Week 2 Progress – Affiliate Income Needs Boosting

I’m in San Francisco right now, my future home, I haven’t been able to do work at all down here, but whenever I’m not at the computer, I’m reading my books, the 4-hour work week and PHP security [awesome].  I’m going to track down the 2nd week of income, I’m still short from my affiliate goal, the affiliate income this month needed is $1,000, which is $35/day, I’m at around $15/day right now so I’m half way there, and it is half way through the month.  On track it seems.

Income for second week of the month, towards $10,000/month

  • CPAEmpire, $90 [a 80% increase from last week]
  • Text-Link-Ads, ~$13
  • Propser, ~$23
  • Kontera, ~15
  • Adsense, ~57.90
  • Rental Income, 1625
  • BeaverRent 200+-?

I have just officially got 100% pre-qualified to now purchase a home in Corvallis for business, so I’m now ready to purchase house #2, and my buddy is now back from  the military and we are getting rolling in 2 weeks on purchasing #3.  In order to generate $10,000 month I have a decided that at least $5,000/month will be needed to come from affiliate programs.  So I have set goals to reach $1,000/month.  [break down your goals into smaller goals].

My goal for the end of the month, September is $1,000 a month. In October, $2,500/month, and in November, $5,000/month.  In order to reach my first goal of $1,000 a month it breaks down into $35/day, I’m currently around $15/day, so I’m 50% the way there.  all I need to do is do what I did the first time, and double my income from affiliate programs.  This should be cake walk and if I’m unable to increase my income level to $35/day by the end of this month I’m not on track to making $10,000/month by the end of this year.  So this week I’m going to invest approximately 24-48 hours to generate an extra $15/day, that is about approximately how long it should take.

I think what I might do is run with this goal to reach $10,000/month by January 1st 2008, and own/co-own 3 building by January 1st 2008.  Immediately after completion, move down to Silicon Valley and build the web 2.0 company.  Earn $10,000/month enough to live on and then focus energy, build momentum building a high-scalable residual internet product in the heartland of the web 2.0 startups. [Take advantage of the resources available to you in your current environment, and then move on to the next place with some serious momentum], ie: establish my 3 pieces of property and income from Portland and not just move down to Silicon Valley, but move down to Silicon Valley with some serious business momentum to carry me through.

Tomorrow I’ll be in the car all day.

  • I can’t understand your justification for wanting to be down in California so badly when you can code your Web 2.0 project anywhere (Portland or Silicon Valley). However if you want to experience what it’s like down there, I still wish you luck.

    Just remember, it’s going to cost you a crapload in cost of living unless you are living with family down there too.

  • sign onto msn 🙂 ahha

  • Yeah it will only be with the help of family that I will be able to do it. I believe I can make more connections down their in the web 2.0 scene than I can in Portland, or another smaller city. More venture capitalists and connections down there in general and its an awesome city would be nice to venture out for awhile. Jon I’m on msn today 😛 drop me a line i’ll msg ya later