Elite MasterMind Forum – If Your Serious About Reading and Personal Development

For anyone who is serious about reading and studying success, we have just put together the EliteMasterMindForum. This was a long-overdue idea that I wanted to implement over a year ago, and posted about doing it last week here.    This is an open invitation for anyone who is interested in reading, this is not another business, but more just a way to read great books and discuss them with other people.  Anyone is welcome to join, although most people will join and quit because reading one book a week is extremely difficult, yet extremely rewarding. 

There is a tremendous wealth of knowledge that great people in the past have discovered, and shared with us by writing the ideas into books. The Elite MasterMind Forum’s purpose is explore the books, and re-discover the great ideas of the past to learn them ourselves so we can implement them in our lives and make quantum leaps in our self-development and business life.

Each week we read a life-changing book that can help us in any aspect of our lives we are wishing to improve at the time, topics such as: business success, health, financial success, relationships, sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, communication, networking and anything else we feel necessary. In our forum we discuss the ideas from the book; debate ideas and talk about how some ideas we could apply to our life.

This forum is about discovering the great ideas that leaders from the past have learned; this forum is for like-minded-success-oriented people who are looking to become better, stronger and wiser. The Elite MasterMind Forum is dedicated to studying success, and implementing successful ideas in our lives.