Some Ideas On Running a booth/table at an Expo Event

Ok, don’t make fun of me now.  This is my first attempt at using some new video equipment, it’ll get better as it progresses.  I’m going to switch from text to video blogging, and see how effective it is.  The studio is modeled after the one over at the Have to give credit, where credit is due.

Max over at asked me to make a short video post for his new startup BlogGears, which you can find here, and which I promised to link-back to.

Ok in this quick video I wanted to share some ideas I had running a table over last week at the Affiliate Summit. Because everything was pretty unorganized this first time around, I forgot 2 things.  Add theses to the list.  It would have been nice to re-do everything and make it nicer, but sometimes we just need to get things out and not try to be perfectionist even if there is some flaws with it.

1) It’d be a good idea to have more than 2 people at the booth/table because it is hard talking to everyone with one person, it just won’t work.

2) If you can get others in the crowd walking around with your t-shirts, this was of course easier for us because we already had users that liked our product at the event, but none-the-less, others could do the same as well.

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  • damn word son the other dudes on the other table was just blah – not doing anything, should have just kicked their table and be like “move fool” lol – but great job with the table and I think I have a little mor biz cards than you – lol – but onlycontact like less than half – great stuff

  • LOL Throw away junk!

  • Haha, cool first video and good tips. Definitely do some more of these. Another followup tip I learned from my mom who is in real estate, is a snail mail followup if possible. So for the people you really want to do business with, send them a hand written thank you note, send it in the mail. This will definitely separate you from the rest as people get busy and emails get buried.

    The shirts were a good idea…just need XL’s…haha!

  • Jason

    They must have been reading the “you’re fired!” message that their boss just sent them on their iPhone…

  • HEhe thanks guys,

    Jason u might be right because they weren’t doing a good job. I’d fire them 🙂

  • Jared

    Hey great vid Wes. Keep ’em coming!

  • Wes,

    Fantastic mate…so how is ” Building a Company to 1Mil sales in a year” going? I am keen to hear how it is all going.

    I been India recently…OUTSOURCING…amazing place.


  • Thanks Jared,

    Hey Norm, if we can increase revenue by 4-5x next year we should do it, 2009- zero to one million will be complete.


  • Wes,

    Great first video! Which camera are you using to record?

    You’re totally right about the first to follow up. You were the first person who wrote to me after the summit, and I still remember that. Great job.


  • Thanks Jonathan,

    Using the JVC GZ-HD7U, I have mixed feelings about it. It works great when it works, but its kind of quriky sometimes, I don’t know if it is because mine is refurbished, but if I had to buy another one, I probably would, but I’d look at other ones. Its a full HD wide screen 1920×1080, but I’m only showing at 650×368, because 1920×1080 is so slow on the internet…

    Appreciate that comment, looking forward to the next event man! I added you on AIM too, will see you next time you hop on!