The Crunchies, and Meeting Shoemoney!

Yesterday my best friend, Cam Boehmer from Palo Alto came with me to go to the Crunchies awards; it was an amazing an event.  The best part was just seeing all of the successful people in the industry in person.  Also I had a chance to meet Shoemoney, which was very cool, especially even more so because he is the industry expert in the web 2.0 product I’ve been working on for awhile now.   It was truly great to see all the big names in person at the awards ceremony.

 Shoemoney and Wes Mahler at the Crunchies

Wes Mahler and the Crunchies 

  • Dope, Sounds exciting.

  • danny nerezov

    haha thought u were guy kawasaki for a sec

  • LOL, Thanks Danny haha