Will be in Seattle, and Portland next 2 weeks

Hey everyone, I will be in seattle from the 2nd of June, to the 8th, and Portland from the 8th to the 15th.  If you live around here and want to meet-up, please give me a message here on my blog.  Looking forward to attending SMX Seattle, Meetup202 Seattle, meeting up with Steven Truong, Noah Merrit and Sean from GetClicky, my old partners at Prolegic Enterprises, and of course my parents.  If your around and want together shoot me a message, would love to meet other serious entrpreneurs and affiliates if your around.

  • Hey! Wicked stuff, saw your into real estate. I owned MySpacesupport, and just sold it. Getting into real estate investing myself! We should talk a bit.

  • Where do you live, are you in california, I saw on your blog andrew?

  • I am in LA, going to be buying some apartment buildings in CO, and hopefully LA soon. Let me know if you want to talk. I am also getting into PPC, been doing internet marketing for awhile, just not PPC. Do you have MSN? Email me your msn name if you do.