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This is fun: Tracking202 in the past.

I don’t mean to post the same stuff on my blog, as I post on the prosper202 blog. But when something fun like this comes around I’ll surely post it.  I just posted some screenshots what Tracking202 looked like 8 months ago.  You can see all the work we have invested over the time and see where it has come.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.

“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language”.How To Win Friends and Influence Them by Dale Carnegie

How to win friends and influence them is one of the greatest books of all times, it is probably the greatest piece of literature ever written about mastering the art of communicating with other people. It has sold of 15 million copies globally and it has been on the NY Times Best Seller List for over 10 years. If you have not read this book you are cheating yourself from being enlightened with possible some of the greatest insights on human relationships and communication skills you will ever come across in your entire life. We are going to explore one of the ideas in this book and how we apply it to our business.

One of the principals in the book talks about how powerful it is to use another persons’ name during communication. Don’t you feel a great sense of importance when someone 2 years ago remembers your name personally? It is extremely powerful when someone remembers your name and you will notice it.

You know the people who always say, “I’m bad at remembering names.” What they are really saying is, “I don’t pay enough attention and I don’t put enough effort to try to remember your name.” Start getting good at remembering names; let us not be like the average joe who can’t even remember a name, and even worse, brags about it! The ability to remember names can pay you huge dividends in the future.

Michael Gerber, the author of the E-Myth, another incredible book to have in your library, talks about an experience he has going to the local 24-hour fitness. Take a note at the simple, yet extremely powerful automated system 24-hour fitness has created to achieve a very high level of client fulfillment and membership retention.

“Here’s another example I love. When I check into my exercise club, 24-hour Fitness, I swipe my membership card into a similar system, and each time I do, the person at the counter hands me back my card and says, and this happens every single time, ’Have a good exercise, Michael.’ Have a good exercise, Michael. Can you believe it? Every time that happens, Sarah, I feel seen! They know me, even though they don’t. Just like me, your client wants to feel seen, and using their name is one of simplest ways to satisfy their need.”

an excerpt from Michael Gerber’s E-Myth Mastery, page 311.

What an incredible little system 24-hour has there, swipe your card and they’ll say have a great workout Wes. Incredible? I thought so when I first heard it, driving down to San Francisco in my car during my move listening to my audio books. It just made me say WOW. You know when you say WOW when an athlete, say, an NBA player makes a huge dunk or does something incredible. Well I say WOW when I hear about entrepreneurs implementing incredible systems and processes. I mean when I walk into a McDonalds, I say WOW, seriously. What an incredible attention to detail the entrepreneurs have put in place here to create a multi-million business that a HS student can operate after reading the Operations Manual, or simply the How To Run a McDonalds manual. That is world-class entrepreneurship at work, that excites me! Wow some of the innovations and systems that entrepreneurs have put in place amazes me.

But lets get back on track instead of learning about how Wes says WOW every time he sees cool business systems at work shall we?

When we can see a great simple concept at work, like the one they put together at the 24-hour fitness, we could easily implement this ourselves too. So here is a little trick that I’ve been using for the last couple months when talking to customers through AOL Instant Messenger.

Anytime someone new, whom I’ve never talked to before messages me on AIM, they’ll ask their question and I’ll of course help them out. But while were talking I will always end up asking for their name. Why? So when the next conversation comes around, I check my message history with meebo (which stores my message history so I can go back in the history and lookup their name, and is also web-based, so I can access it from any computer). So with meebo I can look back in my message history and find their name, of course this only works if you asked them for their name in the last conversation which I always do. Then I can respond back to the 2nd time we talk with a completely customized and personalized reply. Now instead of “sure what can I do for you,” it turns into “Sure absolutely what can I do for you John!”

And they will notice that you remember. And they will think to themselves, “they remembered my name? Cool.”

It is even best, and this does happen quite a bit when someone messages and says, “Hey wes, we talked earlier, you might not have remembered me but, I was wondering if I could get help on …..”

My response?

“Hey Joe, of course I remember ya! Sure lets go ahead and fix this issue for you.”

Now that’s what I call exceeding customer expectation! Do this with 1,000 customers, and guess what. You just exceeded 1,000 customer expectations. Can I get a wow, that’s pretty cool?

You can apply this simple concept too now. Just remember the principal that peoples’ names are important to them. And just make sure you catch their name on the first conversation so on the next one you’ll know their name!

So remember names, never let yourself be caught saying, “I’m bad at remembering names.” Those are the lazy people who can’t remember names because they simply don’t understand how important names are and they don’t put any effort into trying to remember names. But you will. So now you can say, “I’m good at remembering names.” How many times do you hear that?

So till next time! We have the bay area meetup202 event on the 31st this month. There were 16 people there last time, and out of 16 brand new faces, I have spent the time to remember each and everyone of them. They were: Matt, Jeff, another Matt, Pete, Claudia, Luba, Jimmy, Christian, Nana, Michael, Giovanna, Silver, Justin, Lana, Alexander and Amy. Oh also, the Café owners are Amy and Andrew.

I hope you received some value from reading this post today. Take charge, and take care. Start the process of becoming a skilled communicator, and the world is yours.

WorldProxy202 – proxies from around the world at your fingertips.

I’m pleased to introduce you to WorldProxy202, a proxy designed for International affiliate marketers. WorldProxy202 is an incredibly simple, yet powerful tool which provides international affiliate marketers with the ability to quickly view offers from different countries through the use of our proxy servers located around the globe.  When previously their IP address may have been blocked from viewing international campaigns, they can now easily view them by using WorldProxy202.

If your viewing a site through our US proxy, you can with a click of the mouse change the website to see it as if you were in Canada through the use our of Canadian Proxy site.  When you check it out for yourself you’ll see how easy it is to move around from country to country.  And of course we wanted to make it look good, proxy sites are normally hideously ugly.  But we have created a nice clean user interface, the kind you’ve come to expect from us.  

But wait, there’s more! We also have a downloadable Firefox WorldProxy202 toolbar. Just download the .xpi file, and open it with firefox to install it.  With this bad boy installed, anywhere, anytime you need to view a site from a proxy, simply load up the toolbar, select what country you’d like to view it from, type in your url address and go!  You must have firefox to use our toolbar, and you can download the toolbar here.  Our toolbar gives you access to proxies from around the world at your fingertips.  I hope you enjoy it.

What about my privacy? 

Well like all of the products we have created, there is always a huge concern about privacy. Our proxy sites monitor traffic like any other regular website using traffic analytics software. Although we do not intend to look at anyone’s surfing habits, as we like to keep our users information private, if there is however, any illegal or suspicious activity we will examine the logs to see what is going on. 

What about the toolbar privacy?

The toolbar does not track your browsing usage in any way shape or form.  The toolbar does not send us data every-time you visit a web-page.  We have no knowledge of what your doing on the internet by simply having our toolbar installed.  The toolbar doesn’t even ping out to check for updates currently, when we do add in the update alert feature it we will have it ping the official firefox server for updates so we remain as far away as possible from your browsing activity.

The only function our toolbar provides, is the ability to quickly select your country, type in your url address and load up the appropriate WorldProxy202 domain for you.  But we do not have any knowledge of any of your surfing activity whatsoever besides when your actually on our websites.  

Until next time.

Take a look at WorldProxy202, download our firefox toolbar, because if marketing campaigns on the web, this will come in handy.  Make sure to follow the official Prosper202 company blog to know about new toolbar releases, they won’t be posted on my personal blog most likely.  Well thats about it for now!  I look forward to hearing your comments, thanks everyone.  

Meetup202 Seattle – New Meetup Group

We just launched a new Seattle Affiliate Marketing Meetup group. If you live in the area feel free to meet with us and other affiliate marketers in the Seattle, Washington area.  These are casual meet ups. The goal is to gather a group of like minded individuals together to collaborate, network, and essentially have a fun time.

If your wondering why we have a meetup in Seattle when I don’t live Seattle, it is because, Steven whom I work with on Prosper202 lives there. Steven is active in the affiliate marketing industry and knows his stuff, I wouldn’t be working with him if he didn’t! If the Seattle group can grow at the same rate of as our Bay Area Meetup group did, I will be flying out to Seattle to go to the May Meetup event and SMX Seattle.

What’s taking us so long?

Distractions are the killers of dreams.  

Why is it that there are so many tasks that we want to do, that we could honestly accomplish a lot quicker than we are trying?  If we look back on a lot of our personal accomplishments, there are many examples of ourselves succeeding at big tasks in sometime extremely short periods of time.  Although maybe not all successes happened quickly, but many of the big successes we we have I’m sure many were accomplished in short periods of time. 

If we look around us, it is quite clear that many of us are in pursuit to do something, but for many reasons we aren’t doing it fast enough, or not at all.    There are many things that we, myself included, are trying to do but we sometimes just do them so slow.  Why is this? Why do we move like snails sometimes, when we could be moving like cheetahs? Is there a good reason for not being able to finish what we want to do in half the time? It better be a good one if so.  Or is it that we just are to lazy sometimes, and that we could really accomplish more quicker if we tried?

Being slow to accomplish tasks that we really want to do is the killer of our dreams.    There are many projects that we wanted to do which we could have done already.  Products that we thought of years ago, and only now started working on which could have been done earlier had we just made a consequence effort to get it done faster.   Goals we wanted to hit, but haven’t yet, but we could have if we really looked back upon our efforts and did more to make our goal happen.  People we wanted to meet, but for whatever excuse we haven’t done it yet?  What’s taking us so long sometime? 

What is the answer?  You can only answer that yourself.  You have to be the one who tasks responsibility of your life.  And look into yourself and find the areas that you could improve, which will help you accomplish your dreams faster.  

The reason I’m posting this is to serve as a reminder to us all, myself included, that what we really want to do, we can really make it happen alot quicker than we ever imagined. And that if we focus on a solution to our challenges and do the work that needs to be done quickly, we could living the life of our dreams sooner than we ever imagined.  

I’m running into people all the time who have wanted to do something for a long time, and now are just getting to it.  What took so long?  Why do we move at snail speeds sometimes?  I mean how is it that we entered in the field of software products and there was already several competitors before even begun starting developing our products and we passed them by developing 2 products, then making it self-hosted, while they haven’t done anything else this whole time?  Is it skill?  Are special or something? No not really.  We are just focused on getting more things done in half the time it normally takes most people to get done.   

I mean, I even ask myself sometimes, why do we only have two products, I could have made four by now?  I need to pickup my personal effort too, and make things happen quicker than they are happening now.   Again this post is to serve as a reminder to us all, myself included, that some of the projects we are working on could be completed faster if we figured out how to make it happen quicker.  My boss once said, “it’s not how hard you work, it’s how smart you work.”  

Let us get 200% more work done, in half the time.  Heres my personal push; I’m pushing myself to launch another product before this upcoming Monday, May 12th.  

Is it possible to go from $0, to earn over $100,000 in three months? Yes it is.

Is it possible to take someone earning $100,000 a month to reach $1,000,000 a month within 30 days?  Is it possible, of course it is.  Is it hard, heck yeah it is.  And that is why most people won’t do the  disciplined effort to make it happen. But you will. 

Why is it that I know someone who just went from $50/day to over $3,000/day in affiliate marketing within 30 days?  When 50 other people I’ve seen stay at roughly the same level in the past 30 days? Is it skill? Is it luck?  No not really, the people doing huge things, in short periods of time, have made a consisence decsion to make it happen, and they did just that, they made it happen. And you could do the same thing..

It is possible to dramatically increase our productivity level if we just put our mind to it: plan it out what you intend to do, break down the goals into smaller steps, focus on doing each step, one by one, limit your distractions, gain momentum after completing each task, and accomplish everything you want to in life, quicker than you ever imagined possible.