Wes 2.008, a new image

Hey thanks for bearing with me, everything is fixed now, WordPress is working like a charm now and I’ve switched laptops. I apologize for some of my posts; they were so badly written it just makes me look bad when people read them. I know this because I’ve had many comments over the months saying how bad my posts were typed and all sorts of stuff. That’s all going to change.

The reason it is going to change because every bad post hurts your personal image, people do not take you as seriously as they should. This hurts when I’m in the process of trying to build serious strategic partnerships with others because if they read my blog they might think I’m not a serious entrepreneur because I do not proof read my sentences.

Here is a good quote by Jim Rohn, “Every let down affects the rest of your performance. He said every time you let yourself down, performing not the best you could it affects the rest of your performance. Every let down affects the rest, but the good thing is, every improvement affects the rest. So I do not want to have something so small like my blog affecting my personal pysche for everything is, when I let down my performance on my blog I’m letting down my performance on everything. So from now I’m going to improve my blog’s image, because every improvement is another step towards improving my personal brand.

You can still probably tell however, I’am honestly not a world class writer yet, and not sure if I ever will. But I you will see that there is more effort into the blog posts to make reading more understandable. I will do my best to communicate effectively to the world, communication is so important. A skill I need to study and improve.

You may have noticed my blog has changed it is a new theme; I decided to choose a single column because I personally prefer websites now with the top header navigation. Most of the time if a website has a right bar it is normally used at the top like, having a top right navigation, but as you scroll down its just used up space. So I have a new theme to reflect a new image, the old blog is gone; we are evolving into a higher caliber entrepreneur.

I felt the single column was good because I don’t plan on having advertising on my blog, this blog isn’t to make money but itself. Although, by building personal brand image the money will follow just by becoming a more valuable person to the market place. I’m going to make my money building a company to one million dollars a year in sales and that is my 100% focus.

My mission has also changed, it is no long “Great Wes, now what the heck are you doing,” which shows a confused entrepreneur who doesn’t have any focus on doing one thing. It is now, 100% focus on building a company to one million dollars a year in sales. I use to be intrigued with the idea of having Yahoo or Google purchase my company for millions of dollars, but now I don’t want them to buy me, they can make offers but I want to compete with the big dogs. Maybe take the company public at some point, big business, investors, raising capital and the whole deal, world class entrepreneurship at a high caliber level.

The blog title, Zero To One Million, is not mine, it is actually taken from my role model Ryan Allis, a successful, young internet entrepreneur and he wrote a book at 17 years old on how to build a company to one million dollars a year in sales. If I had a role model to follow, he is it; he is where I will be in 3-5 years because that is the time it will take to build my company to one million dollars a year in sales.

So what is new? Well things are going great, I have just ordered 4 more servers, and this will accompany the first dedicated server I purchased. My hosting for the web servers is going to jump up to over $500/month; here are some pictures of the server hardware below.

My main concern with my project is that is scalable, in that it needs to be able to support rapid growth and be online 24/7. We are going to be doing some intensive server load and it is crucial that we stay online. Those who do not know what I’m going to launch it will go open beta this month, I’ve already had an offer to purchase what I’ve been working on for over $100,000. Although I appreciate the offer I had to decline as I want to build this big, but that was good to know I mean so soon someone already is interested in purchasing it and investing, it is a good sign and it hasn’t even been seen by the public.

I have just been programming this thing full-time, the database is starting to grow big, and there is a lot of AJAX and all of the web 2.0 concepts installed in it. Although I’ve struggled with maintaining my servers, the APACHE, UNIX, LINUX and all of that stuff is beyond me. I can try to learn it but it is difficult, sometimes it is best to have someone else join in with complimentary skills to aid. I may be bringing on someone to help me be the systems administrator for the entire Web 2.0 server setup, there is a lot of work, especially when we have 10+ servers here soon. He has asked to be anonymous at this time so his name will not be posted but I’m getting help, he knows his stuff and I think we may work together on the project. The goal is if he can help me scale this thing and make sure all of the servers are working great we can build this thing to Alexa 10,000+ ranking and really make this profitable.

We have just started networking with some of the leaders in the industry we are going to dive in, there has been so far great interest in the product that we are developing and things are looking promising. We are getting ready to do our open beta testing in January; the main objective is to make sure our servers are ready to support a high number of users.

In personal life I’ve been spending a lot of money on servers, even though I made a lot of money last month I seem to have spent it all on servers, I spent over $4,000 this month in hardware which dives right into my net profit dramatically. As I haven’t been working on my campaigns everything is sliding, I’m not even sure if I’ll hit $10,000 this month, which could look bad but honestly it’s not on my priority. What I need to do is focus on the 20% of the things that will make me 80% of the money, and that is the Web 2.0.






Each server was about $1,000+ each, they have 2.4ghz dual core AMD processors, and 4GB of DDR2 667MHZ each.  I also order a fourth server from my ISP provider that is just a slower development server.  The picture of that is here.  This will put my total server count to 5 dedicated servers.  The first one I bought was a SuperMicro 3.4ghz dual core processor with 4GB of ram, however, I have an 8GB of ram upgrade on the way.  


I have thought about bringing on some investors to take a percentage of the company so I can live off of and work on it full time, in that right now if I could obtain $100,000 capital into the business, I just need about $2,000 a month to live on to barely get by so I can focus on this. However, I’m going to stick to my guns and limit investors, later on 2-3 years I’m thinking we might raise some capital in the millions of dollars once we are doing one million dollars a year in sales.

There is going to be a lot to come, I’ve made my next goal at the top of my blog, you will see us Alexa ranking 20,000 by the end of the year, and we will hit it, I promise you, I’m going to put on my intense goal setting and make it happen, honestly we should probably be 10,000 by the end of the year, but 20,000 is already a done deal, I’ve decided to make it happen.

PS: The title of this is Wes 2.008, if you were wondering I took it from Web 2.0, and mixed it with 2008. Wes 2.008.

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  • Looks like things are going well Wes.
    I have not talked to you in a while now due to some personal problems which are still working themselves out, but I’ll catch you on AIM sometime over the next few days if you are on.

  • Dan

    Wow, really looking forward to Wes 2.0 this 08. 🙂

    Continue that crazy focus you have going on!


  • Ryan Allis

    Keep working hard and taking names man. Glad to be an inspiration. Let me know if I can ever help with anything. -Ryan

  • Wes, if anyone can accomplish their goals, it is you. I have definitely loved watching you as a business partner, but better as a good friend. You have been an inspiration to me. I look forward to both of our successes in 2008. We’ll be together on another venture eventually as well. Good Luck my friend!

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  • Wes,

    Sounds like you off to a great start to your dreams.


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