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HOW TO – Affiliate Marketing with PPC Overview [VIDEO]

Here is a video I compiled for anyone who is interested in affiliate marketing with PPC Marketing. This video was made for the people whom I work with, however, if your on the web your welcome to take a look to. Others have shared information with me that has helped me, and I can do the favor by helping others out with information that has affected me by sharing it with others.

So if you find a good idea here, share it, sharing makes you bigger.

If you enjoyed this video, and appreciated the information and would like to get started, if you were to use my referal link on the right side of my blog to the affiliate network, I would much greatly appreciate it. Also, on the right side of my blog are other affiliate networks that you can join, they all have my referral links, I appreciate it if you were to help me, after I’ve put together alot of information to help any random person on the internet whom I haven’t had a chance yet. This is WesMahler, video, enjoy.

Did you watch this whole video? If you can, drop a comment and tell me what your thoughts were, thanks so much. And again, if you decide to get started, if you were to use my referral links on the right side of my blog, it’d be much appreciated. Have a super fantastic day, because I’m having an incredible day.

Disclaimer: This is the most basic, and blunt way how to do affiliate marketing, I’m showing you the DIRECT LINK method, linking directly to the affiliate ad, there is alot more advanced stuff, like using landing pages, dynamic keyword insertions, tracking conversions, using subids, optimizing campaigns and so much more.  But this enough to get you started.

Although the video shows CPAEmpire, we now have our own affiliate network: Revolution202 – you can sign up here.

October Overview – Progress Towards $10,000 a month and much more.

October Income – Progress to $10,000/month

Well things have been a rocking, and those who have taken the advantage, the people who are action oriented know what is going on.

I’m still on my goal to making $10,000/month and everything is going planned, how did I do for October? My goal in affiliate marketing was $1000/month by Sept 30th, [accomplished], it was $2,500/month by October 30th, and $5,000/month by November 30th.

To accomplish big goals, its good to break things down, breaking down goals into smaller goals to reach an objective is how to make a big task, seem easy with little tasks.

Well even though my of my campaigns were deactivated so I could switch them over to Tracking202, I still haven’t got them done, but I still pulled in past my goal. This month roughly:

  • Rent: $1625
  • & ~ $500
    • adsense
    • direct ad sale
    • kontera
    • TLA
  • Prosper ~ $100
  • Dividends ~ $33
  • Affiliate Marketing : $3423 personal commissions

So I’m pleased, it puts me around $5600 + this month in gross income. Which means I doubled my income in 2 months. Although its easy to double income when the income is low. In the affiliate marketing world people would probably laugh at my commissions, but hey, from starting only on 8/23/07 and to 10/31/07 with a total commissions at $4393 in a little over 2 months, for just starting?

Prolegic Enterprises

This friday I’am signing more of the prolegic enterprises ownership over to my partners who are going to run with the business, this will free me up as I mentioned in my previous post to work full time on my web 2.0 project. On friday I’m signing over the bank accounts, and the domain names over to the business partners, and then I’m almost 80% out, but I still have some help I need to aid in before I’m completly out. What takes long time to get in, more often than not, takes a long time to get out of.

My House

Just today, I have officially signed over my house to a property management company here in Portland, they will be taking care of everything they charge $130/month to manage my house, and 1/2 of the 1st months rent of a new move-in when someone moves in. I have 4 people renting my house, unfortunately on paper only 2 of the bedrooms are legal bedrooms, because the basement windows are egressed. I will be doing some work to the house should be a couple thousand dollars to legalize the windows downstairs. With a property management company they cannot legally rent out a 4 bedroom house, if on paper its only two, unforuntately, I’m going to take a hit here.

Affiliate Marketing Mastermind Group

The affiliate marketing group we’ve been working with is seriously doing incredible. I’m quite in awe how well everyone is doing. Every who has started, and actually DID WORK, I mean did SOMETHING, that attended our online conference has already made more than $100 within 2 week period.

There is basically a 100% success ratio for everyone who has started, everyone who is doing it, is already making money. Several of the guys were doing $10/day pretty quickly, now there up to $20-$30/day, and some are even at $50/day ALREADY. within about 2 weeks.

That is incredible, to generate an extra PASSIVE INCOME STREAM of $50/day commmissions within less than 2 weeks work?

The reason they are able to move fast is we have a 2-3 hour conference explaining everything, how it works, the tools, a support team, help, a collaboration center to aid out. We are able to move much faster when someone who is already doing something can help us out. Having a mentor can dramatically increase your learning curve by several years.

So everyone is doing awesome, I may be closing off the group soon, if your still interested you can contact me if you wish to join. However I’m getting pretty full and not sure how much I will be able to do the introduction soon. What I’m mostly interested in is making a real mastermind group with a group of 10-20 people, which is about how many people who are in the group now, all contacted, via instant messenger, to make $10,000/month individually, a powerhouse of association.

Law of Association – You become the combined average of the five people you associate with the most, and the books you read.

San Francisco and Silicon Valley

I’m currently back in Portland right now finalizing my business with prolegic enterprises, and my house [done]. I attended the Silicon Valley CodeCamp, the first of many networking events I will be attending down in Silicon Valley.

I did successfully find a place it took awhile, I needed a place that didn’t require a 1 year lease, and that had parking. Parking is not very available in San Fran, and EVERYONE wants a 1 year lease. But I did find a place downtown, check this out. $1500/month for a studio, included is parking, on a 3-month lease. 15 hundred a month for a studio. I love it, it costs more, because there is a lot more money to be made there, its all relative.

Here are some pictures from codecamp, you know your at codecamp when u see free parking by google. “I must be in the right place!” Thanks to my buddy Steven Truong, who told me about this event. He is another internet entrepreneur and has a blog. check him out too.

My black honda s2000 all the way down to Silicon Valley from Portland for the win!

I met a lot of people there, unfortunately there wasn’t as many entrepreneurs as I expected. Most of them were microsoft .net programmers, working for big companies. But I did manage to meet 3 other entrepreneurs. One had a software product they sold to big financial companies for $100,000 every quarter, they had a bunch of clients, so he was making money. He programmed it himself, marketed it, now they have referrals and he has employees program it, he is still the lead developer. [awesome, i met someone who does what I want to do].

Alot of people have linkedin profiles, not facebook profiles, so I’m going to be making a linked in profile soon. I did meet another gentlemen I’m getting together with when I move down to san fran permantently next week, he moved from New York, New York, to Silicon Valley to start a web business. The strangest thing ever too, so he just moved like 2 weeks ago to DO EXACTLY what I want to do, start a web company in silicon valley moved his whole family down here, hes interested in adsense so were getting together. We started talking because we had the same laptop, I HAVE NEVER met anyone with the same laptop as me, it is a really unique laptop an ultra-portable one that was pretty expensive, and it was so interested first time I meet him he has the same laptop, that none else has, and were both moving to the silicon valley in the same month to start an internet company, and now were meeting together. Incredible.

You know what a FREAKIN AWESOME BLOG TIP is, that I have never seen, and don’t really care to much because I don’t wana be another wannabe blogger who copies what other people do. But

PICTURES, make a good blog, I bet u don’t see that tip. why, A PICTURES SAY A THOUSNAD…..


Try more pictures in your blog. ps: if your not blogging, ur missing out, its the greatest networking tool 2nd to facebook and social networking sites.

Wes, Why are you moving to San Francisco?

I’m actually surprised at how many times I get this question. Silicon Valley is absolutely the best place to start an internet company, all of the resources are down there all of the big names. I get asked this so much, yes, I could start a internet business out of my house in Portland. Yes I could even do it in Alaska.

There are SO MANY networking events in Silicon Valley for internet entrepreneurs, the angel investors are down there, alot of money is floating around, almost 75% of the startups you’ll see making it big on the internet are located in silicion valley, the big events are always down there. Google is down there, apple is down there, facebook is down there, [I drove by it without even knowing] is down there, is down there, techcrunch is down there, is down there, meebo is down there. There all freakin down there.

So I’m there eating in some random restaurant, and guys are talking web across the table. Everyone drives around in BMWs and porches, or higher-end cars, when most of the housing in san fran is over 1 million, people have spendable income more than Portland.

In short if you still don’t understand, you really should check it out, just look around and see all the successful entrepreneurs on the internet, and MORE OFTEN THAN NOT there in the silicon valley.

You can gamble in most states, but Las Vegas is where the action is. MAJOR DIFFERENCE
if you want to be an actor, there is probably a studio in your town too, but LA, AND HOLLYWOOD is where u want to be.

TECH IS NO DIFFERENT, even though its on the WEB. u can gamble anywhere, but LAS VEGAS is where the action is at. Silicon Valley is where the action is at for web 2.0 internet entrepreneurs, period, ask any big web 2.0 entrepreneur and I bet they’ll agree with you. I plan on meeting many people who have very successful internet businesses, and I forgot to mention, there are TONS of programmers down there. You can even go into an internet cafe and its loaded by wifi programmers. This one company went in, asked if anyone knew PHP or something like that, a couple people stood up, and hired them on the spot in a freaking wifi cafe.

Silicon Valley, is the spot for internet entrepreneurs. I’m going to make it happen, so I’m there.

Decision, the death of all other options. I’m going to do it right this time, I’ve failed enough I’m almost ready, maybe not quite yet, but getting to the point with activitiy knowledge, learned knowledge, books, conversations, education, networks, that I’m ready or almost ready, to build a company to over one million dollars a year in sales like Ryan Allis.

If WesMahler doesn’t convince you, heres the first blurp on silcion valley on wikipedia:

Silicon Valley is the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California in the United States. The term originally referred to the region’s large number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers, but eventually came to refer to all the high-tech businesses in the area; it is now generally used as a metonym for the high-tech sector. Despite the development of other high-tech economic centers throughout the United States, Silicon Valley continues to be the leading high-tech hub because of its large number of engineers and venture capitalists.

Notable companies

See also: Category:Companies based in Silicon Valley

Thousands of high technology companies are headquartered either in or near Silicon Valley; among those, the following are in the Fortune 1000:

Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc.





Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard

Intel's headquarters, the Robert Noyce building

Intel’s headquarters, the Robert Noyce building







Additional notable companies headquartered (or with a significant presence) in Silicon Valley include (some defunct or subsumed):

Silicon Valley is also home to the high-tech superstore retail chain Fry’s Electronics.

So Whats Next, For November

Here comes November, well, on the 1st I can move into my new apartment, so in early November, I will officially be moved into my new apartment down in San Fran.

I will generate more than $5,000 / month via affiliate marketing in November, to reach my goal of $10,000/month income by the end of the year.

There is already some web 2.0 entrepreneur networking events that I have planned for November this month.

I may be diluting two of my Corporations, TempName ONline, Inc and Jingyee, Inc, and converting them both into an LLC. And then creating a new C CORPORATION, in CA or OR, I haven’t decided yet which state, to build a big business out of.

The affiliate marketing group most members will be at about $500/month+ easily this next month, and we will be going on stage 2 of our conferences, which is more in depth dynamic keyword insertion, tracking keywords, optimization, utilizing landing pages, and much more fun stuff.

I just got an iphone so in San Fran, I won’t get lost anymore. My dad just ran into my s2000, so were getting it repaired on wednesday, and then on thursday November, I’m in San Fran.

I found abunch of events in san fran, by simply tools like, everything is at your finger tips, if you haven’t looked, there are probably events in your area already that ur missing out in. I went to events in Portland, but in Silcion Valley its like x20.

Oh I’ll include this, they just sent me another check, I thought I had switched over to direct depoists, this is income earned from 10/1/07 to 10/15/07.

want to get some checks like this, AIM me at chinkeyez 09. Don’t email me, please. You can join our group for a little bit longer. Its going to be cut off soon, if you hate AIM, use meebo. if u refuse to use aim, sry, you can’t join our group then!Oh and I guess last thing, my dedicated server is now all set up, I’m going to be switching tracking202 over to dedicated hosting, came just in time. Anyone using tracking202 I’ll send out a mass email before we switch over to new server, there should only be LIMITED downtime, at unpeak hour, for sure. You’ll be notified so you know when it’ll happen.