How To Always Know What Your Competitors Are Doing With Almost No Work

War can be a good analogy when you think about battling with your competition.    Competition is fierce, some people will get injured and hurt, others will prevail and dominate the competition. In war there are thousands of factors that will ultimately be the reason that one country will win versus another, in competition there are many factors that will be the determining factor on whether one company ultimately succeeds or looses.

One of the huge factors of succeeding or dying in combat is your ability to harvest strategic military intelligence on your enemy. When you have espionage in place you can watch your enemies form their armies, you can see where their moving, and then you can strike accordingly because you have vast knowledge on what exactly it is your enemy is planning.  You can counter them instantly and take an extremely leveraged position on the playing field and dominate.  You want to dominate the playing field by number one, understanding the battlegrounds, and number two, knowing exactly what it is your enemy is planning on attacking, and number three keeping your army hidden.

Know your competition, watch your competition, study your competition, and dominate your competition.

You know, we weren’t the only one to have the idea of making a PPC Affiliate Tracking system to be marketed online.  There are a lot of people who have made some, and actually quite a few people who were planning on creating one.  I have studied the competition, I have keep tabs on the competition, I know what they are working on, and I know where they are going.  Not only was I aware of existing products in the market place, I was aware at some of the new people who declared they were entering the industry, and take note of this, I was also even aware of some of the products/services my competition was planning on releasing that has never even had any information released about it into the public domain.

Because I was aware at some of the other competitors entering the marketplace, I acted accordingly, and I’d assume I even killed off one of them who was going to enter the market (there are many but one in particularly I think has been hurt extremely bad) and this because they leaked to much information about their army and I did my homework on them, and so when we launched I made it a point to make it extremely difficult for them to enter the marketplace now.  They will have a tough time gaining much ground and by the time if they d choose to enter the marketplace, we will have already moved onto bigger and better things.  

We have a better product than the competition, at a price that is cheaper than the competition, that comes with better customer service than the competition and is marketed better than the competition. And we know this because we have studied our competition, and continually monitor our competition, so we can beat the competition.  

Although this article could now become very lengthy in the art of gathering military intelligence, I really just wanted to share with you one simple trick to you can use to easily track your competitors’ progress.  This is not the only thing you should to do keep watch of your competition, but I have found it extremely useful, and now I always know exactly when my competition states anything in the internet about what they are going to do next.  I know immediately of new information so I can take swift action accordingly.  Here is the key words to remember , I have an automated systematic way of easily knowing what my competitors are doing. 

I found this simple, but quite powerful concept when I was writing about Ryan Allis.  Every time I seemed to post something with the words Ryan Allis on my blog, Ryan Allis would appear and comment on the blog post.  Ryan Allis is not subscribed to my RSS that I’m aware of, and I noticed when he came into my website he would always come out of a his email inbox’s, I’d see this in the visitor referrer.  

Ryan is a world-class entrepreneur who has a highly scalable company that does over ten million dollars a year in sales, I watch what he does and do my best to do what is working for him.  And simply all is had done is setup the Google’s Alert tool to notify him anytime someone says anything about his name.   To use Google Alert you simply type in a few keywords, and then you’ll get an email every time something new in the Internet appears with the keywords you have typed in.  Basically you can get email notifications every time someone says something about anything, so you can keep tab on anything you want.

So for him, he keeps track of his personal brand, his image, by monitoring every time his name appears on the Internet so he can check it out.  And I assume Ryan will be reading this one too, hello Ryan.  Because Ryan is alerted and is always aware what is being said about him, and his company.

So what I have done is I of course also have alerts now on my name, so if someone blogs about me, or Tracking202 I instantly know what people are saying, and this is great because it literally gives you an alert any time someone mentions your name, or your company name on the internet. 

So I assume you have guessed it already now, but the easy way to track the competition is to simply setup a few Google Alerts, for your competition.  You’re competitors’ company names, and the competitors’ executives’ names you can use as keywords in google alert, that way you can keep tab on their company, product and or the actual people running it.  You’ll always be notifed what they are up to next, this is extremely helpful when you are like us, and you have alot of competitiors to keep an eye out on.

So you might consider setting up email alerts for your name, your company name, and your competitors’ businesses, and your competitors’ executives’ names as keywords with Google alert tool.   Know what the competition is doing.  And using this trick gives you an easy way to automate the process of gathering military intelligence on your competition.

Google Alerts can be found here:

PS: Just for those who weren’t aware, this blog is not about Affiliate Marketing and this blog is not how to make little money online.   If you want to learn about PPC Affiliate Marketing, read our Tracking202 Blog, there we had some great articles and videos on how to make money with affiliate marketing.  But if you want to learn about building a company that does over one million dollars a year in sales, this blog will shed some light on that for you.   

We talk about here building wealth at the top 5% level, big business entrepreneurship. 

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Instead of blogging for small time money, we focus on building the WordPress, or MyBlogLog, or BlogRush, or Technorati, or Feedburner’s of the industry.  Serious products, that are highly scalable that have a serious opportunity to be acquired for millions and millions of dollars.  That is how we build wealth here.  We are about building the next WordPresses of the industry.  We Mean Serious Entrepreneurship. And I hope to see you build some unique products you can market to the marketplace soon too.


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    I too use Google alerts, and they are extremely helpful when monitoring specific niches in the Affiliate Marketing scene.


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