Learning How To Fly

I’ve always wanted to fly a plane, and see the world from up above in the driver’s seat. Fortunately I work with Rob Norton who already have experience flying and he has helped me put flying on the agenda this year. Next month I’m going to begin flying classes, surprisingly, flying really isn’t as expensive as I thought it originally was. Looks like the first class is $159 for a 2 hour lesson, I will be there. If your in the bay area, come along!


This will be the beginning of my flight carrier. Although I haven’t decided exactly yet on a specific goal to own a plane of my own, by the end of 2009 it would not be unreasonable to assume I’ll own a plane of my own. It looks like it costs around $5,000 to get your pilots license, after 40+ hours of flying time.

Best of all you can still fly around without owning a plane at first, there are clubs you can join for a one time fee, and then use the club’s planes by paying for every hour your in the air. It doesn’t look that expensive, now that I have some passive income from affiliate marketing I will definitely be in the sky.

Just looking at that picture of freedom in the air makes me happy 🙂

Follow your bliss, it’s such a great feeling to know you can do

whatever it is you want to do, whenever you want to do it

because you’ve earned it and helped others do the same.

Lets go Flying! I’ll cya in the air my friends!

  • Dan

    Dang man, now you are making me think of taking flying lessons. My good friend has been going after his pilots license too. I guess I might have to give it a go down the road!

    How about that? You have complete FREEDOM in the air, while I’m STUCK in traffic in a Lamborghini. Great…