Paul Bourque – UberAffiliate – Interview at Affiliate Summit West 2008

Paul Bourque is a quote unquote “super affiliate”, he is recognized for his affiliate marketing blog UberAffiliate is now a well known name in the affiliate marketing industry, he has already attracted over 1,000 readers in a relatively short time. Paul likes to blog about how his affiliate marketing efforts are going, he gives tips and tricks to his readers all the time. Some of the most recognized posts Paul Bourque are his posts of his earnings, and some of his guest blogs on other large blogs like

I read on a daily basis because it is important for me to be actively following the industry we are in. I highly recommend anyone to read his blog that does affiliate marketing. I had a chance to interview Paul at the Affiliate Summit West 2008 in Las Vegas, NV at the Rio Casino hotel. Below is the interview, this interview was also broadcasted on the Tracking202 blog, and the Blog. This is one of the eight interviews we put together at the Affiliate Summit West, be sure to check in later to see the rest of them, one interview a day, back to back on the Tracking202 Blog, and the WesMahler.  There is a little bit of audio interface in the video, but most of it is great. check it out.

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