In Partnerships. Don’t Make The Plans Yourself, Make Them With Everyone Involved.

If you’ve been in a partnership before, you may have come across this dilemma before.  Over the course of days by yourself, you have come up with a brilliant plan for your business.  You have thought of everything in and out.   You have layed out the perfection execution strategy for reaching the intended objective.   The plan you put together can surely not fail, and you think everyone on your team will just love it.   


And then you goto pitch this plan to your associates, and immediately the do not see eye to eye with you, and are no-where near as passionate about executing the plan as you are.  And this plan that you’ve spent so-hard-and-long on, and got so passionate about, was not being seen in the same-light as your partners.  And this new plan you’ve spent so long and hard on, that you thought would be so highly regarded, isn’t looked upon at all.  It’s like the hours of time you took to write it, seems to have been pointless because it feels like your partners read it just in the course of a few minutes if that. 


Or your on the other side, and your partner brings you this plan he has developed, and thinks so highly of, and you look at it and don’t think its great at all.  And he was so passionate about it, but you don’t really see it.  And so the plan that they worked so hard on is really disregarded. 


So if your someone who has been in partnerships before, I’m sure you’ve come across the above scenarios many times before, and it sounds familiar to you.   We’ve done that many of times in our startups, and after many trials and errors I believe there is a much better way of planning.  And it is simple, but extremely powerful, and will save you lots of time in the future.  Instead of building theses gigantic plans yourself and then trying to pitch them to your partners, instead build the plans with your partners.


When you plan out everything with the people you work with a-couple things will happen.  Not only will the plan most likely be better because you’ve involved more smart minds, if the plan is good everyone on the team has contributed and said together this is a great idea, and everyone will want to execute it.  And along with that, because everyone is involved, and if everyone likes the idea, together, your teams will all be passionate about doing what everyone has just layed out.  And this plan will now have a significantly higher chance of success to being completed, and done faster than it ever would have if you made the plan yourself and then just tried to pitch it to your partners.


Effective partnerships are directly proportional to the amount of effective communication going between the two partners.  And trying to plan something big, by yourself, which is really for everyone, should really involve everyone during the plan.  So its simple, next time when your working with someone else, together, collaborate and build out the plan, and think of ideas, and then together lay out the execution plan.  Now instead of only you spending time to develop a plan that your motivated about, now you will have a plan developed with the team, that everyone will be passionate about executing, because everyone together has agreed that this plan is a good one, and no one has to be sold to get to work, and make things happen.