WesMahler hits $10,000+ this month, and growing

Wow, I seriously can’t believe this, I’m really starting to not like wesmahler_wordpress While writing this blog post wesmahler_wordpress totally freaked out on me, I tried upgrading nows worse, its giving my post in the worst possible format, I just got another computer and now wesmahler_wordpress breaks.

This point was good but wesmahler_wordpress stoped me from writing more, wow. I’m not going to use wesmahler_wordpress for much longer.

Blog post that was here. I apologize about theses crazy blog posts, you must understand theses things are seriously breaking on me, here is a video of how broken my keyword actually was. http://wesmahler.com/keyboard, when you see how bad my keyboard was I think you can understand why I couldn’t type, and then to have it fixed and wesmahler_wordpress not working on me is really making blogging to difficult to do something so simple it becomes a huge pain.

The errors, breaking up crashing, paragraphs not working, and putting invalid characters in my post is really driving me nuts, I hope you can understand writing a simple blog post is taking 1-2 hours because of all the errors that keep poping up, unable to even complete it. I almost feel like this and the last post probably should not have been posted at all, but this is an important post, and an attempt to post it with a broken wesmahler_wordpress.

Well actually almost 5 days ago I hit $10,000/month, this was my goal I set back acouple months ago with a process of setting goals which I’ve never failed, and I knew I wasn’t going to break my winning streak of never failing a goal with my goal setting process. And here I’am 3 months later and I’ve hit my goal of doing $10,000/month income by Dec 31st. Did you doubt me? The following are pictures reflecting some of the affiliate commissions, I’m not going to tally everything up because I never do normally but the stats are about as following:

  • Kontera: $30
  • Text-Link-Ads: $40
  • Azoogle: $45
  • Propser: $200
  • Adsense: $300
  • COPEAC: $650 +
  • HydraNetwork: $1,200+
  • Rent Income: $1,625
  • MaxBounty: $2,200+
  • CPAEmpire: $6,150+

Total is alittle over $12,000+ GROSS, so far this month. Fantastic. Here are some screenshots below:



HydraNetwork Earnings

MaxBounty Earnings

CPAEmpire Earnings


Life is great, and it should be, if you watched me earn $10,000/month by Dec 31st, I made a decision. The decision is the death of all other options, once it was made it was a done deal, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to hit it, it was already done when I set the goal. I don’t just set goals like most people do, I’ve studied it, I’ve practiced it, I’ve learned from other people who were good at goal settings. See if you can get to the point where EVERYTIME, and i mean EVERYTIME you can 100% succesfully hit your goals, then you know you are good at setting goals, become a master goal setter and you can achieve anything you want to in life.Someone mentioned you can set goals for the start, so you’ll land among the high areas or whatever. I don’t do that, I set a goal a definition action and hit it.Do you know how powerful this is if you really think about it, because I’ve goten better over the years I’ve developed a system that I can 100% hit my goals everytime, I’m not talking about ridiclous goals, I wouldn’t set those, because I couldn’t hit them you see.

The greatest value in life isn’t what you get, the greatest value in life is what you become, and although its great that I’m now earning what only 11% the US population earns, what is more important is the person I’ve become to do this. Being able to hit your goals 100% everytime gives you the power to do some amazing things, imagine being able to say, I want to earn $50,000/month, in 6 months, and you do it, or I want to earn $1,000,000/year and you can do it, because you got good.Get to that level of goal setting, it takes some time, and maybe another blog post I’ll talk about setting goals, I do some pretty serious stuff and it goes several of the books on how to set goals, here are just a few of what I do. First before setting goals, I myself must know my mission in life, what I want to become, what is the ultimate thing I wish to do, this is what you can ask yourself, “what would the last words at my funeral be said about me”, what would I like them to say. See in able to get leverage on yourself, hitting your goals has to be apart of your overall mission and what you are trying to do in life, their needs to be a higher purpose than the goal itself, and the goal is just aiding the mission.

First you decide what you want you’d like to be remembered as, and then you set goals that help satisfy your overall mission.They have to ‘fit’ so to say, to your overall personal dreams and passions.One of the most basic things is to write down your goals, so many people say they have their goals in their head, theses are novice goal setters, weak goal setters, more so dreamers. The dreams are in your head, and dreams written on a piece of paper with a definite action plan and end date is a goal, dreams on paper with deadlines.Also my goals always have an action plan, a step by step what I need to do, remember if you followed me, it was to earn $1,000 my first month in AM, $2,500 in my 2nd, $5,000 in my 3rd, and finally $10,000 on my 4th.

Then you break down your goals into little chunks, the journey of a million miles starts with a single step. You can break large goals down into smaller ones, first the time intervals, but then u can do, I need to hit $33/day to hit $1,000 a month.To hit $33/day, I need to have maybe 1-2 campaigns going. To get 1-2 campaigns going I need to talk to my affiliate manager to see what offers to run, I need to setup my Y! MSN and Google accounts, I need to spend x amount of time to setup each campaign. You can literally break down a goal to do $1,000,000/year into hourly steps, even by the minute. Think of writing a book, that’d take forever, and believe me I’ve attempted, and failed. Its alot of work, but could you write one page a day? Ok, even one page a day can be tedious, how about one paragraph a day? Thats really easy to manage. All the sudden one paragraph a day for a year and you have a 100+ page book. You could even do, just one sentence a/day.

What I’m saying is do this in your goals, also you need to write down your goals where you see them everyday, I assume your on the computer alot a goal right infront of your computer screen where you see it everyday. My fail proof plan is I also have one above my head when I sleep at night, so when I goto bed I know what my objective is and subconciounsly while sleeping my mind is thinkin about my goal, and when I wakeup, the first thing I see is my goal, my objective, and it fits into my life plan.Also when writing goals put it into the present, a weak goal writer will say, I want to get $1,000/month next month.A better goal writer will say, “I’AM EARNING $1,000/month by JAN 31st, 2008”, putting it into the presnt, “i’am”, and a definite date, and following that would have each of his steps on what to do.Also the secret is very key here, and from the Think and Grow Rich, one of the most incredible books ever, if you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for? You must read it aloud to yourself in faith, and believe that you have actually accomplished, ‘I’am”, visualize it, see it close ur eyes feel it smell it, be it, put yourself in the state. And you must always 100%, I mean always believe that your going to hit it, the momment you say I can’t your right. Remember, when someone says I’m going to try, I always think to myself, try sounds like lie, don’t try, do and do it right.

And again, do the crazy thing the secret video shows, I visualize myself driving my ferrari just like they do in the video with the sounds and everytime, I walk through my house, it becomes real, so real one-time I bumped into my counter walking around my house in visualization mode.What else can I say, I’m not sure, there is more stuff I do, but as you see, goal setting for me isn’t just writing about a piece of paper and forgetting about it, I even put goal boards in my poster, vision boards all around my room, even cards in my wallet sometime that remind me, get leverage on yourself, thats another thing I do, I publicly declared my goal, you think I’m going to make a fool out of myself infront of everyone on this blog? I put a challenge to myself, and my WHY gets stronger to succeed.And of course, none of the goals I set are crazy, they are good strong goals, very good production compared to most people in terms of building wealth, but I like the idea of hitting goals everytime 100% of the time, I’ve used my method which maybe I’ll explain more indepth sometime and I’ve been able to say succesfully for the past 3-4x I’ve used it the exact way I’ve beendoing it, I’ve hit my goals 100% of the time.

Whats the next goal? I haven’t decided yet, see the words, once I decided, I mean really decide, the death of all other options, for me, its a done deal, failiure isn’t an option.

I diddn’t mean to make this into a long blog post about goals, but hey, 5 days ago I hit over $10,000/month, I’m already on track to doing almost $20,000 by the end of this month on a serious note, once things get going, they really get going. If your stuck in the mud you don’t crawl outa the mud, you gota EXPLODE outa the mud. And you can explode out of the mud only with MASSIVE ACTIVITY, because it is with massive activity you gain mommentum, once you learn focus and mommentum and goal setting it is amazing what you can do.Understand, the greatest entrepreneurs have momment, the only way to get mommentum on something is to have focus, the two go together. Focus, such an easy concept, but how many people do you know really have focus. I’m unforunate to say most even my internet friends dont have focus, I only maybe a few that have focus, it took awhile for me to figure out, but I use to do all kinds of opporunties. There are so many things to do but it is the focus on one thing, that will make it work.

Focus, such an easy concept, but another skill like goal setting that becoming master at takes time.I can now say I’m super focused which is why my income gone up, I spend 90% of my time working on my web 2.0 project and AM funds it, its perfect combination and you’ll see why later, I have no distractions, people ask me to help them do more projects, I can’t, my focus is laser sharp, and I’am a sprinter gaining mommentum faster, and faster, if I turn my head I might stumble and loose my mommentum. Focus, so key, grayhat, amazing focus, one thing I admire about him he has focused so hardcore on affiliate marketing, it is ungodly what he does now, hes got it. I’m asking you to get it. So What is Next?Well AM is going great, Web 2.0 is going even better. The server I purchased is full operational, I’m in process of picking up 3 more servers, 2 slaves, and 1 dev server. The dev server is simply a server I can mess around with the configuration, the slave servers are to support heavy database reads. It works like this.

  • Steve B.

    Wes, let me be the first to congratulate you on reaching your goal. You should reward yourself with something special… maybe with a new keyboard perhaps? 🙂

    In your previous posts, you talked about your tracking202 site… I was interested, so I attempted to sign up. It says “Your account has not been manually activated.” Does this mean I need pre-approval to sign up? Obviously, your tracking methods are working and I am extremely interested in getting started.

  • Dan

    Hey Wes,

    Great inspiring and informative post!
    I knew you were able to pull through! Congrats on hitting your 10k/month goal… and 20k/month… that’s just absolutely amazing stuff.

    You’ve probably noticed my “referral commissions” at a standstill, that’s because I’m figuring things out between my LLC, CPAe, etc.

    But I’m going to hop on T202 and go full speed ahead on the AM train soon. Need to catch up with you guys!

    Again, keep up the great work.

  • Ben Cruikshank

    Great work Wes, very inspiring stuff! I’ll message you soon to see if you can assist me in kicking my ass into gear with some good goals.

    Oh, and I agree with Steve…I think you can definitely shell out the $50 for a new keyboard at this point. 🙂

  • I’m incredibly proud of you Wes. Great job and keep it up! By the way check out my new blog, and my website will be up soon. Thanks Bud!


  • @Wes – Get a cheap $5 keyboard off Newegg or something LOL. I keep telling you to do so and it would have arrived by now ^_~

    @Steve B – It means Wes has to approve your account before you are able to access it, however beta sign ups are closed at this time as far as I know.

  • Hey Steve,

    appreciate it, if you could shoot me an Instant Message we can network, be happy to help you.


  • Proline

    I had faith in you Wes! I’m glad you helped me and looking forward to more sharing of each others knowledge in 2008! What’s your next monthly goal? 🙂

    Way to go! Happy New Year!