Say Hello to Prosper202, (Tracking202 and Export202 Self-Hosted), and were giving it all away!

Prosper202 is what everyone has been waiting for.

Prosper202 is a self-hosted PPC tracking solution, it is the same code used on Tracking202.It also comes with Export202 which allows you to duplicate PPC campaigns from network to network.This software is powerful, self-hosted and fast. All you need to do it get started is simply download the files, upload them to a dedicated domain name and run the 5 minute installation script. It’s that simple.

We originally launched T202 with the idea that we would never give away the software as a self-hosted application. But we received lots of feedback from users requesting we make a self-hosted version. So you know what, we listened, and now we are going to give the users what they wanted. Self-hosted software. I like to call this, success through customer feedback.

So how much is Prosper202? We are giving it all away for free.We have decided to make Prosper202 free for the same reason we made Tracking202 free. We are excited for the opportunity to help thousands of affiliates earn more money and make an impact on someones future. What gets me most excited is when we receive emails from users telling us how much our software has helped them make more money. It is a great feeling knowing that you have been able to help someone out, the best feeling.

PPC Affiliate Marketing will never be the same!

Check out the Prosper202 website, download your application and start installing it on your server! Join our newsletter so you can receive email alerts when we release new updates. Discuss with other Prosper202 users on our affiliate marketing forum. If you like RSS follow our new official Prosper202 company blog to stay up to date with what we are doing. And finally if your in the Bay Area, come to our Meetup202 affiliate marketing event to meet other local affiliate marketers.

I want to say thank you to Scott Weaver over at Affiliate Toolbox who helped refine some queries to make Propser202 compatible with MySQL 4. I want to also thank all of our users who have provided feedback on our applications and ultimately helped us get to where we are now. And thank you, for your interest in our services. I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to work with you, I look forward to making our relationship a profitable one. Thank You.

  • Right on time. Good man

  • Wes – At least put a ‘donate now’ link on your site. This is awesome for affiliates — in fact, you could have definitely charged for it. But at least let them donate to it — obviously a lot of work went into production of it — and you’ll be making some affiliates some extra bread.

  • Haha.. Propser.

    “Let me put my props in you.”

    Glad to help, man. Thanks for mentioning me honorably.

    Anyway, congratulations and keep up the work of champions.

  • Ah man I keep misspelling it so many times lol. Thanks Steven, put it in the main page!

  • ykw

    Hey! Its great to hear you listened to your customers, all of a sudden i am much more interested in your product. Will test it this weekend. Thanks!

  • Tim

    Great job Wes! I am glad you released it! Also, you’ve written some awesome blog posts recently! The San Francisco story is amazing..

  • Wes,

    I’m so proud. I deZended it and am looking at the code and will third party validate your not stealing keywords. everyone will love you, the hero!

  • Thanks everyone!

    @deStone, thanks sure man any 3rd party validation would be great, there is nothing in there that outputs keywords and if you’ve de-zended it already you’ll find out for yourself quickly. thanks buddy!

  • glad you announced it so soon and i’m shocked it’s free. i’m definitely going to check it out asap. thanks wes!

  • Thanks Danielle much appreciated! Thanks for the help! I owe you one!

  • Dan B

    Glad to hear you’re listening to your userbase. It’s the best thing anyone can do and unfortunately a lot of people don’t.

  • Bryan

    Im curious on what your plans are to monetize it tho. The mentality behind the service is similiar to wesmahler_wordpress. Are you going to push a similar model to get revenue out of this product? IE; Ads. I haven’t checked out the site but is there or is there going to be a widget so aff can brag about their revenue. Obviously blurring out the kw’s and stuff?

  • Jun

    Everyone asks that Bryan but what does it matter. It’s free.

  • Thanks guys,

    Hey Bryan to be honest your right. The closet model is exactly to wesmahler_wordpress right now, there isn’t any revenue model in place currently were just building up the software and user base and see where it takes us, I’m sure we’ll have something solid in the future for generating a significant revenue. Because were fortunate enough to already have living income we are able to keep building this thing even if it doesn’t give us any immediate cash-flow, so we are able to keep building it even if it isn’t supporting us financially yet

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