Busy Bee


Haven’t posted in a little while, just been pursuing goals and deadlines.

And of course, making progress. Lots of action, and little talk.

I hope your making progress as well, because thats what is important.

“As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do” – Andrew Carnegie

It’s the end of march. What did you accomplish in the last 30 days?

Did your income grow in the last 30 days?

If it didn’t, what are you doing?

Is this the way you want to live?



Congratulations to everyone who is making it happen,

Keep up the good work.


Make Progress. What are you waiting for?

  • Awesome Wes, it is good to see you moving forward in your ventures. I have been working hard in a start up business, taking a lead role in developing an international payment system. As Robert Kiyosaki would say use other people’s money…so I am. May not be working on own ventures right now, but I am building skills in PMM, Sales and Business. Getting paid to learn awesome and to travel.

    Jim Rohn … if you make yourself more valuable…of course…if you more valuable you get more money.

    As always you see what is happening with my Money Making Experiments in my blog =)


  • Hey Wes –
    If you want to pass yourself as a Million Dollar a year entreprenuer, at least pay the $1.50 for the iStockphoto image 😉

  • Laura C.

    Wes-It’s your NC cousin, Laura, who found you online!! We need to chat as I am also in the online/interactive marketing space and would really like to understand/hear about what you’re up to…Send me an email at lcunningham (at) boldinteractive.com and we’ll chat!!! Laura

  • @norm: thanks norm as always! Keep up the great work, sounds like your implementing great ideas!

    @nick: Lol nick, maybe were just bootstrapping and conserving cash! no JK LOL 🙂

    @laura: Hey Laura! will do!