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Affiliate Summit West and The Datacenter

If you were not here to attend the Affiliate Summit West, you must attend next time. This event was incredible, it was awesome getting a chance to meet everyone you talk to online in person, and of course others, it was terrific networking.

Before the Summit

I must have been the only one crazy enough to drive down to the event. I drove 10 hours from San Francisco to Las Vegas and back when everyone else flew in by plane. Unfortunately I even got a speeding ticket on the way back from Las Vegas to San Fran going 86mph on cruise control in the 70mph zones. Luckily the copy was friendly and only cited me for going 80mph in the 70mph zone. Next time I’m flying.

But my Affiliate Summit West weekend actually started 3 days before the event. Robert Norton, our Vice President of Technology, our system administrator, a damn fine business partner, flew out from Phoneix to San Francisco so we could setup our datacenter. He stayed over at my place during the trip and we went to work in our new datacenter.

As of right now I have invested a lot of my working capital in the server equipment that will run the Tracking202 platform. The current investment is approximately $10,000 worth of server equipment, not including any hosting costs.

Rob flew out, and we drove to our new datacenter located in San Jose, the capital of Silicon Valley. It is a high-tech facility 24-hour surveillance, lots of coolers, backup power generators, security cameras, big heavy doors with security keycard access panels, and of course, lots of server racks. Rob is the master in disguise; he knows a ton about system administration, more than I ever thought. Here is a picture of our rack before anything was installed, and then here are some pictures of the server equipment as we went ahead and installed everything.

Pictures of Rob and I

There is more than just “servers” here; we have several other units that do other things, which actually manage the servers, units that make things easier to work on and units that we can remotely control the units easier.

After we had 2 exhausting days of working on the servers all day, we drove down to Las Vegas NV, in the Honda S2000. There wasn’t much room in the S2000 and whoever was in the passenger seat had to also hold some of our luggage on their lap because the trunk could not hold everything.

Rob drove most of the way to Las Vegas, and the when we got there we stayed over at the Boulder Casino, we would later move over to staying at the Excalibur instead because it was on the strip. On the first night we met up with Steven Truong, Tom Luong, and Souriya from Portland. We would then get together with Larby and Harrison. Larby is our Vice President of Sales, and he was also doing a great job networking with other people while we weren’t with him. He lined up a meeting with the AffSpy group the following day for us.

Day 1 – Table Meet Day – CXDigital Party

The objective of the first day was to meet the AffSpy group who is developing a product that was going to actually compete against ours. When we headed down to the Affiliate Summit we were on route to launch a new product, Offers202. Offers202 was supposed to be a site that aggregated all of the campaigns that every network promoted, so at one location you could see all the offers from all the networks, and see difference payouts that each had.

We knew about AffSpy before the event so we were originally planning on competition with them. Although the guys over at AffSpy were smart, and they approached Tracking202 and asked to see if we could work together and then long story short we are now working together in a mutually benefical way instead of competing against eachother. The AffSpy team is an extremely sharp and talented team, they know what they are doing and I look forward to working with them more.

Once we established at the first day, that we would partner with the AffSpy team, we changed our goals for the weekend, which was originally partnering up with all of the affiliate networks on Offers202. Because we figured out we would work with AffSpy now we switched our objective to seeing how many interviews we could put together. Rob and I drove all around prior to the event and picked up over fifteen hundred dollars in video equipment so we could record some High Definition interviews with super affiliates, and people in the industry. We managed to gather 8 interviews by the end of the weekend, a great turnout in my opinion.

Later on the first day I would later meet up with the following people, Jared Atchison, Dexter (ddventures), Ian Fernando, Stephen Gill, Gaby, Arymen, Doug Davis of CPAEmpire, Mike Semira with CXDigital, Adam with Max Bounty. We were with Ian Fernando alot during the Summit, he was a blast to work with.

Dexter (ddventures) and I

John Chow and I

More networking would happen later at the night! I’m very grateful to Mike at CXDigital for inviting me to the CXDigital party, they had rented out the MTV Real World Suite at the Palms, there was about 60 people everyone was extremely successful. Everyone there was successful by most standards, and it was extremely good networking with powerful people in the industry. We had a lot of fun, there was an open bar and everyone had a lot of fun. I don’t normally drink but I had a few there and we had a blast, for this I said I owe Mike at CXDigital a Super Affiliate!

Bobby from, George Spanoudakis, Nicolas Kokkalis, Alan Rafaeli and Adam of RockSolidColo, Kenneth Chen, Konrad, Brendan, Hagai, Matthew (socialmedia), George, Nicholas, Kevin, Justin, Raz, Kenneth, Johnathon Van Clute, Kyle and Richard Tarjeft. Pictures below:

Gaby (AffSpy CTO – Developer) And I

Mike (CXDigital) And I

Arymen, Larby, Gaby, Me and Stephen Gill (Tracking202 and AffSpy)

Debrani (CXDigital) And I

Because all of the Tracking202 team was asleep when the party was over, I couldn’t get back in the hotel room, so I stayed over at Dexter’s place, a tracking202 user, and a friend from the bay area.

Day 2 – Booth Day – TAO Party

On day two the booths were opened up, there was a little bit of networking but not much happened on the 2nd day of the affiliate summit. The goal of this day was to simply set up interviews for the same day, and the day after. At the end of the day we had an interview with Ian Fernando, Jonathon Van Clute, and John Chow. And setup some more interviews for the following day.

At the end of the night we went over the to Tao Party at the Venetian, we got their late, it was extremely loud and only half of the team got in. I ended up staying so I could network with a few other individuals, although I can’t say I met a ton more people. I mainly got to meet with some of the S. California affiliate marketers, with Mr. Gary Lee, Ms Danielle, Jonathon, to name a few.

Day 3 – Going Solo

On day 3 all of the Tracking202 left for home by plane, except for me. I stayed behind and did what I needed to do, get more interviews done. I would end up at the end locking in 5 additional interviews with key people. Although I was alone though in terms of Tracking202, Dexter was there to help me out, and I owe much to him for helping me put together the rest of the interviews.

On the last day I went to the event and did the interview with Mike Semira at CXDigital, then we had an interview with Paul Bourque with, Doug Davis at CPAEmpire, then Adam at MaxBounty.

After that was all done we went to the last event at Affiliate Summit West, the road rally, here they would give away prizes, and there was a toy car race, the winner would win a booth at Affiliate Summit East. The AffSpy team won.

At the end of this event we had the last but not least, final interview with the AffSpy Team. After the event it was about 4pm and I begun my drive back to San Francisco in the same day. I would get a speeding ticket in the way back, fall asleep at a rest three different times, and then continue the drive back. Trying to sleep in a Honda s2000 isn’t fun.

Affiliate Summit West 2008 was awesome; I plan on attending all of them from here on out. I will also be going to Ad Tech in San Francisco, of course in April! Unfortunately I don’t know how it happened but I missed seeing NickyCakes there, Jon Waraas and GrayHat!

Some of the interviews we gathered are mentioned below, and they will be posted on here next, back to back when they are ready this week.

  • Wes Mahler – Interview with Doug Davis at CPAEmpire
  • Wes Mahler – Interview with Adam Dureferise at MaxBounty
  • Wes Mahler – Interview with Mike Semari at CXDigital
  • Wes Mahler – Interview with Ian Fernando
  • Larby Amouriche – Interview with Johnathon Van Clute with LPGen
  • Wes Mahler – Interview with AffSpy
  • Wes Mahler – Interview with UberAffiliate
  • Steven Truong – Interview with John Chow

How To Always Know What Your Competitors Are Doing With Almost No Work

War can be a good analogy when you think about battling with your competition.    Competition is fierce, some people will get injured and hurt, others will prevail and dominate the competition. In war there are thousands of factors that will ultimately be the reason that one country will win versus another, in competition there are many factors that will be the determining factor on whether one company ultimately succeeds or looses.

One of the huge factors of succeeding or dying in combat is your ability to harvest strategic military intelligence on your enemy. When you have espionage in place you can watch your enemies form their armies, you can see where their moving, and then you can strike accordingly because you have vast knowledge on what exactly it is your enemy is planning.  You can counter them instantly and take an extremely leveraged position on the playing field and dominate.  You want to dominate the playing field by number one, understanding the battlegrounds, and number two, knowing exactly what it is your enemy is planning on attacking, and number three keeping your army hidden.

Know your competition, watch your competition, study your competition, and dominate your competition.

You know, we weren’t the only one to have the idea of making a PPC Affiliate Tracking system to be marketed online.  There are a lot of people who have made some, and actually quite a few people who were planning on creating one.  I have studied the competition, I have keep tabs on the competition, I know what they are working on, and I know where they are going.  Not only was I aware of existing products in the market place, I was aware at some of the new people who declared they were entering the industry, and take note of this, I was also even aware of some of the products/services my competition was planning on releasing that has never even had any information released about it into the public domain.

Because I was aware at some of the other competitors entering the marketplace, I acted accordingly, and I’d assume I even killed off one of them who was going to enter the market (there are many but one in particularly I think has been hurt extremely bad) and this because they leaked to much information about their army and I did my homework on them, and so when we launched I made it a point to make it extremely difficult for them to enter the marketplace now.  They will have a tough time gaining much ground and by the time if they d choose to enter the marketplace, we will have already moved onto bigger and better things.  

We have a better product than the competition, at a price that is cheaper than the competition, that comes with better customer service than the competition and is marketed better than the competition. And we know this because we have studied our competition, and continually monitor our competition, so we can beat the competition.  

Although this article could now become very lengthy in the art of gathering military intelligence, I really just wanted to share with you one simple trick to you can use to easily track your competitors’ progress.  This is not the only thing you should to do keep watch of your competition, but I have found it extremely useful, and now I always know exactly when my competition states anything in the internet about what they are going to do next.  I know immediately of new information so I can take swift action accordingly.  Here is the key words to remember , I have an automated systematic way of easily knowing what my competitors are doing. 

I found this simple, but quite powerful concept when I was writing about Ryan Allis.  Every time I seemed to post something with the words Ryan Allis on my blog, Ryan Allis would appear and comment on the blog post.  Ryan Allis is not subscribed to my RSS that I’m aware of, and I noticed when he came into my website he would always come out of a his email inbox’s, I’d see this in the visitor referrer.  

Ryan is a world-class entrepreneur who has a highly scalable company that does over ten million dollars a year in sales, I watch what he does and do my best to do what is working for him.  And simply all is had done is setup the Google’s Alert tool to notify him anytime someone says anything about his name.   To use Google Alert you simply type in a few keywords, and then you’ll get an email every time something new in the Internet appears with the keywords you have typed in.  Basically you can get email notifications every time someone says something about anything, so you can keep tab on anything you want.

So for him, he keeps track of his personal brand, his image, by monitoring every time his name appears on the Internet so he can check it out.  And I assume Ryan will be reading this one too, hello Ryan.  Because Ryan is alerted and is always aware what is being said about him, and his company.

So what I have done is I of course also have alerts now on my name, so if someone blogs about me, or Tracking202 I instantly know what people are saying, and this is great because it literally gives you an alert any time someone mentions your name, or your company name on the internet. 

So I assume you have guessed it already now, but the easy way to track the competition is to simply setup a few Google Alerts, for your competition.  You’re competitors’ company names, and the competitors’ executives’ names you can use as keywords in google alert, that way you can keep tab on their company, product and or the actual people running it.  You’ll always be notifed what they are up to next, this is extremely helpful when you are like us, and you have alot of competitiors to keep an eye out on.

So you might consider setting up email alerts for your name, your company name, and your competitors’ businesses, and your competitors’ executives’ names as keywords with Google alert tool.   Know what the competition is doing.  And using this trick gives you an easy way to automate the process of gathering military intelligence on your competition.

Google Alerts can be found here:

PS: Just for those who weren’t aware, this blog is not about Affiliate Marketing and this blog is not how to make little money online.   If you want to learn about PPC Affiliate Marketing, read our Tracking202 Blog, there we had some great articles and videos on how to make money with affiliate marketing.  But if you want to learn about building a company that does over one million dollars a year in sales, this blog will shed some light on that for you.   

We talk about here building wealth at the top 5% level, big business entrepreneurship. 

Here you will not find out how to make “money with your blog”, no.  Here you will learn how to build an application that thousands of make money blogs could use, like MyBlogLog, that empowers bloggers and then is acquired for multi-million dollars.   The money is not in the blogs, the money is in the applications that bloggers use.  

Instead of blogging for small time money, we focus on building the WordPress, or MyBlogLog, or BlogRush, or Technorati, or Feedburner’s of the industry.  Serious products, that are highly scalable that have a serious opportunity to be acquired for millions and millions of dollars.  That is how we build wealth here.  We are about building the next WordPresses of the industry.  We Mean Serious Entrepreneurship. And I hope to see you build some unique products you can market to the marketplace soon too.


The Best Way To Do Your Accounting Is To Not Do Your Accounting.

AccountingAnyone who has been into entrepreneurship for more than a year or two knows that personally keeping track of your finances can be quite a hassle. I have tried it many times, with several different methods, from doing nothing, to using Excel, to eventually using QuickBooks Pro. Although at the end of the year I have not been up to date, and everything I did was totally a lost cause because it is such a hassle to every day type into your computer little expenses, and income here and there. Have you tried to keep track of your accounting profit/loss only to find it a complete mess too after even just a month?

I believe the best way to do your accounting now, is to not do your accounting at all, instead, have someone else do it. Keeping tracking of finances every day, day in, day out is a hassle and everyone who tried to keep their finances clean every day, will probably agree with me that it is a hassle. It is a lot of work, and it is most likely not where your time is best spent either.

A more efficient, faster, systematic and ultimately better way to making sure your bookkeeping is up to date is to simply outsource your bookkeeping monthly to an accountant or an accounting firm. This way at the end of each month you can just gather up all of your receipts and send it off in the mail to your accountant and they will deal with your financial mess. Each month they can send you a report back on how you are performing and make sure your books are kept clean for the IRS, or even any potential acquirer of your company. If someone is going to acquire your company, trust me, they will be looking over your financials and they better be clean.

Wouldn’t it feel nice to just send all your stuff to someone else, and have him or her do all your financial reports, payroll, taxes, and monthly net operating income reports for you? If you have someone do it for you on a monthly basis, now you can focus on what you do best, and as an entrepreneur, that should be building systems.

Wes, but isn’t outsourcing your accounting work every month expensive? No, not really, it doesn’t have to be. My friends, although I won’t mention their names, generate over $6,000 a month in new monthly memberships for their web product, and what they do is simply pay an accountant in the city they live in about $100-$200 a month, each month, to keep their their books clean, and run their payroll for them.

At the end of the year your books are extremely clean, organized, and done correctly. Best of all you were able to focus on what you do best, and let someone else deal with all theses receipts. Also doing this method will allow your accountant to advise you early on what you should do to minimize your taxable income. If you send your accountant all of your financial files at the end of the year, that year is done, and there is nothing they can do to save you money on your taxes. But if you were continually meeting with your accountant on a monthly basis, and letting them handle everything, they would be able to tell you before the end of the year what you need to do before it’s to late. (At the end of the year, you’re accountant will now probably be able to help you save more money than you spent to have them keep your books monthly for you. Getting a monthly accountant is not a liabilty, outsourcing your accounting monthly is an incredible asset.)

If you do this, I’m sure you will agree with me, at the end of the year your company’s financial department will be a lot better off than if you had tried to keep track of everything yourself tediously in QuickBooks or even worse Excel. It will be better off someone who is experienced keeps track of everything, instead of you trying to multi-task every day and do to much, when someone else could to it better, faster than you could.

If you have seriously dived into, and studied entrepreneurship, you should understand that true big company entrepreneurship is really about building systems and processes. Systems and processes that your company will use, so it can operate with or without you 24/7. The biggest mistakes are those, which are made early on, making a mistake early like doing everything yourself, only to find yourself 5 years down the road as a self-employeed entrepreneur who got himself into a job instead of a big business.

What I’m saying is, if your going to do something make sure you do it the correct way, not the wrong way. And make sure to start the correct way, not the wrong way, by doing it right in the begining, because in the end there will be a huge difference in outcomes. Just by being aware of a simple concept like this can dramatically effect your company down the line in the thousands if not millions of dollars. And I believe if you want to build a world class company, or even do $1,000,000 a month with affiliate marketing, you should have someone else handle your books for obvious reasons, but more specifically it would be wise to outsource your accounting work on at least a monthly basis so they can keep it all clean and organized for you.

Tracking202, Inc is currently looking for an accountant in the Silicon Valley area, we will be outsourcing our accounting for a couple hundred bucks each month. And if someone chooses to acquire us later on they will be in awe at how well are finances are done. Start the process of building your business in a systematic way, begin the process of working on your business, not in your business. Start your business with the right mindset, that you are ultimately putting people and systems in place for you so you do not eventually have to do work all day if you do not have to.

And to do this I’d highly, highly, recommend outsourcing your accounting work each month instead of doing it yourself. It may cost you alittle bit of money each month, but if you make any money at all, at the end of the year it will have saved you money. And by meeting with your accountant often you will be increasing your financial literacy, which is more important than the money itself. Will you outsource your accounting, do you outsource your accounting now? Why not? What do you think?

“The Best Way To Do Your Accounting Is To Not Do Your Accounting.” – Wes Mahler

The Best Way To Do Your Accounting Is Not Do Your Accounting.

Why Is Tracking202 Free – My Mistakes – Launching Under Fire

I’ll have to admit, we have made some mistakes during our launch, but I’m the one to blame. Although we are still gaining momentum in our marketing push the initial launch was quite shaky, if we had to do our initial launch into the market place again I’d absolutely do it differently. But what is done is done, and now we must work quadruple hard to improve our situation as much as possible.

It is quite clear that the product we have just introduced into the marketplace is quite controversial due to the required information that our product must store in order for it to work correctly. What has happened, and although we expected their to be some hesitation to use it, I’m not sure we fully grasped the magnitude of the situation to know that prior to launching we should have spent significantly more time in building our credibility.

The basic fundamental question that is being asked about our product is not if the actual product is good, in fact, even some of the negative (but helpful) feedback that some people give mentions that, “they think the product looks absolutely fantastic, but they feel uncomfortable that their PPC information is stored on the Tracking202 servers.” Almost everyone agrees the product looks great, what the question of the day for everyone is if our company has integrity and if they can trust their data with us.

What we did wrong is that we mainly focused on the product, building the features, adding this, adding that, and while all that was great, what was more important, than the product was that we should have invested as much, if not more time, into thinking of ways to make our product more credible. We showed how the product worked, we have videos, we have screenshots, we have hours and hours invested into our product and although we also invested time into explaining the reasons behind Tracking202 being completely free, we should have spent more time explaining it clearly.

My focus has now shifted into seeing how we can make Tracking202 a more credible company, whether its adding HackerSafe Icons, or moving more towards self-hosted scripts, or showing pictures of the world class datacenter we are moving into, or gathering more testimonials from users or networking with other influential people in the industry who can help us gain credibility, this is what I will be focusing on now. Here are some lessons that I have learned, and I will share my lessons with you.

  • When you are handling other peoples’ information, especially information related how people make a living, you should focus on making your product feel safe, secure and as trustworthy as you possibly can. You absolutely have to make sure your users data is completely safe on multiple different levels of security. If you manage peoples’ information, the success or failure of your company can be attributed to the effectiveness in which you handle other’s data.
  • When you build a company, the marketplace is going to judge you as an individual and your personal integrity and ability to accomplish what it is you say your going to accomplish. This goes on understanding that YOU, branding YOU, becoming AWARE that people are going to watch you and judge YOU everything you do. They are going to ASK if I can trust this person, can this person deliver, is he or she true to their word? Your customers will google your name, look at your blog, look at whom you’ve been interviewed with and they will make a conscious decision on whether or not they like you, which will either make you look good, or it will make you look bad. Be very cautious with your name, and what you say on your blog because people will read it, as many people are now reading mine to see if the CEO of the Tracking202 program has good values, and if they would trust him.
  • If you plan on marketing your products through forums, it would be wise to invest some time first to contact the administrator of the forum and bounce your idea off to them prior to launching a promotional thread on their forum.
  • Be as personal as you can in your company while it is small, you want people to feel they can contact you directly if they have a problem. They should believe if they have a problem or question, you are there to answer it immediately because you have always been prompt in responding. Customer Service, and replying to questions AS SOON AS POSSIBLE is extremely important. Whether it be a business, or even a blog, respond to your emails.
  • When you decide to make a long-term decision, in our case, making our product completely free (which is now going to affect us for several years down the road) it would be wise, when making a long-term decision, to take a very long-time in really thinking everything through, before making a decision. Take a long time, before making a decision that can have a long-term effect; make sure you think it, the last thing you want to do is make a quick decision that ends up begin a negative one for a very long time.
  • If there is controversy about you, your company, or your product take a considerable amount of time, and explain your reasons for why it is, you, your company, or product is doing what it is and the way it is. In that specifically I’m addressing the fact that I failed, I failed to explain in-depth why we have decided to launch our product free, and I’m going to spend a considerable amount of time in explaining to everyone why it is we are doing what we have done, and our strong reasons behind it. Be clear about yourself, don’t allow people to second guess, or question you, explain your reasons well, so there are no questions, and that you provide reasons and even examples of why you choose to do what it is you are doing.

I’m now going to being the process of explaining first on my blog why it is we decided to make our product free to the market place, and our reasons behind it. This will be the start of what will most likely become a very in-depth article explaining the main reasons why Tracking202 is free. And let me start out by what tracking202 is not.

  • Tracking202 is NOT free because we want to steal peoples’ keyword information and use it to our own benefit.
  • Tracking202 is NOT free because we want to shave off peoples’ traffic and use it to our own benefit.

Here is why Tracking202 is free, and here is why even though it is free it can still generate a significant revenue stream without taking advantage of anyone’s data. We are simply following the business model of one of the most successful companies in the internet industry, Google. Google provides a variety of free services that people use, you know many of them, and they have lots of products that I’m sure you use on a daily basis. Google had free a free search engine for several years and for the longest time they did not make any money, but they gained a user base, a dedicated user base, and overtime their user base became so big that they were eventually able to develop additional products and services towards their users which will ultimately made them one of the most profitable companies in the world today.

We are offering a free product like Google once did. The goal of Tracking202 per say isn’t to make a bunch of money to begin with, if it was we would have charged a monthly subscription fee for it, which was the original plan. But instead we decided we would rather build a free application for the Affiliate Marketing industry, we are interested in gaining a large user dedicated user base of people who use our applications. To keep it alive during our time we are going to generate money through advertising, and negotiating referral agreements between affiliate networks for referring affiliates to them.

As all of you know hosting a website isn’t really that expensive, the costs aren’t extremely high. Even though I have invested thousand of dollars into server equipment and our hosting is going to be in the thousands of dollars soon a month, that isn’t anything a couple good advertisement deals couldn’t support. We are just simply trying to stay alive in the next year or two, and eventually come with additional products and services to our user base and generate significantly more income than we would have if we just charged for our tracking services.

That is the real reason that Tracking202 is free, I hope that explains it more clearly in-depth our reason for making a free product for the industry. Our product has had a lot of controversy about it now, and this is my answer to explain our reasons so there is no questions left unanswered to the affiliate marketing community. This is our reason, and it is the real reason why Tracking202 is free for you and anyone else to use.

To be 100% genuine and honest to everyone out there, I’m not a super affiliate and I do not plan on ever being a super affiliate. I’m a web 2.0 developer who invest into real estate, I do affiliate marketing as of now because it is the best way I know of right now that I can generate enough income to live on and program at the same time. I even wrote it on my blog post before I got even to involved much with Tracking202, if I focused and hit a monthly net income of $20,000 a month doing affiliate marketing I would completely stop doing AM and start to program full-time.

And the reason I would stop completely is honestly everyone, I do not want to have to put up campaigns all day, I have been working full-time for the past 3 years almost 10-15 hours a day consistently, day in and day out, I will keep going but I get tired sometimes, I’m human and I honestly do not want to have to work setting up PPC campaigns every single day! That does not excite me, that isn’t what I want to do, that isn’t success to me personally.

We had someone offer over $100,000 for our product before it was even released into the public, I don’t need to be low and steal other peoples’ information to make a living and ruin my personal image, My Name, on the internet over someone’s keywords that I could have just found myself by using a keyword generation tool, or someone else text ads when everyone can see them anyways when you search a keyword, or someone’s landing page where again anyone can simply copy and paste their html and use it themselves.

If we needed money that bad, we could raise a round of investment right now for a percentage of the company and have enough money just from that to live on and continue to develop the application full time. I’ve already had an offer by a family member but I’m not interested in doing that, because we don’t need the money; we are a bootstrapping web 2.0 startup that has expenses, but they are maintainable. At the end of the day, and you might disagree with me on this but if you actually look at my ‘ACTIONS’, because actions speak louder than words, you can take a look at me and see if I’m ultimately telling the truth.

At the end of the day, I will generate more personal net worth, maybe not (cashflow) but I will generate more net worth using my knowledge of (AJAX, PHP, MYSQL and other Web 2.0 technologies) developing internet applications and services that can be used by potentially millions of people, with options of selling out, or doing an IPO than I ever would setting up campaigns all day. That is not to say setting up campaigns is bad, my friends and associates make way more than me right now, but that is not how I build income, my friend said to me once, “to each his own,” in that there is a lot of money in PPC AM, but that isn’t my interested, that’s not what I’m passionate about, that is not what I’m best at. I’m best at developing web 2.0 applications on the Internet that people use and it is what I enjoy doing.

And I think if you were to go back, and look at my previous blog posts, you would see my PASSION about building a world class company, and potentially selling it for several million dollars in the future is all along, what my focus has been. If I don’t need the money from Affiliate Marketing, I’m not going to work on affiliate marketing because my energy is better investing into building a world class company that over one million dollars a year in sales, which is highly scalable, highly systematic, that employs people and has a serious opportunity to be acquired in the future.

And I believe you can see if I’m telling a truth because you do not have to believe what I say, because you can look at what my actions, because my actions speak louder than words. As I grow older I do not look at what another says, I watch what another does. Those were the great words spoken by Andrew Carngie, and I ask you to apply them to me, ultimately you will see my actions will prevail. I have moved to another city, Silicon Valley to build an internet company, I’m bootstrapping and doing everything I need to do to stay afloat.

I spend my time reading PHP and MYSQL books, books about FlickR and how they scaled their website, books on PHP Security, geek stuff about how apache security works, how SSLs work, how MySQL indexes work, how to setup load balancers, memcache servers, mysql replication servers, backup servers. I go to PHP and MYSQL meetups and talk with other developers, I spend all the time I possible can programming and learning how to program, I only do affiliate marketing 2-3 hours a week just because I have to have some sort of income to live off of. Other than that I would personally rather not work on any campaigns.

I have so many features I have to program it’s not even funny. There is so much work to do and the to do list gets bigger by 5-7 items every day, and I can only program so much per day. All my affiliate managers know my personal affiliate leads in volume has gone down significantly because all I do is develop the application, they know that, and they would tell you that if you asked them. I’m not a super affiliate, and I do not plan on being a super affiliate because I do not want to be a super affiliate. I want to be a successfully webpreneur who is known for developing website application that thousands and millions of people use on a daily basis and be immersed in the web 2.0 startup community and really be apart of the innovation of web technologies.

I wrote this out of my heart, I poured a lot out here and I really hope you can get a better glimpse into Tracking202 and my personal philosophies in life. If you are a PPC Affiliate Marketer I hope you would give us, and yourself a chance to really see how the Tracking202 product works and test out its features. And just remember there are bad and good people in the world, some people would return a wallet they have found lost on the ground, I hope that you give us a chance to show you that we are one of those good people who are really trying to help others.

From Zero To One Million – The Book

Ryan Allis, the Co-Founder and CEO of iContact, someone who I admire has launched his book today and it is already #4 on the best seller of as of right now.  If your interested in entrepreneurship his book is by far one of the best books I’ve read in entrepreneurship and a guide to building a company to one million dollars a year in sales.  Alot of the ideas we are using in Tracking202 is going to be from his book, I promised to post about it for him because his ideas have been a great help.  Great book, I’d highly recommend it, the link is here:

Tracking202 – PPC Affiliate Tracking 2.0


I’m excited to announce that we have launched our product out in the wild today, Tracking202 a highly advance PPC Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software. There have been over 6 months of long days developing this application, almost $10,000 in server equipment, a move to another city, building a team and we have finally launched open beta.

Before I post exactly what Tracking202 I should clear up one thing. A lot of people will think this is the Web2.0 Company I have been trying to build for over a year and a half, in fact is not. After over a year of trying to develop it, I decided to change focus and build and PPC Analytics instead, I felt there would be more potential and a more mature market for what I was about to offer.

The best way to show you Tracking202, is for you to see Tracking202, by going to our website at In the following posts I’m going to copy our about us page, and write it on here so you can read about it. We decided to do something crazy, and make it 100% free to all the Affiliate Marketers in the industry.

We are going to have a little objection at first because the idea is somewhat new, and people might be confused why we have decided to make it publicly free. The best thing I can say is at the very minimum we will be able to charge a premium for advertising to keep it funding. Tracking202 is great, there has been a lot of thought that has went into it, and most important a lot of dedicated, and focused action to get this thing ready. It wasn’t easy, and it’s going to be a lot of work, you’ll see some interesting stuff to come on the Wes Mahler Blog, on how it is going.

I would like to give special thanks to all of our wonderful private beta users, everyone has helped out a lot and to rattle off some names.   Steve Ramil, Ross Gordon, April M, David, Dan Huang, Sean and Noah at Clicky, Dexter, Steve Bowers, GrayHat, Liam Rose, Michael Yager, Nicky Cakes, Johnathon Van Clute, HarrisonDoug at CPAEmpire, Adam at MaxBounty, kkim812 (Matt), Glenn and Gregg, Joseph at Alyrica, Gabriel, Deron Sizemore, Jared Atch, Matthew Rossetto, PHPGeek86, Benneth, Scott (shotsix), Ian Fernando, Larby Amouriche, Steven Troung and last but not least, Robert Norton.

There are so many people to thank, if you feel I have missed you please let me know so I can add you to the list, there have been so many people to thank, so thanks everyone, and thanks to my readers for following my story, I hope to share some insights to you, which will be of benefit to you as well.   Thank you.


What is Tracking202?

Tracking202 Inc., also commonly referred to as T202, is based in San Francisco, California and primarily a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Affiliate Marketing Analytics company. T202 offers advanced features such as keyword cloaking, keyword tracking, spy view and much more. If you would like to learn more about the people behind this product and how to contact us personally, please visit our team page.

Common Challenges for PPC Marketers

Until now there has never been a simple way to track, monitor, and calculate all your PPC accounts and campaigns. When you have multiple PPC accounts and campaigns running, effectively managing them can be a tedious task. What’s more, tracking converting keywords vs. non-converting keywords requires custom programming or expensive software that isn’t intuitive or user friendly. I am sure we all can agree that tracking by hand or via MS Excel is no way to go.

Like other affiliate marketers, you haven’t had a choice if you want to track how well campaigns and keywords are profiting.

Until now…

T202 is the Perfect Solution

We created T202 to provide affiliate marketers an easy way to track PPC campaigns large or small. With T202, you no longer have to spend hours just to see which campaigns are making you money.

T202’s real-time tracking gives you to up-to-the-second data on all your PPC accounts! With easy to read graphs, automatic keyword trackers, and automated profit calculations, you don’t have to waste time logging every one of your PPC accounts and affiliate networks to manually record data.

T202 has the Most Features!

Most of the current tracking programs out there don’t have nearly as many features as T202. Plus they can only track a few of the bigger PPC networks such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN Adcenter. With T202, you can track any network, big or small. And unlike PPC networks, T202 tracks clicks in real-time-you see every click as it happens.

EPC Calculator

T202 maximizes EPC (Earnings Per Click) calculations. How would you feel if you knew exactly what you needed to bid for a keyword for it to be profitable? Then you could adjust your bids accordingly and turn a profit within seconds.

Know your EPC:

  • EPC per Keyword
  • EPC per Text Ad
  • EPC per Referrer
  • EPC per PPC Account
  • Much More!
Spy View

Spy view is a feature you will only find on T202. With Spy View, you can see real-time actions your visitors make with your ads. What’s more, you can subscribe to your own Spy View RSS feeds to get up-to-the-second information anywhere!

Top-Performing Keywords

T202 tells you which keywords are making you money and which ones are losing you money. So you can weed out the losers and turn any campaign into a profit monster!

Keyword Cloaking

T202 gives users the ability to cloak their keywords from advertisers and affiliate networks-so all of your top-performing keywords are a secret.

Why risk your Affiliate Manager or the Advertiser finding out your best keywords, copying them for their own campaigns, and putting you out of business?

To be successful at Affiliate Marketing you must track your keywords and they must be cloaked.

Direct Linking a Landing Pages

T202 works with direct linking through PPC campaigns or with your own landing pages. Now you can track whether your campaigns profit more with direct linking or landing pages.


T202 is not only a world-class PPC tool, it’s also a thriving community of Affiliate Marketers and PPC experts. Get answers to questions and network with pros in our community forum.

Tracking202 Respects Privacy

Tracking202 respects the privacy of our clients. To currently use Tracking202 services, T202 does not require our users to provide us with their PPC accounts or Affiliate Network logins and passwords. Tracking202 services is able to keep track of all of the above services and more utilizing real time click tracking and subID submits. We understand privacy is a major concern for our users and at no time would be want to impose on this. You can read more about this on our FAQ page and more about our stance on privacy on our Privacy Policy page. Thanks

What Are YOU Waiting For?

T202 is constantly being updated with new features, tools, and other cool things. Why not test drive T202 today , it’s free.

Register today and try our free service!