WorldProxy202 – proxies from around the world at your fingertips.

I’m pleased to introduce you to WorldProxy202, a proxy designed for International affiliate marketers. WorldProxy202 is an incredibly simple, yet powerful tool which provides international affiliate marketers with the ability to quickly view offers from different countries through the use of our proxy servers located around the globe.  When previously their IP address may have been blocked from viewing international campaigns, they can now easily view them by using WorldProxy202.

If your viewing a site through our US proxy, you can with a click of the mouse change the website to see it as if you were in Canada through the use our of Canadian Proxy site.  When you check it out for yourself you’ll see how easy it is to move around from country to country.  And of course we wanted to make it look good, proxy sites are normally hideously ugly.  But we have created a nice clean user interface, the kind you’ve come to expect from us.  

But wait, there’s more! We also have a downloadable Firefox WorldProxy202 toolbar. Just download the .xpi file, and open it with firefox to install it.  With this bad boy installed, anywhere, anytime you need to view a site from a proxy, simply load up the toolbar, select what country you’d like to view it from, type in your url address and go!  You must have firefox to use our toolbar, and you can download the toolbar here.  Our toolbar gives you access to proxies from around the world at your fingertips.  I hope you enjoy it.

What about my privacy? 

Well like all of the products we have created, there is always a huge concern about privacy. Our proxy sites monitor traffic like any other regular website using traffic analytics software. Although we do not intend to look at anyone’s surfing habits, as we like to keep our users information private, if there is however, any illegal or suspicious activity we will examine the logs to see what is going on. 

What about the toolbar privacy?

The toolbar does not track your browsing usage in any way shape or form.  The toolbar does not send us data every-time you visit a web-page.  We have no knowledge of what your doing on the internet by simply having our toolbar installed.  The toolbar doesn’t even ping out to check for updates currently, when we do add in the update alert feature it we will have it ping the official firefox server for updates so we remain as far away as possible from your browsing activity.

The only function our toolbar provides, is the ability to quickly select your country, type in your url address and load up the appropriate WorldProxy202 domain for you.  But we do not have any knowledge of any of your surfing activity whatsoever besides when your actually on our websites.  

Until next time.

Take a look at WorldProxy202, download our firefox toolbar, because if marketing campaigns on the web, this will come in handy.  Make sure to follow the official Prosper202 company blog to know about new toolbar releases, they won’t be posted on my personal blog most likely.  Well thats about it for now!  I look forward to hearing your comments, thanks everyone.  

  • We should write an AM book lol

  • This is excellent. The toolbar is actually just what I need. Sometimes when I try to view offer landing pages through other proxies, they won’t even load. Thanks for releasing this! 🙂

  • Steve Bowers

    Looks great. This will come in handy.