accomplished goal setter can change your life.  So are you just setting goals, or are you actually accomplishing them?

So check yourself right now. If you set any goals this year; lets stop right now and check up on our progress.  Any real goal setter who knows what they are doing actually follows their progress on a daily basis and can tell you whether or not they are on track to reaching your goal.

If you just recently set a goal this year, and haven’t checked on it yet…. It’s already been 26 days, and it means your probably not good at setting goals and achieving them if you fail to check your progress. (that is goal setting without goal commitment) and has little value, if any at all–because it does no good to set a goal and do nothing with it.

So if you set your goals–check to see where you are now, and if your on track, and if your not you better get to work.  New Years has passed, and its now about being accountable to what you said you were going to do. 

Meet Ad Hustler and Ian Fernando – Interviews from Affiliate Summit West 2009

Like last year, we put together some interviews for the 202 community.  This year, we’ve refined our processes slightly and have a much more solid video production run.  Before I just had one camcorder; now we use three camcorders to get 3 different angled views.  Our video guy Aaron Glinski is helping put the videos together, it has been a pleasure working him  this far.  We shot almost ten interviews during this year’s Affiliate Summit West 2009 convention.  The first interview we did was with Ad Hustler and Ian Fernando, which I’ll be showing below.  You’ll notice the new TV202 website, this will be our future video storing house for anything we produce in the future.