Hiring A Hacker

Everyone needs a hacker!

We just we just started working with someone who tests the cyber-security state of a financial institution for a living. I was fortunate enough to meet them at ad:tech. (again another reason why going to the events is priceless)

I won’t disclose their name because I assume they want to remain anonymous. They are testing the security of our self hosted applications to make sure everything is secure before releasing it to you! So far everything has been secure on our applications and the code I’ve wrote, which is awesome.

How much does a hacker cost if your curious? Well I’m sure prices vary, but if your curious, our guys are about $150/hour and they’ll test whatever you need tested. It’s a great feeling to know already that most of it is secure already and no loop holes have been found yet. In 2006 I was concerned about security and began studying it, so security has always been a huge concern for me as a developer. And it should be for you too if you want to develop something big that lots of people use.

Thanks for everyones’ interest in beta testing our self-hosted applications which will be released this week. We will be shipping you a secure application that you can feel safe using. So stay tunned.

And for any programmers out there, before you release your product into the wild I’d recommend having a penetration tester run through all of your code to make sure it is secure too. Most people don’t think about security, but you will.