Meetup202: Calling All Bay Area PPC Marketers

Do you live in San Francisco, or around the Bay Area? Join our group

We are putting together a Bay Area meetup group for Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketers, although if you do SEO, or email marketing your welcome to join us too. We will be putting together the first event next month, April, after Ad:Tech. The date has not been determined yet, but we have just posted our meetup group to prepare for April.

Get together with other super affiliates from the Bay Area, we will meetup in and around the Bay Area, at spots that have food, drink and most importantly, internet access! Network, Associate and Meetup with other bay area affiliates.
To join meetup202, visit our page at:

We look forward to networking with other PPC Affiliates in the bay area, definitely join the meetup if you are anywhere close to the bay area! Only so much information can be learned from blogs, the best tips are generally when you are talking to someone personally. Lets meetup!

Wes Mahler,
San Francisco

AIM: T202wes

  • Pete

    Hey Wes,

    I saw your meetup info on Jony Volk’s blog. I am an affiliate marketer who lives in SF. I am looking forward to your meetup.



  • Thanks Pete, look forward to it! Should be a blast!

  • Should have some sort of online meetup with webcams and mics :0 or am i crazy haha

  • damn, sounds great. I need to find a meet up group in Texas :\

  • Jared start one, there cheap.

    Lol Justin! should we bring with us? lol