Meetup202 – Taking Off

Meetup202 is gaining ground, we have over 30 members now and growing. There is already a lot of people who are confirming that they will attend the event. We will be having our first event on April 26th, 2008 in downtown San Francisco. Also thanks to Jonathan Volk, a highly successful PPC affiliate marketer for also promoting the event. Jonathan Volk will also be at the event, he earns over $70,000 a month via affiliate marketing. We will have many people generating lots of revenue at our events.

Being in Silicon Valley is already paying dividends, there is a lot of networking here, and networking is extremely important. Your networth increases as your network increases.

Another great meetup down here is SF BETA, this is a group of over 2,000 web 2.0 entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley area who meet each month at a bar downtown San Francisco. I will be attending next month, I was unable to go previously because I was not 21 at the time.

  • Meetup202 – Bay Area Affiliate Marketing Meetup
  • SF BETA – Web 2.0 Internet Entrepreneur Meetups

Heres 2 other meetups I goto on developing applications:

Is there a meetup in your area that you could attend? No? You might consider starting one then!

  • Dang! Too bad this isn’t anywhere close to me! I would attend in a second. I’ve gotten busy here lately and haven’t had time to work on affiliate marketing. I need to get back with it.

  • Wish we could have ya too, but opportunity to potentially start a group in your area 🙂