On Track To $10,000/month?

While I was down in San Francisco not doing much work, my affiliate income was hard at work.  I’m excited to say that I really truly believe I’m on track, of course!  What is needed this month is $1,000/month via affiliate income, which equates to $35/day.  On the 17th I pulled in $34 in affiliate commissions [gross], this is very good as it is half-way through the month and I’m right on the brim of averaging what is needed to pass the first deadline which puts me on track to reaching the big deadline, January 1st at $10,000/month passive residual income.

I just added 50k more keywords for my campaigns with Y! Search Marketing, MSN Adcenter, and Google Adwords to promote my affiliate page.  What is my affiliate page? I’m not going to show it on my blog because other people will just copy my hard work, but its out there.  Most affiliate marketers won’t show you most of their pages anyways, because they are easily copied and a lot of them are very secretive. 

On Track, Are You?