HOW TO – Affiliate Marketing with PPC Overview [VIDEO]

Here is a video I compiled for anyone who is interested in affiliate marketing with PPC Marketing. This video was made for the people whom I work with, however, if your on the web your welcome to take a look to. Others have shared information with me that has helped me, and I can do the favor by helping others out with information that has affected me by sharing it with others.

So if you find a good idea here, share it, sharing makes you bigger.

If you enjoyed this video, and appreciated the information and would like to get started, if you were to use my referal link on the right side of my blog to the affiliate network, I would much greatly appreciate it. Also, on the right side of my blog are other affiliate networks that you can join, they all have my referral links, I appreciate it if you were to help me, after I’ve put together alot of information to help any random person on the internet whom I haven’t had a chance yet. This is WesMahler, video, enjoy.

Did you watch this whole video? If you can, drop a comment and tell me what your thoughts were, thanks so much. And again, if you decide to get started, if you were to use my referral links on the right side of my blog, it’d be much appreciated. Have a super fantastic day, because I’m having an incredible day.

Disclaimer: This is the most basic, and blunt way how to do affiliate marketing, I’m showing you the DIRECT LINK method, linking directly to the affiliate ad, there is alot more advanced stuff, like using landing pages, dynamic keyword insertions, tracking conversions, using subids, optimizing campaigns and so much more.  But this enough to get you started.

Although the video shows CPAEmpire, we now have our own affiliate network: Revolution202 – you can sign up here.

  • Steve B.

    Great videos, Wes. How often does your group meet in Corvallis?

  • Hey Steve,

    We actually all just meet online, your welcome to shoot me an email and we’ll chat about stuf!

  • Doug

    I keep checking your site for blog updates, looking forward to more posts!

  • Haha thanks doug, sorry I’ve been in some werid situtation financially lately, blogging hasn’t been top priority, I have alot of overhead I have to pay and funding a business on debt leverage right now so my focus is all about entrepreneurship atm, Will have another post soon tho

  • Christopher Vanity

    Hello Wes.

    I was referred to your blog by one of my friends.

    I love the information you have to share. It’s none of this fluff crap on the internet for a low price of 97.99.

    I myself love CPA and PPC and I hope to make it my full time job. I hope you do well with it.

    You seem to be already doing decent! Keep up the good work! =D

  • Net

    That’s a great video very informative und really easy too follow! Tanks!

  • A-man

    Thanks for that video dude! Youre the best

  • Wes,

    Great info. Thanks also for visiting my blog.

    I would like to speak to you more about affiliate marketing or join your group to learn more.

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  • Wes,
    Awesome posts. Love your determination and focus on obtainable goals in the future. One question- I noticed a change on YSM. You can no longer input a “Display URL”. Does that mean you have to setup a website so you can redirect it to the advertiser’s landing page?

  • Hey, yeah you can put the display URL on there, it won’t show when u first make an account. But when u have ur account created already you can add it in, absolutely

    also if u have any questions feel free to contact me on instant messengers.

  • Ed

    Hi Wes
    This is awesome videos on PPC marketing. Do you plan on expanding on this theme and teach some more advanced PPC techniques? For some weired reason, your style really resonated with me and alot of my buddies who are following your success path closely 🙂

    Awesome stuff Wes.

  • Hey Ed,

    Apologize I didn’t see your reply earlier, your welcome to contact me on AIM: T202Wes, and be glad to talk more


  • Elaine

    These videos gave me more information on affiliate marketing that anything I have researched in the last 6 months. Straight forward and inspiring. I’m excited to get started. You are a wealth of information Wes………Thanks! I’ll pass on the good word!

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