Week 3 Progress – I came I saw I conquered.

Week 3, does time go fast or what? Pretty soon we’ll be dead…ly rich.

Ok here goes week three, just been rocking it, on avg work time ~12-16hrs/day for this week.

  • Adsense: $69
  • Proser: ~$23
  • TLA: ~$13
  • Kontera: ~$15
  • BeaverRent: ~+-200?
  • CPAEmpire: $246 [a 200%+ increase from last week]
  • COPEAC: $4.75
  • GetClicky: $19.99

http://i2.wp.com/www.pistonheads.com/sales/images/128167-1t.jpg?w=625Watch my affiliate income grow to $5,000/month next month. I’m way ahead on my 1, 2 and 3 month goals leading into november to be on my way to $10,000/month. I’m 150% confident that I’m going to reach my goals.

Goals AGAIN:$10,000/month by Jan 1st, 2009, 3 houses by Jan 1st, 2009. I might be deciding to be in San Fran on the Jan 1st 2009 also.

I’m going to be making several offers this week to purchase my second house. f yea. AM is crazy business. Much props to my mentor Gray Hat, this guy is awesome knows the business makes enough money to put him in the top 1-5% of US population. He has helped me out, and it is because of him, his help, and my determination and my big WHY that I will pull through and make things happen/

I may also add an additional goal to own a yellow ferrari F355 F1 Spyder in 2008, although I haven’t decided on it yet, but I will probably make a decision sometime soon. Goals, need immediate goals, and with mommentum to carry you through to the next level. After this month I’ll have the momentum of a train with 50 cars attached to the back of it. try stopping that train.


You know your in financial momentum when your cashflow and networth is steadily increasing at a faster and faster rate.

  • if you want a spyder…you’ll get spyder.

  • Forgive me if you’ve already mentioned it, but I was wondering what websites you have built. It looks like you are doing a little better than me on adsense… good job. Hard work pays off in the end.

  • Hey Steve,

    Lets talk on IM and I’ll show you everything, what IM client do you use and we’ll chat, network, and I’ll show u it