– Web Analytics 2.0

I have to give a long and overdue shout out to my friends: Sean and Noah over at  Tracking202 was actually inspired to be created based off their service, and revenue model.  We currently use the servers that Sean suggested to use, there is also a bunch of other stuff that Sean and Noah has helped us out with, that I won’t mention here.  They’ve been a big help I should just say!  And I want to say thanks and give them a shout out here, they have a great product for anyone who is in the web-business.  Pretty much all of you!

It was a great product, extremely residual, and it has had steady success, and analytics was then something I was interested from there on.  I thought what a great idea, web-analytics as a product, so we decided to make a PPC-analytics.  Well everyone knows how that story went, the PPC crowd is just a “wee” bit different than the general webmaster crowd, and does not like hosted analytics that track their keywords!  And the PPC crowd is probably 1/100th, if not 1/10000 the size of the general web-master crowd.

The service is acutally called Clicky, but they had to register, because the name was taken.  I still acutally call it GetClicky anyways, but the official name is Clicky! 

About the service, well I’ll keep it straight and to the point.  The best part about Clicky is it allows you to have a real-time view of all the visitors on your site, the SPY view, like the DIGG SPY, lets you see live time page actions happening on your site.  It also allows you to customize your service, and track and follow each user throughout your website.  So instead of a general: “you have 1000 visitors today” you can see, “this user, this user and this user came to the sit, and looked around at theses pages” and see what users are acutally using their software.

You might consider really just checking out their live DEMO, to see it for yourself.  I too wanted to use a live DEMO for tracking202, but um, that wouldn’t of worked because everyone would see all the KEYWORDS going through the software! But their demo works great! check it out, they have a free trial, and an upgradeable preminum account if you exceed 1,000 visitors a day.

My buddy over at Developer Hut, Jon Waraas also uses Clicky! One of his reasons is so google can’t see his stats any more.  (maybe he’s doing something he isn’t suppose to?) Just kidding, Jon like others doesn’t use Google Analytics so Google can’t track you as easily.  So they have a free trial, check it out.  I want to say thanks to Clickyfor everything they’ve helped us with, and they were the inspiration to run what we have going now.

  • Mary Green

    Hey Wes, just followed you over from Jonathan Volk’s site, good info on Clicky. I’ll be watching your blog now. Posts look good.

  • Aly

    I switched from Google analytics to getclicky last month and I would say its AWESOME.

  • Edit that last sentence to say, not =]

  • I tried to access from work today and it was blocked by Fortigate web filters for “Pornography”.

    Hence lies the problem: if filters are blocking GetClicky – then you won’t get accurate analytic s.

    Nobody will dare block Google however – which is why I’m using Google Analytics.

  • Ram

    Hi….nice post on Getclicky… really getclicky rocks… The SPY service with real time stats is awesome…my blog receives an avg of 4000 views per day so…getclicky stopped its free service… btw… i wanna ask u .. whether there is any other free service with SPY service?? pls do reply … to my mail…

  • Hey ram, not that I know of, although the GetClicky is pretty cheap and affordable! if your getting 400 page views a day I’m sure its worth it just to pay the $5/month or $10/month whichever it is now!

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