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Tracking202 is giving away a free Nintendo Wii! This post is copied from is a Tracking202 Contest, not a contest, but of course I support the Tracking202 Contest.To win a free wii follow the contest rules below, to see if you can get this popular gaming station for free!

Hello everyone! As many of you know, we’ve had some crazy traffic growth lately thanks to all the big reviews we’ve received by some big names in the industry and as you can see from our daily growth on alexa, it’s getting better and better! Barely a month old and we’re already breaking the alexa 56k three month average. Quite an impressive achievement if we must say so ourselves. Our user growth has been tremendous as well and we definitely want to keep the momentum going.


As great as the traffic and buzz has been, and how much better it will get, we’d like to take it one step further. So naturally we’re doing what most people have done to drive more buzz, a blog contest! The prize? A brand new Nintendo Wii! As many of you know, this is a pretty hot item on the market and in most places, is still SOLD OUT today ever since it was released! Amazingly most stores get new stock in each week and this thing is flying off the shelf like hot cakes. We’ll include the gift receipt shown below incase you already have one and would prefer to exchange it for something else (assuming they’re okay it’s over 30 days; it’s a hot item anyway meaning easy to resell). Do whatever floats your boat. Now that you know what you’re getting, here’s how you can participate.


1. All you have to do is write a short blog post about this blog contest describing as best as you can the rules and requirements and the prize giveaway. The review must be a minimum of 250 words which isn’t hard if you include these rules. You must link to our homepage using the anchor text Free PPC Affiliate Tracking Tool, our blog using the anchor text Affiliate Marketing Blog, our blog contest using the anchor text Free Nintendo Wii, and our forum using the anchor text Affiliate Marketing Forum as shown here. Be creative on what you have to say. Do this and you’ll automatically get 5 entries to the prize drawing. Once you’ve completed the above, leave a comment on this blog entry with a URL to your post so we can verify your entry (this is important otherwise you will not get credit for the drawing; do not email us or send us the link on AIM).

2. Your blog must be at least 90 days old and have a minimum of 30 blog posts at the time of this contest. If you do not meet this requirement, we’re sorry, you can not participate. The main reason for this rule is because we want to weed out people making extra blogs just to get extra entries and we feel it’s only fair to link to those who have been active with their blogs. If you fall under this category but feel you should be qualified to enter, shoot me an email at [email protected] or contact me on AIM at T202Steven and I will review over it with you. We will be checking whois to verify domain age as well.


1. The contest is only valid if we get 100 or more linkbacks aka participants.

2. Contest will end at Midnight PST on April 15th, 2008 (Tax Day). Winner will be announced within a week. IF for any reason we do not reach our goal of 100+ participants due to the short contest date, we may extend this to give more people a chance to enter but we may not so don’t count on this.

3. You must complete the requirement for the Bonus entries to count (more on bonus entries below).

4. Contest is open to everyone WorldWide so we’ll ship anywhere. However if there is a duty fee or tax fee for your country if you live outside of the US, you’re on your own. We will ship it as a gift in situations such as this and help alleviate any fees you might have to pay as much as possible.


You can earn bonus entries to increase your chance of winning. Here are some ways you can get additional entries:

1. If you were one of the people who signed up for Tracking202 early on prior to this contest and have been “ACTIVE”, you automatically get a bonus entry in our appreciation for being a user. This is merely a way for us to thank those who put faith in our services. (Keep in mind all bonus entries are only valid if you follow the requirements above; please contact me if you’ve entered with your blog so I can verify your username and bonus entry).

2. If you subscribe to our newsletter, blog RSS, or Stumble, Reddit, and Digg our site, we will add 2 additional entry for each of those earning you potentially 10 bonus entries. Just send us a screenshot proving your RSS subscription (feed and/or email), Stumble, Reddit, and Digg (and email us your user name for each) and the email used for verification of newsletter subscription, and you’ll get your additional entries. If you are already subscribed, we’ll count those entries too (If you unsubscribe, the entry goes away; please send all screenshot, emails, etc to [email protected] ).

3. Leave a comment! Please note leaving your post URL and following the above contest rules do not apply. By leaving an actual blog comment, we will include 1 extra free entry to the drawing as a bonus. Multiple comments will not earn you multiple extra entries.


As another added bonus, the person that drives us the most traffic (base on our analytics stats), will get a free Tracking202 T-Shirt separately!

So start posting and enjoy! Please also look forward to future contests and freebie giveaways.

PS If you want to help support Tracking202, feel free to contact me at [email protected] on how you can Donate or Advertise with us. Thanks.


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