Be At The Right Place ALL Of The Time!

While reading the Millionaire Real Estate Investor book I found a good piece of philosophy I’d like to share with you now. Instead of saying, “he was lucky because he was at the right place at the time right,” we should say instead, “it is not about being luckily at the right place sometime, it is about being at the right place all of the time.”

Let me repeat that again, It is about being at the right place ALL of the time.”

You want to get good at positioning yourself in growth oriented environments, in order to succeed at a world class level you need to be at the right place all of the time. For building a web 2.0 company the right place is to be in Silicon Valley, that is where I’m. The right place to be in Silicon Valley when building a web 2.0 company is to be at the various internet entrepreneur meetups, the PHP/MySQL developer meetups, joining the silicon valley email groups and being aware of the Web 2.0 news by following tech blogs. If there is a web 2.0 meetup, I need to be there, we need to be at the right place all of the time.

I write this post because today I was absolutely at the right place at the right time and it is not by accident. I attended my first Silicon Valley meet up today after moving down here, it was the San Francisco PHP Meetup group. Although the event was very informal it turned out to have extremely good information. As I wrote this blog post, our company is currently running into scalability problems. I will not get to technical here, but there were some simple concepts the speaker mentioned to not use overloaded development frameworks in every website we develop. Although he mentioned frameworks can be good in certain instances, for me personally I learned that using a framework can potentially be more detrimental than productive in our current situtation. New information I did not know which I needed to hear. Pictures below.

PHP San Francisco Meetup Group

PHP San Francisco Meetup Group

What was interesting is I come down to the PHP Developer’s meet up and the some people in the audience personally know the big players in the industry, for instance one of the guy personally knows the authors of several PHP books I’ve read. It is interesting to read a book or two, and then there is people sitting next to you that know the authors personally. It is exciting because I know that I’m in the real serious PHP development game now, working with the experts in the field. They live down in Silicon Valley and I’m surrounding myself with people that know how to build scalable websites.  They know how to do what I want to do, and I’m going to learn from them.

I found out during the meetup that there is another event happening next week from a different group of developers, it is called the Geek Sessions located out of Silicon Valley. Yes it is really called Geek Sessions, aren’t we geeky? Anyways the next gathering is an event about PHP Performance and building Scalable Systems. One of the speakers is the Lead Engineer of Facebook, and another is the Lead Engineer of Flickr. For only $25 I can attend this session, I will absolutely be at this event. Theses sessions can exponentially increase my learning curve.  In order for me to succeed I need to be better positioned than the competition’s programmers. If there not here, I’am, and me being there gives me an edge over my competition. 

I’m going to learn about how to scale a website from the Lead Developer of Facebook.  Facebok is pretty much the largest PHP and MySQL development in the world.  So one of the biggest experts in scaling the coding language I use is going to be here, also the author of the O’Reily Building Scalable Websites will be there too.  You know I will be at the right place at the right time, and for me that is being downtown San Francisco at Geek Sessions on Jan 15th at 6pm. 

So remember, “we want to be at the right place all of the time.”  Are there entrepreneur meetups in your area that you know about and for whatever reason not going to? Or even worse, are there meetups in your area that you aren’t even aware of because you have never even searched for any? Be at the right place all of the time.

Are you at the right place all of the time? If your are not, your are loosing to someone who is.

  • Great post wes, keep putting yourself where you need to be!

  • I’d help you with PHP if you show me how to make money on those CPA networks like Copeac or CPAEmpire.

  • Thanks Marcel,

    If your interested I can show you some stuff if your able to contact me via AIM, or email.


  • Nice man, continue to take those golden nuggets from books and apply them!

  • Wes, I agree, sometimes you need to be in the right place at the right time, I’ve seen this happen to a few of my friends and they got lucky!

    I’ve visited your blog a few times now, if you fancy a blogroll exchange with mine hit me up,


  • Hey Khalid, you want to shoot me a message an AIM and we can set something up.

  • Wes, I don’t have AIM unfortunately, could you drop me an e-mail?

  • Do you use MSN or GTalk? lol sorry its just so much easier and we’ll keep in contact better if u have any of those?

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