Doug Davis With CPAEmpire – Interview

This is a video interview with Doug Davis from CPAEmpire. Doug has been with CPAEmpire for awhile now and was my very first affiliate manager. He has helped me out alot, and I had a chance to interview him at the Affiliate Summit West 2008 in Las Vegas, NV at the Rio Casino Hotel.

Apologize in advance for some of the static interference, if you want to get started with CPAEmpire just goto our resources page, and click the link for CPAEmpire. Make sure to request to be with Doug Davis, he is an awesome affiliate manager and one of the best I’ve worked with so far during my affiliate career.

CPAEmpire check them out.

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  • Dhruv

    Hey Wes,
    There is some problem in file format of all videos. It says downloaded file is not a divx file. Please fix it. Want to see all interviews taken by you.