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SuccessIts 1am right now, I’m getting ready to head down to San Francisco tomorrow morning to look for a place to live. I’ve been wanting to go down there for over a year now and it is even bad of me to not have done it earlier, but I’m extremely focused right now and going to do what I have to do, and that is build a large C Corporation Web 2.0 Internet Company that has a highly scalable, systematic, duplictable internet product that will sign up people for a monthly subscription basis, build a huge client base employee people and build a company that does over one million dollars in gross sales. Since I made this blog over a year ago, I have never changed my above description because it is my mission. So I’m going down tomorrow in my new Honda S2000 to look for a studio or 1bedroom apartment in the heart of San Francisco.

black honda s2000

San Francisco is like the coolest location ever, just looking at an aerial view, it is surrounded on 3 sides by water, San Francisco has the most expensive real estate in the united states last time I checked, more expensive than new york, When u look at it from aerial, you’ll see wow thats a cool spot.

San Fransico Aerial


San Francisco Island

All I need is a roof over my head, laptop, wifi, food, car, business suit, and a list of all of the networking events in San Francisco for internet entrepreneurs to develop this company. All I’m going to do all day is program and goto networking events, read business books on building businesses, and associate with other internet entrepreneurs down there who have the lifestyle I want already and have them mentor me, in return I’m also going to help other people do it in the process.

In order to accomplish what I need to do, I need to focus and figure out my objectives, my goals are now going to be somewhat shifted now for a change of focus, the goals I had were mainly own three (3) pieces of real estate before the end of the year, and make $10,000/month by the end of the year. I can still do both of them and was working towards them both, I’m acutally still going to do $10,000/month by the end of the year, with affiliate marketing, as I had thought, I’m getting up to the extremely quickly and well on my way to reaching it before November ends.

What I’m going to drop out was my goal to own three pieces of real estate property, instead of doing that, which it’s ultimate goal is just to generate more investments, more personal net worth. Instead, I’m just going to build a lot more net worth in a more faster paced net worth building activity, entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is harder than real estate, it takes alot more skills and it generally pays a whole lot more than real estate investors. Real estate investors do extremely well, but the entrepreneurs that have the skill to generate a systematic big buisness that works whether or not their working on it without them is the person who in my mind creates the wealth.

So instead of owning three properties in which I could make some change, I’d rather make a fortune doing what I’m most passionate about. So I’m dropping the real estate goals and going to build my company instead. In able to get what we really want, we need to focus, and to focus like the picture below, we need to be zoomed into the thing we want to focus on. And we can only focus on the thing we want, when we remove everything else, your eyes can not focus on two things at once, the mind isn’t much different. So I’m doing some cutting out in order to do what I need to do, heres the plan.


I’ve started to realize one of the most important traits of a good entrepreneur is the silly skill of focus, which every entrepreneur by nature [who seeks opportunity] can loose focus in a second, and that second can turn into forever until we realize what we had lost. When I returned to school as a sophmore, I decided to drop out and focus on building my company, I dropped all my classes, and made plans to move to San Fran this was in Feb, I was getting better at focus and it was the only thing I wanted to do was just focus, one time, on something that I really wanted to do. I failed, I picked up another project that has become increasingly profitable, our rental sites with Prolegic Enterprises.

My good business who I loved doing business with, this guy is one of the most motivated people I’ve ever worked, and always is active in building the business with, Marques, is sharp, and he came to me with the idea to build this database of rental sites. I liked the idea, but I lost my focus I ended up working on it now over 8 months, I originally planned to work on it one month and just get a small percentage, it turned into a long-time project and has just been hurting me ever since because I haven’t been able to do what my blog says I’m going to do.

Stay Focused

So I came to my partners and I’m relieving my position in the company handing over all of the equity I built over 8 months to the guys, we have another programmer that is resuming my place, he is very good and works at Intel. Long-Story short I’m freeing myself from things that remove my focus, the business I will still probably help out Prolegic Enterprises, because once your in something for some long time just like when you leave a job you need to give leave of notice and phase out, it will be some time before I’m completely phased out because I programmed the site, and because of that there will always be questions for some time asking me how I programmed it, and I would still want to see the company to succeed and lead ideas. But it will not be my focus point. To get different results, we have to do different things.

With my property in Portland, I’m moving it over to a property management company, I just looked at the property management company signs for buildings in my general area, one place is asking $130/month, and 1/2 of the first months move in on a new tenant to manage the building. DEAL! So many people say just manage it yourself, its easy [yeah, its easy it doesn’t pay much], plus as someone who wants to have freedom we need to put in the systems in place to create income without being there, self-managers are self-employed people who don’t understand that my time managing my house for rent is not as worth as it for me to build a highly scalable internet company in silicon valley.

I’m going to also tell all of my other real estate investment partners I was working with that I’m not going to be doing the deal with them any more, and I hope they still do a deal, but I gota do, what I gota do, and I need to do it. What does that leave me with, total freedom, like this bird below soaring through the air doing what he feels like because there is no hold on him, he can go wherever he likes because he has nothing holding him down to pursue what he wants.

Freedom Bird

So Here Is What I’m Going To Do..

Ok my last months income was around $3,000, which about $1000 of that was about net income. That isn’t enough to live on, this month as of today 21st, I’m alraedy at $5,000 gross income because i’ve done over this month alone $3000 in affiliate marketing, which aproximately half of that is to live on. Affiliate Marketing has been going pretty well and I’m confident at this rate that it will generate enough money for me to sustain off of.

Is Affiliate Marketing another distraction, yes matter of fact it is, but in a way it is a sort of unavoidable distraction as of now. My main goal with affiliate marketing is to generate $20,000/month passively, I’m doing affiliate marketing to make a living, I’m building a giant C Corporation to make a fortune. The problem with a job is it gets in the way of getting rich.

Wes Mahler Commissions

Affiliate Marketing when I was working on it was growing by almost 200% a week, I have since just deactivated all of my campaigns which I promote via PPC marketing because I just generated a tracking program.

Anyways last week with affiliate marketing I was doing over $280/day for a whole week, I have since disabled all of my marketing and redoing them to re-route through my tracking202 service. Tracking202 was originally designed just for my own personal use, but because my friends and I (over 10 people) that work with me are doing affiliate marketing I have made it so individuals can use the program to, and its completely free tool. My goal is not to make a bunch of money with this tracking tool, that isn’t my focus, but for now its available to the public in BETA. It is currently on a shared hosting right now but I’m moving it to my high-end dedicated service I purchased and will be hosting it on their beginning this week. With a highly intensive tracking program that redirects peoples paid traffic to their affiliate landing pages, [as an internet entrepreneur it is very important to make sure your product is working 100% at all time, otherwise you loose your clients, so it must be on a dedicated hosting, good thing I bought one last month and it’ll be ready on Monday].

We are currently building an internet affiliate marketing mastermind group, as the below post, if your interested in Affiliate Marketing please contact me by posting a comment, or you may contact me directly via AIM at : Chinkeyez 09. For now we will be working with new people, although I had no idea there is alot of interest in it, and I can only show so many people, lately several people a week have wanted to see how affiliate marketing has worked and I’ve had a 1-2 hours ession with all of them and not only that I invite them into our group to associate with other affiliate markterers, provide free access to tools, training, mentorship or whatever to get into the buisness.

If your interested in affiliate marketing please contact as soon as possible, because in a month I probably won’t have the time to show anyone new how any of this stuff works, and the team all starting at $0/day, but [now some are at $20/day] already within a week, are growing together. Groups need to associate with like minded people going in the same direction, some groups are futher ahead, some are waiting to be developed. The high schoolers of tommorow will have their own entrepreneur groups, you are welcome to join ours as it is in our formation of over 10+ people who we work with and do the business.

Every week there is a boat going to become rich, and there is people aboard that boat. All the time there are boats going to the land of richness. I’m welcoming you aboard our boat to richness, you just need to help us paddle. and we’ll get their together.


So anyways, things are exciting this post is pretty long, I’ll end it here. I gota wake up and drive all day tommorow, I have my stereo system hooked up with my ipod that has audio books on all different personal development topics, and I’ll be in drivetime university for 8 hours tommorow on the way down to San Francisco, maybe with the top down. Till next time.

Servant Leadership

PS: to anyone who has left me a comment about learning affiliate marketing last time, I have got your comments, and I have emailed all of you guys, please just take the initative and grab me next time I log on to aim, lets use AIM, because the team uses AIM: Chinkeyez 09 is my screen name, we will be hosting another how to do affiliate marketing 101 via PPC marketing on AIM in our chatroom conference this tuesday. Join us, I’ll email everyone too if I don’t hear from you on tuesday, all week I will be looking for my place to live in San Fran so i’m shooting for tuesday night PST.

If I help 10 people make $10,000/month, you know I’ll know how to make $10,000/month. You get everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want – zig zigler. How can I help?

If you found a good idea here, pass it along to someone else. Who knows how far good ideas go. If a good idea touched you share it with another. Sometimes people try to do things for me in return, all I truly want is the abilitly if I can help someone, is them to help someone else. Because when I was in process of becoming a “mature” personally developed [what I consider] being, someone helped me along the way, share with me some ideas, really got me thinking, you know that booked help me out, pass the gift of learning to others. And learning is self-interest, if you share an idea with 10 people, they hear the idea once, but you hear it 10 times, it is more beneficial to share.

Lets make some money :P, I’ll cya in Frisco!

San Franciso Bridge

Wow, Just Wow. Month 2 Progress. Did I already hit $10,000/month?

Wow, just wow is what I’ll call the title of this blog post.

Things have been going super incredible fantastic. Affiliate Marketing CRAZY MONEY.

I haven’t posted my results yet for week 4, but I’ll post some results today. and It’ll give you a rough estimate on where I’m.  I’ll just do the end of month result this month, because I might have just already hit near $10,000/month.

As I believed earlier, my affiliate income has completely skyrocketed, I’ve had about a 200% increase in gross income every week.  Here is my statistics:

$10,000/month is only about $333/day.

With affiliate marketing brining in over $280 today so far. [day not even over at time of posting this]. Rent estimated daily income is $50/day, and then include adsense $10+/day, and then other stuff. But just stopping their, if today this thing again, can we say I’m on track?

Interested in Affiliate Marketing? Contact Me, my buddy GrayHat showed me, this guy is PRO.  You’ll get everything you want in life if you just help enough people help get what they want.

The key to success is through helping other people becoming successful, thats why GrayHat associates with others, has helped several people get started in the industry.  The one who makes the most money, is the servant leader who helps other people make a living. 

I’m wiling to work with you, and join myself and other as go for $10,000/month, now $20,000/month in affiliate marketing. Contact me via here, lets talk, I love to network anyways.  Thanks to GrayHat, and JonWaraas, Doug my affiliate managers, for showing me some things.

Daily Affiliate Statistics From 2007-07-01 to 2007-10-13.

Date Comm





















































Totals: $2,534.65

Week 4 Progress – Month 1 Results – Goals, The Double Edge Sword

I’am in Columbus, OH right now, it is 8:21AM, I haven’t been able to get much work done here because I’ve mostly been visiting with family.   However, I may be doing a real estate deal with my uncle now, and canceling one of the ones I had in Corvallis due to difficulty of renting it out in a college town when everyone has found a place to stay in.


So how was week 4, lets run the numbers.


  Adsense: $72.72

CPAEmpire: $425 [~100% increase from last week]

Kontera: $9.47

TLA: ~$13


BeaverRent ?? [not even going to count it any more]

Overall everything is going pretty goal, I hit my first objective to obtain $35/day gross income via affiliate marketing, I have accomplished that for September, next month is to obtain $85/day gross income via affiliate marketing.   Shouldn’t be to hard, I was able to hit over $100+ in one day this week so I know it is not that far away.


For the month, here is the income, I’am no longer including BeaverRent income into my goal to $10,000/month, more so because I’m not sure if it is even making what I projected earlier this week, so I’m going to just going to leave it out.


Income for Sept 2007


COPEAC: $4.75

GetClicky: $19.99

TLA: ~$45

Kontera: $52

Propser: ~$100

Adsense: $313 [A huge drop lately]

CPAEmpire: $941

Rent: $1625

Total it comes out to about $3,100/month passive residual gross.   Cool, so this first month I was able to almost generate an additional $1000/month via AM.   Next month, I will hit $2500/month via AM, which will boost my monthly income to $4,500ish.   The following money after that, my AM income will grow to $5000/month, and will put me around $7000/month passive income by the end of November.


The other $3000/month I have determined I will achieve via rental properties.


Goals the double edged swords. One of my goals is to own/co-own three (3) pieces of real estate by the end of the year.   I’am all ready to go to purchase a building down in corvallis, however, I’m looking at them, and I could potentially buy one right now and fulfill my goal of having 3 buildings but it would seriously handicap me.   Because of the market if I was to buy right now in a college town I would be sitting on a vacant house for sometime, in that my goal to purchase one house down there before the end of the year would put me in a financially bad situation.


Sometimes trying to hit a goal, can cost to much. In that you may hit something, but at what cost, was it worth it?   There are many goals that can hinder you, and goals that you hit but at the cost of not having any family interact, or the cost of not taking care of your health, or at the cost of buying a building just to own 3, even though it would be a negative outcome for your finances?


So I’m running into the dilemma, 3 months left, and my house in corvallis is not going to work.   It would be easy to say, and have a lazy mind, turn it off and say wes, this just isn’t going to work, maybe I just won’t buy three because…… No, shut up, is what you gota say to yourself, and instead I need to find another way.   It will be difficult, but hard, I always have the how can I attitude, so you can immediately take a situtation and look for ways to make it work.   It is going to now be extremely hard for me to purchase 3 buildings before the end of the year, but I’m going to make it happen.


Keeping an open mind, I’m here in Ohio and I actually just spoke with my uncle, and together we now may just purchase a house in Portland, OR and do a 20% downpayment, the investment will cost around 40k down payment, I will split the down payment between us.   This will give me the abilitly to get prequalified to purchase a non-owner occupied investment property at 20% down, and buy something in a even more appreciating market with a market that it is easier to rent it out in.


I’m calling my mortgage broker today and see what I can do, my other friend from the military just arrived in Portland today, I will meet with him on Wednesday, and we will be getting going with him to purchase a house between us, and another friend, which will be the 3rd.   So always keep an open mind, so goals can be a double edged sword, they can do good, but they can also do bad.


Here is a tip: If you set goals, and you don’t hit them, it can hurt you.   Setting goals and not hitting them is like lying to yourself, making commitments and not following through.   Have you ever set a goal, missed it, and then set it again next month, only to miss it again.   See everytime you miss a goal you become a goal failiure in someone who is unable to set goals, and misses them everytime and then just doesn’t ever seem to hit goals.   The goals are elusive and they escape from you, setting a goal you can’t hit, might as well not set a goal at all.   Everytime we fail a goal it throws off our pysche, and it becomes a negative, because we look back at all the times we have failed to hit our goals, and it becomes what we do best, failing goals.   That is why we need to have a goal process that we have developed ourself in a way that you can hit your goals 100% of the time every time, I have set my goals in that way I’ll blog about it later.


It is bad to set goals and not hit them, because it starts the process of failing your goals everytime.   Its not a positive, its a negative, and can, and does hinder from ever being able to confidential believe in yourself to be able to hit goals and accomplish them.


So this month went great for AM, it went horrible for my real estate goals, first buying a building that I couldn’t rent out, so we pulled out, and then come to the realization that for my past 2 months effort to buy something in Corvallis, another city, if I do it now before the end of the year, its going to hurt me.   So I have to re-change my plan and now shoot for reorganizing goals, new game plan, and take immediate action.   Massive activity to produce massive results.