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Bryan Sims is someone whom I highly respect as entrepreneur; not only in his ability to generate a highly profitable company, but more so in the way that he does it, by educating the younger generation how to become financially free through his company Brass Media has asked me to show everyone BrassTV.  I was fortunate enough to know Bryan sims personally, he went to the same college as me, Oregon State University, and like all of the now succesful entrepreneurs I know dropped out of college to build a company.

Bryan has recently joined Ben Casnocha, and Ryan Allis in becoming one of the new top 25 young entrepreneurs by the Entrepreneur Magazine.  I wrote about Bryan Sims awhile ago here.  The reason I like Brass so much because their whole business is essentially empowering the younger generations by teaching entrerpereship, investing and showing examples of young entrepreneurs making their dreams come true.  He has done something that I respect him very highly for in offering free seminars to students, this is something I wanted years ago, and I was happy to see that he is actually doing it.  

BrassTV, which is seen on, is a new division of BrassMedia.  BrassTV will be a TV show that features young entrepreneurs making things happen and educating people on how to become financially independent.  



  • Bryan is an inspirational guy. I remember watching a video where he explained how he got started and I was blown away by it.

    Hmmm maybe there is something in the water at Oregon State University.

  • Crazy! So many young entrepreneurs. Hey Wes, if you have time, or whatever, hit me up sometime. Wanna chat with you via aim/msn. Email me your msn/aim?

  • @Jason, if there was something at OSU we wouldn’t have all dropped out 😀

    @Andrew, email sent

  • Wes, thanks for the post and helping spread the word about brassTV and Really appreciate it.

    @Jason, thanks for the comments about the video!

  • Heh, yeah! hard to believe that you two know each other.

  • Heh, yeah! hard to believe that you two know each other. That darn 6 degrees of separation thing is at it again…