Study – PHP Security – Affiliate Increase

If you ever want to get something, study it.

  • If you want to be rich, study wealth.
  • If you want to be influential, study influence.
  • If you want to have happiness, study happiness.
  • If you want to be good at seo, study it.

I’m building a very intensive web 2.0 application that will be targeted towards internet entrepreneurs, I have been trying to develop it for over a year now and have made 3 betas, and hired one programmer, threw it all away, and re-modified the business model, and programming myself now.

If your developing an intensive web application it is extremely important to make it secure, so study security. You want to know what you can do to make your web application secure, the last thing you want is someone to penetrate your website, steal your data, spam your users, sabotage or files or anything else. When you store someone else’s’ data and loose it, you will look extremely bad and it could be a potential fatal blow to your business.

Imagine if PayPal had several security breaches, I’m sure they would probably keep going, but loose massive customers because of security issues, and those customers would switch to something else if possible.  So make security a study when you are going to develop an intensive programmed piece of software yourself. 

Here is $90 in books I just ordered online to aid me in my studies:

For PHP Security, Chris Shiftlett is the man, he knows the guru at it. He has a blog, and you’ll want to read his book, Essential PHP Security [must read].

The pimp himself, Jon Waraas who makes alot of money at home I know studies SEO a ton, and it is by his studying, knowledge acquisition put to into action that he receives over 300,000 uniques visitors a month via organic and natural visitors from wherever.

$10,000/month, I study people who earn over $10,000/month, and have been studying affiliate marketing.  I’m excited to say that yesterday I was able to hit $63+ in commissions in a single day. Once I average it out to that on a daily basis that will be an additional $1,500 gross income towards $10,000/month. Affiliate Marketing is good money if you study the art of it.

If you want to get good at something, study it.

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